Why is Discord audio so bad? Your Discord audio may sound bad for a variety of reasons. For example, you may have disabled “noise suppression” or lowered the bitrate level.

In addition, Discord’s poor audio quality can be caused by a “push to talk,” an unreliable QoS service, a poor microphone, issues with voice processing settings, incorrect audio subsystem, and a low volume mic.

In Discord, you can communicate with your friends through voice channels. Discord is a VoIP platform that allows you to make voice calls or join voice discussions with other Discord servers.

You should be able to hear what everyone else is saying when you join a voice call. However, sometimes we encounter muffled or distorted audio on Discord.

Why Is Discord Audio So Bad?

Is there a problem with Discord audio, such as muffled or distorted sounds? Discord is the largest VoIP platform that allows users to create servers and communicate through text or voice channels.

You can communicate via audio via the voice channel with other members. If you receive feedback that your audio quality is poor, you need to determine the cause before you attempt to improve it.

Lossy audio codecs are the primary cause of poor audio quality on Discord.

Discord uses the Opus codec, known for its high compression rates, making it ideal for low bandwidth scenarios.

However, this high compression can also result in audio quality degradation. Due to this distortion, it may be difficult to understand or communicate effectively.

Besides network latency or lag, other factors can also contribute to poor audio quality on Discord.

Latency is caused by delays in the transmission of data between users due to network congestion or other factors.

Audio can become out of sync, robotic, or choppy as a result of latency, making effective communication difficult.

The quality of sound on Discord is impacted by a variety of factors, such as hardware and software configurations on the individual’s computer or device.

Incompatible or outdated drivers, insufficient bandwidth, and background processes can adversely impact the quality of the sound.

Here are the main causes of the poor audio quality on Discord.

Audio Bitrates

If you use a microphone with your Discord, you need to make sure that you set the right bitrates in order to get the best audio quality. When you have low audio bitrates, your audio can degrade or sound muffled.

Quality of Service

Assume that you have set your audio packets as low priority and that you are experiencing a weak internet connection. Your music won’t be of the highest quality if you have set your audio packets as low priority.

Issues With the Mic

In some cases, the mic of your laptop could be the culprit; a poor-quality mic is the obvious cause of distorted audio.

Again, if you have an issue with the mic’s jack, pin, cable, etc., you will experience poor audio.

Push to Talk

The problem is that repeated pressing of the keys can quickly become annoying and result in the distortion of your audio when using “push to talk.”

With push to talk, you must press a specific key every time you want to restrict your sound.

Incorrect Audio Subsystem

The audio subsystem of Discord can be configured in many ways. If the subsystem is configured incorrectly, Discord will experience audio issues.

Noise Suppression

In Discord, there is a feature called “noise suppression”, but it must be used with a high-quality microphone in order for this feature to work correctly.

Otherwise, the sound of Discord will distort, resulting in an unpleasant experience.

How To Fix Poor Discord Audio

If you are experiencing bad audio in Discord, then you will need to find a quick solution to resolve the issue.

It is important that you are audible to others so you should try these solutions below in order to achieve this. #How To Fix Poor Discord Audio

Disable Noise Suppression

There is no doubt that noise suppression plays an important role in filtering background noise, but you can disable it and see if it improves the sound quality of your music.

  1. The gear icon can be found at the bottom of Discord.
  2. Click on “Voice & Audio”.
  3. Under “Noise Suppression,” select “None.”

Set Standard Audio Subsystem

Using standard audio subsystems will eliminate incompatibility issues if you experience audio errors.

  1. Go to the “User Settings” section of Discord.
  2. Click on “Voice & Video”.
  3. Set “Audio Subsystem” to “Standard” by clicking the down arrow.

Disable “Push to Talk“

Using a push-to-talk feature will cause your audio to be distorted and muffled if you repeatedly press keyboard keys. To resolve this issue, follow the steps below.

  1. Discord’s “User Settings” page can be accessed by clicking the gear icon.
  2. Choose “Voice & Video” from the menu.
  3. Input mode is located under “Input Mode.”
  4. You can select “Voice Activity” from the drop-down menu.

Make sure your friends can now hear you comfortably using Discord audio. #How To Fix Poor Discord Audio

Check Your Microphone

If the mic is unusable or faulty, consider replacing or repairing it. To start, adjust the volume. Make sure the cable, jack, and pins are in good condition.

Adjust Audio Bitrates

It is possible to increase audio quality by adjusting the bitrate on the server as a server administrator.

  1. The target server can be accessed by opening Discord.
  2. Select the target channel and click the settings icon.
  3. To increase the bitrate, move the Bitrate slider to the right.
  4. Save your changes by clicking “Save Changes”.

Enable QoS

To mark the audio packets as a high priority, use these steps.

  1. Go to Discord’s “User Settings.”
  2. You can hear and see the video by clicking “Voice & Video.”
  3. Make sure the “Enable QoS High Packet Priority” option is enabled under the “Quality of Service” section.

Why is Discord audio so bad
Why is Discord audio so bad

How to fix bad Discord audio

Several steps can be taken to try and improve the quality of the audio on Discord, depending on the issue you are experiencing. #How To Fix Poor Discord Audio #How to fix bad Discord audio

Here are some of the possible steps you can take:

  • You should check that your hardware is working properly and plugged correctly. You can also try using a different microphone or headset to see if that improves the audio quality. If you are using a USB microphone, try plugging it into a different USB port.

  • Make sure your network connection is stable and that you have enough bandwidth: Poor network connectivity can lead to choppy or robotic sounding audio. If you want to minimize latency, use a wired connection instead of a wireless one.

  • To improve the sound quality of your audio, you can adjust Discord’s audio settings. You can access these settings by clicking on the gear icon next to your username in Discord and selecting “Voice & Video.” If the audio quality improves, try adjusting the input sensitivity, noise suppression, and echo cancellation settings.

  • The audio quality on Discord can be affected by other applications running on your computer. Try closing any unnecessary applications to free up system resources.

  • Check your sound card and microphone drivers to ensure they are up-to-date and compatible with your operating system.
  • Try restarting Discord: Sometimes, simply closing and reopening Discord resolves audio issues.

Here are some solutions that may help you improve your Discord audio quality so that you can communicate with your friends and colleagues in a clearer, more reliable manner. #How To Fix Poor Discord Audio


In this article, we have analyzed the causes and offered various solutions that can help solve the issue of Discord’s poor audio quality. Try these solutions out and let us know what you think.

There are several factors that can affect the quality of audio on Discord, including lossy audio codecs, network latency, and hardware or software configurations.

In order to improve the quality of audio on Discord, users can optimize their hardware and network settings, make sure that their drivers and software are up to date, and make sure that they select the appropriate audio settings within the Discord application to enhance the quality of audio.

These steps can help users enjoy better communication on Discord and have a cleaner, more reliable audio experience by taking these steps. #How To Fix Poor Discord Audio