Why Shein Package Says Delivered But Not Here?

Why Shein Package Says Delivered But Not Here? It is no secret that online shopping has accelerated fashion trends and has drastically changed customer purchasing habits.

Social media influences these trends, which keep changing every few months. A similar trend and surplus collection has been produced by SHEIN worldwide, which has seen its bit of revolution.

The Shein online shopping platform has a superb reputation.

However, users are experiencing a problem where SHEIN packages are marked as ‘delivered’ even if the order was not delivered. # Why Shein Package Says Delivered But Not Here

Why Does My Shein Package Say Delivered When It is Not

Shein packages say ‘delivered’ even when they have not been delivered due to a technical error, or you have not received your order, or the delivery company has made a mistake.

The shipping issues experienced by several users while shopping with SHEIN have been reported over time.

These issues are primarily related to the shipping of orders. They range from orders that have been delayed for unacceptable durations to those that have never reached their destination.

Despite having a chat-box available in the SHEIN app, a comprehensive contact system is not available.

Such situations prompt users to contact personnel responsible for addressing these shortcomings.

In response to the inputs provided by the user, the bot responds with a set of dialogues that have been pre-programmed.

Shein Order Delivered but Not Received

You may experience a situation in which your Shein order has been marked as “delivered,” but you have not yet received it. Here are some steps you can take:

Review Delivery Details: 

Review the delivery details provided by the carrier to determine if there are any additional notes or instructions left by the delivery driver.

These may provide information regarding the location where the package was left or any attempts to deliver the package. # Shein Order Delivered but Not Received

Wait for a Day: 

It is not uncommon for delivery carriers to mark a package as “delivered” prematurely or in error.

In these cases, the package may still arrive within a few days. Give the carrier a little more time to see if the package arrives.

Contact the Delivery Carrier: 

If you have the contact information for the delivery carrier, contact them directly. # Shein Order Delivered but Not Received

You may be able to provide additional information or initiate an investigation to locate the package by providing them with your tracking number and explaining that the package has been marked as delivered but has not been received.

Consider filing a Claim: 

You may need to file a claim if your package remains missing after contacting Shein and the delivery carrier.

Depending on the delivery carrier’s policies, you can contact Shein’s customer service or directly with the delivery carrier.

They will be able to guide you through the process and assist you with resolving the issue.

Verify the Delivery Address: 

The delivery address provided during the order placement process should be double-checked to ensure that it is accurate and matches the location that you are currently located.

Incorrect addresses or outdated information can sometimes lead to problems with delivery.

Check with Household Members or Neighbors: 

Sometimes, delivery carriers will leave packages at trusted neighbors or nearby locations for safekeeping.

You may want to ask members of your household or neighbors if they received the package on your behalf. # Shein Order Delivered but Not Received

Contact Shein Customer Support: 

In the event that you have gone through the above steps but have not located your package, please contact Shein’s customer support team.

Please provide your order information, tracking number, and explain the situation to them.

They will investigate the issue, communicate with the carrier, and provide further guidance or a potential resolution to your issue.

It is important to remain calm throughout the process.

Ensure that all communications are documented, including dates, names of representatives, and any other relevant information.

The solution to SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received

1. Find Your Track ID

While most delays are not the result of technical glitches or misplacements that might have occurred during delivery, it is recommended to check the package information on your own to determine if there were any delays.

Moreover, it is critical that you obtain all of the information about your order that the SHEIN app provides you before reaching a conclusion. # SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received

Why Shein Package Says Delivered But Not Here
Why Shein Package Says Delivered But Not Here

If your SHEIN package appears to have been delivered but you have not received it, here is how you can confirm this;

  1. Log into your SHEIN account using your login credentials.
  2. After that, locate the ‘My Orders’ tab and tap on it.
  3. Click on ‘View details,’ and this will inform you whether the order has been shipped.
  4. Click on ‘Track’ to find the location and other information related to the item.
  5. Enter the ‘track number’ provided with the information in the search box provided.
  6. It is important that you complete this step in order to determine the exact location of your order.

Your order will be marked as ‘In-Transit’ if it shows up as ‘In Transit’. # SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received

This indicates that your order has been delayed in shipping. They might be awaiting more orders before providing shipment services.

2. Refresh The Page Or Restart The App

If there is an error in the update regarding the item ordered, please refresh the page.

You could try restarting your SHEIN app or rebooting your device to restore the correct information.

There may have been an unnecessary delay due to a variety of factors, such as misinterpreting the address or accidentally misplacing the package.

However, these issues do not concern you, rather getting your order delivered as quickly as possible is of primary importance.

Keep reading if the information regarding your product still appears to be contrary to reality.

3. Connect With Customer Service

A useful feature of the SHEIN app is its customer service, which allows you to solve your problems quickly and easily.

  1. Clicking the ‘Customer service’ tab opens a screen requesting you to provide your information on a form.
  2. Provide the necessary information
  3. you will be directed to a chat-bot page where you can ask questions deduced based on your previous interaction.
  4. To resolve this issue, click on the relevant queries in order to be directed to the final action that needs to be taken.

4. Contact SHEIN Support

The only option that remains if nothing has worked so far is to contact SHEIN customer service.

The team at customer service will be able to assist you in a professional manner.

Please visit the official support link and describe your issue in detail and submit the report.

When logged into your SHEIN account on the web, select the ‘Customer Service’ tab to contact customer support. # SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received

4. Demand A Refund

It is wise to take action if you believe your package will not arrive on time, since waiting for further responses from the company may weaken the credibility of your complaint (if you decide to report it later on).

Once you have learned how long it typically takes for an organization to complete a delivery, you may take the next step of canceling your order and demanding a refund.

It is more than enough reason to question SHEIN’s service if your SHEIN package states delivered but is not there. # SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received

Here are some steps you can take;

  1. Use your login credentials to access the SHEIN app.
  2. Select ‘My Orders’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Verify that the status of the order that you have been expecting has been updated.
  4. In step four, click “Cancel” on the undeliverable order.
  5. There is an option to return the order next to this option.
  6. Please click on it and await further instructions from SHEIN.
  7. After the refund has been processed, you will receive an email acknowledging the success of the refund.

Shein is the most trusted organization when it comes to settling transactions in the most genuine manner.

As a result, you do not need to worry about such formalities regarding refunds. # SHEIN Order Delivered But Not Received


We have compiled some important tips and measures to adopt while taking care of your order and the money while you are experiencing this issue of the SHEIN package saying delivered but it has not yet arrived.

We also provide a detailed explanation of how to handle the issue.

We are hoping that this article will help you clarify any doubts that you may have and will be able to approach such a topic with ease and confidence.

SHEIN is an excellent platform for exploring new trends and having the best online shopping experience.

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