Why Is Instagram Music So Limited? Complete Guide

Why Is Instagram Music So Limited? The visual focus of Instagram and its engaged user base have made it a popular platform for sharing music.

However, you may have noticed that there are limited options and options for using music on Instagram.

For users who wish to express themselves creatively or to enhance their posts with their favorite music, this restriction can be frustrating.

We will explore licensing agreements, copyright concerns, and platform policies in this blog to explain why Instagram music is so limited.

By understanding these limitations, Instagram users can gain a better understanding of the challenges it faces when providing a robust music experience.

The availability of Instagram music on business accounts has been restricted, affecting many users.

One major contributor is that most music does not have copyright, so some of the music you want is not available.

You may also have limited access to music if you have a business account unless you switch to a creator or personal one. # Why Is Instagram Music So Limited?

Overview of Instagram Music

Adding music to posts, stories, and reels on Instagram is a feature of the popular social media platform.

Incorporating music tracks into your visual content allows you to enhance your content and express yourself creatively.

Here’s a quick look at Instagram Music:

Music Stickers: 

In addition to searching for songs, browsing popular genres, and browsing curated playlists to find tracks for your content, Instagram offers a music library of licensed tracks.

Adding Music to Posts: 

Adding the Music sticker to a post allows users to include a snippet of a song. The sticker displays the artist and song title, and users can select which part of the song to include.

Music in Stories: 

Users can include music in their Instagram Stories by using the Music sticker. The sticker shows the song title and artist dynamically, which creates an engaging and interactive experience.

Music in Reels: 

Aside from incorporating music, Instagram Reels, the platform’s short-form video feature, also incorporates music.

Users can select tracks from the music library to accompany their Reels, creating engaging and entertaining videos.

Explore Music: 

A dedicated “Music” section in Instagram’s Explore tab allows users to discover popular songs, trending tracks, and music-related content.

This allows users to discover new music and engage with music-related posts.

A user’s location and licensing agreements with record labels and music publishers may affect the availability of music on Instagram.

Some regions may have access to a larger library of music than others.

Through the power of music, Instagram Music enhances the user experience, allowing individuals to share their creativity, set a mood, and engage their followers.

Through it, users can create visually compelling content as well as discover and share music.

Why Is Instagram Music So Limited?

In order to grow their Instagram followers, many people utilize the music feature.

It has been difficult for most business accounts to utilize the exciting music most people enjoy.

In addition to copyright issues, geographical location is another factor limiting Instagram music. # Why Is Instagram Music So Limited?

Reason 1: Copyright Issues

Instagram business accounts have difficulty accessing music due to the lack of copyrights from recording artists.

Most business accounts limit the amount of music on their accounts due to the law against businesses using music without permission.

Reason 2: Geographical Location

The location of a user’s Instagram account may also be a contributing factor to music being restricted.

Business accounts in some countries are not allowed to use certain types of music.

Therefore, Instagram has difficulty acquiring the music’s copyright for several countries at the same time. # Why Is Instagram Music So Limited?

How To Fix Limited Music on Instagram

Discussing how to solve your Instagram music problem now that you know why you have limited music on Instagram is a good idea now that you know why.

You can access and use unlimited music on Instagram through various solutions, as explained below.

Method 1: Change Your Account Profile

Many users have reported success by switching profile accounts as a quick fix.

One can access unlimited music with a creator or personal account, while business accounts have limited music options.

Also, if you switch to a creator account, you can still access most of the features you have access to on a business account.

You can accomplish this by following these steps:

  1. Go to your Instagram profile while you are on the platform.
  2. To access the settings, tap the menu icon and choose “Settings.”
  3. Choose “Account” from the menu.
  4. To switch accounts, tap “Switch account type” at the bottom of the screen.
  5. Switching to a creator or personal account should be followed by logging out.
  6. Try accessing music again after logging into your account.

After switching to a different Instagram account, you may need to reinstall the application if the Instagram music section is still limited. # Fix Limited Music on Instagram

Method 2: Save Your Music

It may be worthwhile to save music to Instagram instead of changing your account if changing your account does not help you access exciting music.

Music from someone’s reel can be saved and used to make your own reels when you find it interesting.

The following steps can be taken to save music from people’s reels:

  1. It is important to find a reel that has exciting music.
  2. At the bottom of the reel video, click on the song title.
  3. To save, tap the save icon.

It will become obvious that you already have some music saved on Instagram that can be used to create stories and reels.

Method 3: Customize Your Page

Others have found this trick helpful when they want to listen to more exciting music.

The purpose of this method is to ensure that your page category does not sound like a business one. # Fix Limited Music on Instagram

Instagram Music
Instagram Music

Here are the steps you can take to accomplish that:

  1. You can find your profile on Instagram if you launch the app.
  2. You can edit your profile by tapping “Edit profile”.
  3. Changing the category to “Just for fun” can be done under “Profile information.”
  4. You might be able to hear more music if you confirm.

It may take a few hours before some exciting music appears on your page after you have customized it.

Why is my Instagram limiting songs?

You could run into restrictions or limitations when it comes to adding songs to your Instagram account.

Here are some possible reasons:

Location Restrictions: 

The music library on Instagram and licensing agreements may differ depending on your location.

As a result of licensing restrictions or agreements with music publishers and record labels, some songs and music features may not be available in certain regions.

As a result, you may not be able to access or use certain songs. # Instagram limiting songs

Account Status: 

Instagram may impose certain limitations on a new or flagged account if it has violated community guidelines.

You can minimize such limitations by following Instagram’s guidelines and maintaining a positive reputation.

These limitations could include restrictions on using certain features, such as adding songs to posts or stories.

Copyright Concerns: 

The Instagram company has implemented algorithms and systems to identify copyrighted music in posts in order to protect the rights of artists, musicians, and copyright holders.

In order to comply with copyright regulations, you may be flagged or restricted if your post contains copyrighted music without proper licensing or permission. # Instagram limiting songs

Updates and Changes: 

It is very likely that Instagram will update its features and functionalities over time, leading to changes to the music feature.

New policies, licensing agreements, or updates to the platform’s algorithms may affect song availability or usage.

In addition to ensuring compliance with copyright laws, protecting intellectual property, and adhering to licensing agreements, Instagram’s limitations on songs are designed to protect intellectual property.

Artists’ rights need to be respected and a fair and legal platform must be maintained despite these limitations, which may be frustrating. # Instagram limiting songs

We recommend reviewing Instagram’s guidelines and contacting their support team for further assistance if you are experiencing significant limitations when adding songs to Instagram posts.

Why doesn’t Instagram have all music?

Licensing agreements with music publishers, record labels, and other rights holders determine Instagram’s music library.

In order to obtain licenses to use specific songs on Instagram, complex negotiations and agreements are required.

Here are several reasons why Instagram may not include all music:

Licensing Agreements: 

For Instagram to include their music in its library, music publishers and record labels must secure licenses from various companies.

It is common for these licensing agreements to be negotiated on a case-by-case basis, and they may not cover the entire music industry.

In some cases, rights holders choose not to license their music to Instagram or may have exclusive agreements with other platforms.

Copyright Considerations: 

Artists and rights holders must be protected and respected by Instagram. Obtaining licenses for each song can be a complex and time-consuming process.

This means they must ensure that the music used on their platform is properly licensed or falls within fair use or other applicable exceptions.

Regional Variations: 

There may be different licensing agreements in place for different countries and regions, resulting in differences in the availability of music on Instagram depending on the region or country.

The availability of certain songs or artists may be limited in other regions based on licensing agreements for certain territories.

Evolving Music Industry: 

Instagram’s music library may not always be updated with the latest releases due to the time it takes to secure licenses and update the platform.

The music industry is vast and ever-evolving, with new songs being released regularly.

In addition, some artists or labels may decide to release their music on other platforms exclusively or withhold it from certain platforms.

Despite Instagram’s efforts to expand its music library and provide a wide variety of songs, it cannot include all music due to licensing restrictions and copyright concerns.

In spite of these limitations, Instagram continues to work on securing more licensing agreements and improving users’ music experiences.

How to add music to an Instagram Story without a sticker

It might be due to one of the following three reasons if the music sticker does not appear in your app after following the steps above:

  1. It’s time to update your app
  2. Your country doesn’t support Instagram’s music feature
  3. It’s a branded content campaign you’re sharing

Branded content ads cannot include some features (like music) due to copyright laws and Instagram’s advertising rules.

You may be wondering, however, how you can add music to your Instagram Story without the Sticker. Good news, friend! There’s a relatively simple solution.

Step 1. You can use Spotify or Apple Music to listen to music

Step 2. You can now start playing the song you want to use

Step 3. With the music still playing, upload your story to Instagram. The music playing on your phone will be included in the end result.

Please note that this workaround will not display album covers or lyrics to your followers.

This is not an Instagram-sanctioned app, so you won’t be able to access all of the features that it offers. It’s more of a ‘desperate times call for desperate measures’ kind of thing.


Instagram music is limited by a complex landscape of licensing agreements, copyright protection, and platform policies.

These factors may limit the availability of music and the variety that can be found on the platform, but they are essential for protecting artists’ rights and ensuring compliance with the law.

To provide users with more options, Instagram continues to expand its music library and negotiate agreements with record labels and publishers.

By exploring the available music features, using licensed tracks, and utilizing creative alternatives, users can enhance their posts in the meantime.

Users can appreciate Instagram’s effort to balance user experience with legal obligations by understanding why it has limited its music options.

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