How To Fix “You Reached the Maximum Number of Business Accounts” on Instagram?

How To Fix “You Reached the Maximum Number of Business Accounts” on Instagram? Many businesses are eager to set up a strong Instagram presence because Instagram offers the chance to reach millions of people.

Some businesses, however, might be faced with a limitation: the dreaded “You have reached the maximum number of business accounts” message.

This can be frustrating for businesses trying to manage multiple endeavors. But fear not, for in this guide, we’ll look into the intricacies of overcoming this challenge.

You will learn how to resolve the Instagram message, and you will be empowered to regain control over your business expansion through Instagram.

If your Instagram business account reaches the maximum number of business accounts, you can simply relink it to your Facebook page.

If you don’t have a Facebook page, you can start one. In some cases, you may be able to switch back to a personal account.

You may need to contact Facebook Support if nothing works out.

You might make more accounts without noticing with more than one business. Suddenly, you get a message telling you to remove more accounts. What should you do?

Reaching the Maximum Number of Business Accounts on Instagram

If you receive an Instagram message indicating that your Business Accounts have reached their limit, there are several possible scenarios.

Especially if you are transitioning from a Personal to Business profile or don’t have any business accounts, there can be a glitch.

In addition, there may not be a Facebook page linked to this error notification.

It is also possible you may have exceeded the number of Business Accounts. # Reaching the Maximum Number of Business Accounts on Instagram

This article offers comprehensive solutions to address each situation, regardless of its specifics. Scroll down to learn more!

How To Fix “You Reached the Maximum Number of Business Accounts” on Instagram?

It’s important to know that Instagram’s policies and features are subject to change.

However, here are some steps you can take if you find yourself receiving the “You’ve reached the maximum number of business accounts” message on Instagram:

Create a New Facebook Page

Instagram profiles that have not been connected to Facebook pages can use this method.

Follow these steps to resolve the overreach notifications:

  1. To create a new Facebook page, go to “Pages” > “Create New Page.”
  2. Create the new page by filling in the required details.
  3. Select “Instagram” > “Connect account” under Facebook settings.
  4. Your Instagram account will automatically switch to a Business Profile after you create the page and link it to your Instagram profile.

In the event that none of the above methods work for you, contact Facebook Support for assistance.

Switch Back to Personal Account

Individuals with more than five Business Accounts will find this method most convenient and easiest.

The following steps will help you resolve the issue where you receive the message “You have reached the limit for the number of businesses you can create at this time”:

  1. One of your Business profiles should have Instagram settings.
  2. On the left, tap “Account.”
  3. To switch to a personal account, click “Switch to a personal account.”
  4. “Switch” should be selected.
  5. This process will remove the message from your account. You can now switch any other account to the Business Account.

Relink Your Facebook Page to Instagram Business Profile

If you have linked your Facebook page to your Instagram profile already, this method is appropriate for you. # Relink Your Facebook Page to Instagram Business Profile

Here are the steps you need to take to resolve the issue:

  1. You can edit your profile by tapping the “Edit profile” button.
  2. You can select “Page” from the menu.
  3. On the “Disconnect Page,” tap on it.
  4. For Instagram to be successfully relinked, you must manually add your Instagram account details again.
  5. If you follow these steps, the error message should disappear, and you won’t see it again.

Instagram’s policies and features can change at any time, so these steps might not guarantee a solution. # Relink Your Facebook Page to Instagram Business Profile

You can get the most accurate and up-to-date guidance if you’re encountering this issue persistently by contacting Instagram’s official support channels.

Maintain a positive presence on Instagram by ensuring that your actions align with the platform’s terms of use and policies.

How many business accounts can you have on Instagram?

According to Instagram’s official guidelines, you cannot create more than one business account.

There may be, however, practical limitations based on factors like your device’s storage capacity, your ability to handle multiple accounts effectively, and any potential changes to Instagram’s policies.

You Reached the Maximum Number of Business Accounts
You Reached the Maximum Number of Business Accounts

It’s important to note that while there may not be an official limit stated by Instagram, managing a large number of business accounts can be challenging in terms of content creation, engagement, and overall effectiveness.

For your marketing campaigns to be successful, you will need attention, consistency, and a dedicated strategy.

Why can’t I add more accounts on Instagram?

Adding more accounts on Instagram might be impossible for a number of reasons. # Why can’t I add more accounts on Instagram

Here are a few possibilities:

1. Limit on Device:

 This could be to prevent spam, abuse, or unauthorized use of the platform. Instagram might limit the number of accounts you can manage from a single device.

2. Account Limits: 

In order to maintain the quality of user experience and prevent abuse, Instagram may limit how many accounts you can create and manage, regardless of which device you use.

3. App Version: 

Check that the version of Instagram you’re using is the latest. Versions with restrictions or bugs might prevent you from adding new accounts. # Why can’t I add more accounts on Instagram

4. Technical Glitch: 

It is possible that you are not able to add accounts due to temporary glitches or problems on Instagram’s end.

This generally occurs over a short period of time.

5. Policy Violations: 

It is possible for your account creation or management to be restricted if you have violated Instagram’s terms of use or community guidelines in the past.

6. Previously Linked Accounts: 

In order to prevent suspicious activity, Instagram might temporarily restrict your account if you’ve frequently linked and unlinked accounts.

7. Business Account Limits: 

There could be limitations based on Instagram’s policies or Facebook’s Business Manager if you’re trying to add multiple business accounts.

8. Unsupported Device: 

Instagram might have limitations when it comes to managing multiple accounts on old or non-supported devices.

9. Previous Account Issues: 

Your ability to create or manage new accounts may be affected if you have previously been banned, suspended, or flagged for violations. # Why can’t I add more accounts on Instagram

10. Geographic Restrictions: 

Some Instagram features may not be available in certain regions of the world. As a result, Instagram’s features and limitations vary from region to region.

Here are some steps you can take if you’re having trouble adding more accounts:

  • Update your Instagram app to the latest version.
  • For account limits announcements or solutions, visit Instagram’s official help center or community forums.
  • Get support and clarification on the specific issue you’re experiencing from Instagram’s official support channels.


There is no doubt that Instagram is an indispensable marketing tool for businesses in the digital age, as the world of business continues to evolve.

Growth isn’t always easy, however, as we are often reminded by messages like “You’ve reached the maximum number of business accounts.”

You can continue building a strong and diverse online presence for your multiple ventures by navigating these roadblocks with patience, understanding, and the guidance provided here.

There is beauty in not only overcoming limitations, but also in learning, adapting, and optimizing your strategies as a result.

Remember that successful businesses in the digital age are defined by their ability to pivot and find solutions as they overcome hurdles and thrive on Instagram.

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