How To Work in Discord Dank Memer? Right Now

How To Work in Discord Dank Memer? Using Dank Memer in Discord is an enjoyable experience, and this comprehensive guide will take you through its many features, commands, and how to maximize your enjoyment.

Dank Memer offers a wide range of engaging activities, including currency systems, memes, mini-games, and more, no matter what level you’re at.

You need to add Dank Memer to your Discord server by visiting its website and inviting the bot.

When you have authorized the bot, you can then use it to apply for jobs through your Discord app.

The pls help command will provide you with a list of the available commands, as well as their descriptions. # How To Work in Discord Dank Memer?

Once the command has been executed, you can use the command to apply for a job. The 26 jobs available on this website can be applied for and you will see if you get hired.

Join us as we embark on this journey of laughter and amusement with Dank Memer on Discord.

The Dank Memer team is here to help you understand Discord and create a server atmosphere that is both unique and enjoyable.

Let Dank Memer immerse you in a whole new way of experiencing Discord. # How To Work in Discord Dank Memer?

What is Dank Memer Bot

A Discord bot called the Dank Memer is a tool that acts as a global currency game, allowing players to collect items, rob friends, get rich, gamble, and so on.

Adding the Dank Memer to your server will let your members compete to collect the most items, and show who’s the richest.

The Dank Memer bot also offers a lot of memes for people to enjoy. This multipurpose bot also allows users to apply for jobs. It has over 26 jobs for which anyone can apply.

In each job, there is a different shift time and varying salary, and you must meet the requirements for the job that you are applying for in order to be considered for it.

Among these jobs, you can find babysitters, Discord moderators, housewives, Twitch streamers, fast food cooks, bartenders, professional hunters, YouTubers, and more.

On Dank Memer, you can easily get promoted or fired depending on how you perform in your job.

Apply for a Job in Dank Memer

The Dank Memer community consists of 26 jobs that anyone can apply for, and each of these jobs has a different salary, a different shift time, and a different number of shifts required per day.

By using the /work apply [job name] command, you can apply for any job that you’re interested in and by using the /work resign command, you can resign from a job that you are no longer interested in.

You should make sure that you have run the appropriate amount of shifts each day before you apply for a particular job at Dank Memer. # Apply for a Job in Dank Memer

There is the possibility that you could be fired from your beloved job, but there is a cooling-off period of up to six hours before you’re permitted to apply for another job with Dank Memer.

How To Work in Discord Dank Memer

There are several steps you need to take in order to work on Discord Dank Memer.

First, you must apply for the job. Secondly, the bot must be installed on your server before you can start working. # How To Work in Discord Dank Memer

The first step we need to take is to add the bot to your account.

  1. Click here to visit the Dank Memer website.
  2. To invite someone, click the “Invite Now” button.
  3. Click on “Continue” after selecting your Discord server.
  4. On the bottom, click the “Authorize” button to grant the bot all the permissions it needs.

Now that Dank Memer is available on your server, you can use it to apply for jobs. Follow the directions below.

  1. Go to Discord and open it.
  2. Discord can be accessed by signing in.
  3. Click the “Get Started” command once you enter the text channel to see the available commands.
  4. The command “/work apply ‘job name'” is used to apply for a job.

For you to avoid getting fired, you must meet the shift time requirement once you have taken the job. Use the “/work resign“ command to resign. # How To Work in Discord Dank Memer

Use the “/work shifts“ command to work on a specific shift for a particular job. Execute the “/work list” command.

Besides using it for work, the Dank Memer can be used for fun, entertainment, or games. Check out the commands on its website and see how you can enjoy it the most.

How to earn money on Dank Memer?

There are many ways to earn money on Dank Memer, but top of the list is earning coins.

With Dank Memer’s currency system, coins are referred to as “coins,” and there are various activities and commands you can participate in to earn them.

1. Begging:

  • To beg for coins, you can use the command “pls beg.” The success rate is random, so you may not always receive them.

2. Daily and Hourly Rewards:

  • If you push the “pls daily” or “pls hourly” commands, you will be able to collect rewards on a daily or hourly basis, respectively. # earn money on Dank Memer

Work in Discord Dank Memer
Work in Discord Dank Memer

3. Hunting:

  • With “pls hunt”, you’ll have the chance to hunt for coins and items, but you could also get caught or encounter dangerous animals.

4. Fishing:

  • Fishing rewards you with coins and items, but if you’re not careful, you may be disappointed.

5. Stealing:

  • “Pls rob @user” or “pls steal @user” can be used to steal coins from other users. However, you risk getting caught and getting fined instead.

6. Gambling:

  • If you win, you will earn more coins, but you should be careful as you may lose as well. Try your luck with “pls slots” or “pls gamble”. # earn money on Dank Memer

7. Trading and Investing:

  • In order to potentially earn more coins, you can engage in trading with other users or invest in stocks.

8. Working (Server-specific):

  • Servers may have custom jobs or work commands for earning coins through activities or jobs.

9. Daily Prestige (Donor Feature):

  • Dank Memer users who donate can gain daily streaks to increase their daily reward amount with the “daily prestige” feature. # earn money on Dank Memer

To prevent abuse, certain commands may have a cooldown period or usage restriction to avoid abuse.

Earning coins on Dank Memer involves a fair amount of randomness, and not all attempts will be successful.

How To Get a Job on Discord Dank Memer Bot?

The Dank Memer bot does not have a formal job system. Instead, Dank Memer uses begging, hunting, fishing, gambling, and trading activities as the main currency and earning methods.

Users are able to earn coins and interact with others without an official job system using these features. # Get a Job on Discord Dank Memer Bot

Depending on the type of server installed, Dank Memer may be incorporated into the server’s leveling or economy mechanics to create a custom job system.

Users can earn virtual currency on such servers by participating in role-playing jobs or tasks set up by server administrators or moderators.

The following steps can be followed if you’re interested in working for a Dank Memer-adjacent Discord server:

Join a Discord Server: 

Join Discord communities and search for server advertisements if you wish to find one that uses Dank Memer and has a custom job system.

Read Server Information: 

It is a good idea to read the rules, guidelines, and information on a server before joining. Make sure you understand the economy or job system if one exists. # Get a Job on Discord Dank Memer Bot

Ask the Server Moderators/Administrators: 

Alternatively, you can ask the server moderators or administrators about getting jobs on the server. They can inform you about available jobs and how to apply.

Engage in Job Activities: 

In order to earn virtual currency or rewards required by the server economy, you must perform the designated tasks or activities once you have a job.

Respect Server Rules: 

Respect other users and contribute positively to the server’s community as you engage in job activities. Follow the server’s rules and guidelines. # Get a Job on Discord Dank Memer Bot

Since Dank Memer does not come with a built-in job system or economy, it is dependent on the server you join.

In order to participate in job-related activities on the Dank Memer bot on Discord, it is important to explore the server’s mechanics.


Working with Dank Memer in Discord opens up a world of hilarity and entertainment for users of all kinds.

From memes to currencies, mini-games, and interactive commands, Dank Memer highlights the unique and playful design of Discord.

Dank Memer can help you create a more dynamic and engaging Discord community by allowing users to bond over humor, participate in fun activities, and share meaningful moments with each other.

With its wide array of features, the bot is an invaluable addition to any server because there is always something for everyone to enjoy.

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