Why can’t I put a link in my tiktok bio? Complete Guide

Why can’t i put a link in my tiktok bio? The TikTok social media platform has gained immense popularity for its ability to create and share engaging short videos.

The limitation of not being able to add clickable links to your TikTok bio can be frustrating, especially if you want to promote external websites, blog posts, or other online content.

Here are some reasons why TikTok does not currently support clickable links in bios and alternative strategies for directing traffic to your desired destination.

Let’s explore the details behind this limitation and discover effective ways to overcome it.

Why can’t I put a link in my tiktok bio

It is a deliberate limitation of TikTok that you cannot add a clickable link to your bio.

The reasons for this include:

User Safety: 

The restriction of links in bios helps TikTok mitigate these risks and protect users from possible harm.

You may potentially increase spam, scams, or malicious websites if you allow clickable links in bios.

Quality Control: 

Content shared on TikTok should remain engaging and of high quality.

Instead of using their bios solely for self-promotion or redirecting users to external websites, TikTok limits links in bios, encouraging creators to focus on creating engaging videos.

User Experience: 

By redirecting users outside of the app, clickable links could disrupt TikTok’s seamless and immersive experience, possibly leading to longer session times or decreased user engagement.

TikTok allows you to share external links in alternative ways besides including clickable links directly in your bio.

In your video captions or overlays, include a call-to-action that instructs viewers to click the link in your bio or visit a specific website.

You can also share clickable links on social media platforms using features like the “link in bio” approach, which updates your bio with a specific URL.

How Many Followers Do You Need To Add a Link on TikTok?

In order to add your link to TikTok, you must have at least 1000 followers. Then, you can switch to a business account and paste it under the “Add your website” section.

You will notice that you cannot add your website if you haven’t reached 1000 followers on TikTok when editing your profile.

The process of adding a link to your TikTok bio is similar to adding a link to your Instagram profile.

Follow these two simple steps if you want to add a link to your TikTok bio:

  1. On the homepage, open the TikTok app > select your profile icon to take you to your profile page.
  2. Tap ‘Edit Profile’ 
  3. Add your URL if you see the option of ‘Website’.

Despite this, here are three things you should keep in mind if you can’t add a link to your TikTok bio:

  • If you want to add a clickable link in your TikTok bio, you’ll need to switch to a business account. 
  • In order to access TikTok’s ‘link-in-bio’ feature, you must have at least 1K followers.
  • Only TikTok’s mobile app lets you add clickable links to your bio. Therefore, make sure you add your bio link from your phone rather than your computer

How do I enable links in my TikTok bio?

The ability to click on links in a TikTok bio is not available to regular users. Only selected accounts, such as verified accounts, or those with specific partnerships and privileges, have access to clickable links.

It is still possible to add a URL to your bio for regular users, but it will not be clickable.

Viewers would have to manually paste the URL into a web browser to access the linked content.

  1. Tap the “Profile” icon in the bottom right corner of the TikTok app to go to your profile.
  2. Go to the menu and select “Edit Profile”.
  3. In the “Website” field, enter or paste the URL you want to include in your bio.
  4. Tap “Save” to apply the changes.

Use text overlays or mention your bio’s link in your video captions to encourage viewers to visit.

In your videos, you can also include a call-to-action, telling viewers to visit your bio for more information or to visit the destination you want.

Why can't I put a link in my tiktok bio
Why can’t I put a link in my tiktok bio

How to add clickable link to TikTok bio

The following steps can be followed in order to create a clickable link in your TikTok bio:

Adding a clickable link directly

  • Access your TikTok account by opening the TikTok app;
  • Select the hamburger icon in the upper right corner;
  • From the list displayed, select “Settings and privacy”;
  • Go to the “Account” section;
  • Click “Switch to Business Account” from the listed options;
  • You can choose from the available categories;
  • You can edit your TikTok profile by clicking the “Edit profile” button;
  • Add your website by clicking the “Add your website” option;
  • Paste your previously copied link or type it in;
  • Finally, click the “Save” button.

Where is the link in bio on TikTok?

It is the URL or hyperlink that you can include in your TikTok profile’s bio section. # Where is the link in bio on TikTok

In this section, you can include a URL to your desired destination, such as a website, blog, or social media account that viewers can visit.

Here are the steps you need to follow to access and update your TikTok bio:

  1. Your mobile device needs to be open in order to use TikTok.
  2. On the bottom right of the screen, click the “Profile” icon. This will take you to your profile page.
  3. Tap on the “Edit Profile” button just below your profile picture and username.
  4. A field labeled “Website” can be found under your edit profile section, where you can enter or paste a URL for your bio link.
  5. The URL of the desired website should be entered or pasted into the “Website” field.
  6. To save your changes, tap “Save” or any similar option.

Your URL will now be displayed in your bio section, but it will not be clickable, so viewers will need to manually copy and paste it into a web browser to access the content you linked.

It is important to note that TikTok’s interface and features may have changed since then. # Where is the link in bio on TikTok

TikTok’s official documentation or their support team can provide you with the latest information and potential updates regarding the link in bio feature on TikTok.

Benefits of Adding Your Link on TikTok

Content creators on TikTok likely engage with their audiences on other platforms as well.

There may be other accounts you maintain besides TikTok; not all of your TikTok followers are aware of them.

In order to grow your other account using TikTok, you can link your Instagram profile or other platforms.

You can also drive traffic to your website this way.

In addition, if you are a brand, people can navigate the link to get to know more about your products and services.


Clickable links in TikTok bios are not currently supported, but you can employ alternative strategies to drive traffic to your desired destinations.

Your TikTok viewers can easily be directed to external websites or content when you use features like “link in bio,” text overlays, collaborate with influencers, and engage with your audience through interactive content.

TikTok’s approach to limiting clickable links in bios is primarily aimed at maintaining a safe and controlled environment for its users.

Direct link sharing may be challenged by this limitation, but it encourages creative thinking in promoting your online presence and engaging with your audience in innovative ways.

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