Why did Spotify log me out? Music and podcasts can be listened to using several services. One of the most popular audio streaming services is Spotify, which is most likely that you also use it.

Spotify is an online music streaming application, so you will need to log in and connect to the internet before you can listen to music.

Recently, however, Spotify has been experiencing issues with automatically logging you out of the Spotify app and website and preventing you from logging back in.

The reason Spotify logged me out might be unclear to you if this occurred to you. # Why did Spotify Log Me Out

Why did Spotify Log Me Out?

In recent years, Spotify has become one of the most popular music streaming services.

Spotify offers music from artists throughout the world and is available for both iOS and Android devices. # Why did Spotify Log Me Out

You can use Spotify only when you are connected to the Internet. To use Spotify, you simply need to sign in using your credentials, select a playlist or artist, and play the music.

The Spotify app sometimes has problems. One of the most common issues these days is that it logs you out. However, there are some simple solutions to fix this problem.

The first thing we should do is take a look at some of the possible causes of the error “Spotify Logged Me Out”.

Problem with Your Account

The possibility of this occurring is very rare, but if there is an issue with your specific account, Spotify will log you out and you will not be able to log back in.

A glitch in Spotify’s software or server side, particularly the section for “username” and “password”, may lead to this issue.

Problem with Spotify Servers

An issue with Spotify’s servers or network infrastructure may cause the “Spotify logged me out” issue.

Spotify Not Working in Your Country

There is a very small chance that a music streaming app will be banned in a country. However, it is possible.

The region or country can halt Spotify services temporarily (or permanently) if any sensitive content or podcasts are available on Spotify.

Too Many failed logins attempts

Many friends and family members use the same Spotify account, especially for premium apps such as Netflix and Spotify. Another reason is that you use the same Spotify login credentials on multiple devices.

A premium Spotify account does not restrict the number of devices you can use. However, Spotify servers may sometimes consider this as a bug and attempt to log you out of the account.

Additionally, if any of your friends or family members change the password on the Spotify account, you will be unable to log in to the app since you have the incorrect password.

Problem with Spotify Software

Currently, Spotify is available for iPhones, Android phones, and Windows machines. These apps can be downloaded from their respective app stores.

It will, however, log you out if there is a problem with the Spotify software or app.

Using the Old Spotify App

A Spotify Logged Me Out error may occur if there is an issue with the Spotify App, especially if it is an older version.

Messing with the App

When you use a shared account, there is an option for signing out of all devices where this Spotify account is logged in.

The owner of the Spotify account may change the password if he or she decides not to share the account any longer.

You will be logged out of Spotify if this is the case with you and will not be able to re-login.

Also, there is a possibility that you accidentally clicked the “Sign out everywhere” button on one of your devices, resulting in a logout across all of them.

Trouble with Third-party Apps

Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, Siri, Alexa, and many other third-party apps can be integrated with Spotify.

It is possible that Spotify will log you out if there is a compatibility issue with any third-party app you are using.

How to Fix Spotify Log Me Out

It is possible that the owner is kicking you out if you are listening to music in a borrowed account, and the apps begin to log out.

If they have changed their Spotify email address or set a new password, then your question is answered. #Why did Spotify Log Me Out

What about the other possible scenarios? We have come up with six methods for fixing Spotify apps, so without further ado, let’s get started.

1. Please update the Spotify application

It is imperative that all Spotify users update their devices, both mobile and desktop.

It does not matter if you believe that the Logging Out issue has been resolved – you need to constantly ensure that the app is updated.

The update notifications may not have been received, or the amount of storage space may not be sufficient.

Whatever the case may be, the following steps must be taken:

  1. For iPhone users, open the App Store, find Spotify in the search bar, download the latest version, and sign back in;
  2. Download the newest version of Spotify by searching for it in the Google Play Store;
  3. To keep the Spotify app updated on your computer or mobile device, go to the Settings menu on your Spotify account, and then tap on the “Updates” tab.

2. Check For Spotify Website Outages

Despite Spotify’s tendency to be reliable, there are times when the entire platform may be down, and you won’t be able to log in to Spotify.

Check if there is an outage on reliable sources before you reset your password.

It is recommended that you check DownDetector – the outage map displays the status of Spotify servers.

If that is the case, please be patient and try to sign in again after some time.

3. Change Your Spotify Account Password

There is a possibility that someone else is using your account, or perhaps your password was discovered by a friend.

Changing your password in this case is the best course of action.

If you are using the Spotify browser version on your computer or mobile device, you can access your account page.

  1. Log in to your Spotify account on the Spotify website;
  2. Click on the “Set New Password” tab on the left side of the Account Overview Page;
  3. To change your password, click on “Change Password.”.

In the unfortunate event that you simply forgot your current or new password, simply sign in and click the “Forgot Password” link.

You will receive an email with your username along with instructions on how to reset your password.

4. Delete and Re-Install Spotify

The Spotify application may have an annoying bug. We understand that this is frustrating, but sometimes reinstalling apps can resolve the issue.

It is therefore necessary to delete Spotify and reinstall it. Then, sign in once again. If the problem persists, move on to the next step.

5. Uninstall System Cleaning Application

Spotify’s stored passwords can be messed up by third-party cleaning applications.

You may be able to resolve this issue by deleting these applications from your phone or PC.

Why did Spotify log me out
Why did Spotify log me out

You should identify any app that may be messing with your credentials and delete it.

Listen to music for a while and see if the problem has been resolved.

6. Contact Spotify Support Team

In the event that you have attempted everything and Spotify is still logging you out, then you will need to contact the Spotify Support Team by clicking here and explaining your situation.

In this situation, it is likely that your account has been hacked – I hope this is not the case for you.

why did spotify log me out and i can’t log in

You may be experiencing difficulty logging in to your Spotify account after being logged out for several reasons. # why did spotify log me out and i can’t log in

Below are some suggestions on how to resolve the issue:

  1. Ensure your device is connected to the internet and that your internet connection is stable.
  2. Verify your login details: Make sure that you use the right email address and password for your Spotify account. If you forgot your password, click on the “Forgot Password” link to reset it.
  3. You can sometimes resolve login issues by clearing your browser’s cache and cookies.
  4. In the App Store or Google Play Store, check for Spotify app updates if you are using the Spotify app.
  5. If none of the above solutions work, you may want to contact Spotify support to get help troubleshooting the issue.

Spotify logged me out of all devices

Your Spotify account may have been logged out on all your devices for a number of reasons.

Here are a few possible explanations:

  1. Spotify may log you out if you recently changed your password.
  2. In the event that Spotify detects suspicious activity on one of your accounts, it may log you out of all your devices in order to protect your account.
  3. Spotify may log you out of all your devices if there is a problem with your subscription or payment method.
  4. Issues with Spotify: It is possible that Spotify is experiencing technical difficulties that are preventing you from logging in to all of your devices.

It may be necessary to re-login using your email address and password if you have been logged out of all your devices.

If you are still experiencing problems, you may need to re-set your password or contact Spotify support.

Spotify logged me out of premium

It is possible that there are several reasons for you to have been logged out of your Spotify Premium account.

Here are a few of them:

  1. A payment issue may result in your account being logged out, such as an expired credit card or insufficient funds.
  2. In the event of suspicious activity on your account or a violation of Spotify’s terms of service, your Premium account may be logged out by Spotify.
  3. Possibly there is a technical problem on Spotify’s end that is preventing you from logging in to your Premium account.

It is possible to regain access to your Premium account if you have been logged out using your email address and password.

If the problem persists, you may need to update your payment method or contact Spotify support.

Spotify logged me out and deleted my playlists

Here are some possible reasons why your playlists may be missing after you have logged out of your Spotify account.

  1. If Spotify detects suspicious activity on your account or if you violate its terms of service, your playlists may be deleted and you may be logged out.
  2. There may be technical issues on Spotify’s end that are preventing your playlists from appearing.
  3. An accidental deletion of your playlists or logging out of your account could be the cause of this error.

Upon logging back into your Spotify account, you may be able to see if your playlists appear again. # Spotify logged me out #Why did Spotify Log Me Out

If they do not appear again, you may be able to contact Spotify support for further assistance.

If you are experiencing difficulties with your account, they may be able to assist you.


As a result, Spotify has a large number of unresolved issues, and the company is probably not doing anything about them since these are issues that affect only a small number of users.

Users have been experiencing problems with Spotify logging me out and not recognizing my email since 2014, and there is no permanent solution to these problems. # Spotify logged me out #Why did Spotify Log Me Out

There are a number of problems with this music-streaming app, and logging out is one of the biggest problems users are experiencing. The guide above can help you resolve this issue.