Why Are Scores Hidden on Reddit? Complete Guide

Why Are Scores Hidden on Reddit? You may have noticed that Reddit post scores are sometimes hidden, leaving you wondering why this practice is being implemented.

Reddit’s voting system uses the concept of hiding scores to influence user behavior and promote thoughtful discussions.

Our goal is to explore the reasons behind the practice of hiding scores on Reddit as well as the impact this practice has on the community in this blog.

Reddit decided to add a new feature because of this trivial effect. Mods can now hide comment scores for a specified period.

By doing this, Reddit reduces the bandwagon effect which pushes specific posts up the newsfeed unfairly.

Additionally, new spammers will not be able to post links and get mass upvotes.

What does score mean in Reddit?

A Reddit score represents the overall sentiment and popularity of a post or comment within the Reddit community.

The score is calculated by subtracting the number of thumbs down from the number of thumbs up.

Users add one point to their score each time they upvote or comment, indicating approval or agreement with the content.

If a user downvotes, they reduce their score by one point, indicating disapproval or disagreement.

The final score reflects the cumulative effect of these upvotes and downvotes.

Posts and comments are scored to determine their reception and significance within a subreddit or wider Reddit community.

Content with a high score is usually well received, well regarded, and popular with users. In contrast, lower scores indicate content that is controversial, less popular, or has received a high number of downvotes.

How Does the Reddit Comment System Work?

It is important to note that Reddit’s comment system is a fundamental aspect of the platform, allowing users to engage in discussions, express their views, and respond to posts.

Below is a breakdown of how it works:

Hierarchical Structure: 

The original post is at the top, followed by replies and subsequent layers of nested comments.

Reddit comments are organized in a hierarchical structure, forming threads within each post.

Upvoting and Downvoting: 

The score of a comment determines its visibility within the thread and subreddit. Users are able to upvote or downvote comments based on their quality, relevance, or contribution in the discussion.

Upvotes add one point to the comment’s score, while downvotes subtract one point. # Reddit Comment

Sorting Options: 

There are different ways to sort comments. The default sorting is “Best,” which considers factors like the comment’s score, recency, and engagement.

“Top” (based on highest score), “New” (based on recency), “Controversial” (based on a balance of upvotes and downvotes), and more are other sorting options.

Nested Replies: 

A comment can be replied to directly from within a thread, enabling threaded conversations and facilitating focussed discussions.

The ability to collapse or expand comment threads is one of the most useful features of Reddit. # Reddit Comment

You can collapsed comment threads with just a click, and expand collapsed threads to reveal nested replies.

Comment Formatting: 

There are several basic formatting options available on Reddit to facilitate the presentation and readability of comments, including bold, italic, lists, and links.

Moderation and Reporting: 

The role of the moderator in maintaining the quality and adherence to the community guidelines within subreddits is crucial.

Users can report comments that they believe are inappropriate, spammy, or against Reddit’s content policies. They can remove or delete comments that violate rules or guidelines.

Users can engage in a variety of discussions with Reddit comment systems. It offers a structured environment for exchanging ideas, opinions, and information. # Reddit Comment

In order to shape the community experience and conversation, users can upvote or downvote comments, influencing their visibility and ranking.

How Does Hiding Scores on Reddit work?

Reddit’s hide scores feature makes it possible to temporarily conceal the number of votes for each post and comment.

This mechanism aims to encourage thoughtful engagement, fair voting, and to influence user behavior.

Score Hiding Duration: 

There can be a period of time during which scores are hidden across subreddits. Typically, it ranges from a few minutes to a few hours. # Hiding Scores on Reddit work

Why Are Scores Hidden on Reddit
Why Are Scores Hidden on Reddit

Initial Score Concealment: 

It is automatically hidden for the predetermined duration after a submission, so users cannot see how many upvotes or downvotes have been received.

Preventing Bias and Bandwagon Voting: 

The purpose of hiding scores is to reduce bias and bandwagon voting.

By concealing the initial vote counts, it encourages users to form their opinions based on the content itself, rather than relying on the initial vote counts.

In turn, this can result in more thoughtful discussions and evaluations. # Hiding Scores on Reddit work

Post Visibility and Ranking: 

There are still other factors that influence the visibility and ranking of posts and comments, such as recency, engagement, and subreddit-specific algorithms. These factors determine the initial exposure of posts and comments.

Score Reveal: 

When the predetermined hiding period expires, the scores become visible to users.

At these points, the accumulated upvotes and downvotes are displayed, along with the post or comment’s score.

Reddit hides scores to encourage fair and unbiased voting, encourage independent evaluation of content, and discourage herd mentality.

This allows users to focus on the substance of a post or comment and engage in a deeper discussion without having to worry about popularity. # Hiding Scores on Reddit work

By temporarily concealing scores, Reddit hopes to create an environment where quality and relevance are emphasized over popularity.

How is Reddit score calculated?

In order to calculate a Reddit score, you must total the number of votes that the post or comment has received.

This represents the overall sentiment and popularity of the contribution within the Reddit community.

Initial Score: 

In the case of posts and comments, each starts with a score of 1. # How is Reddit score calculated

Upvotes and Downvotes: 

Upvotes and downvotes are added or subtracted according to the user’s preference. Each upvote accumulates one point, while each downvote detracts one point.

Vote Weighting: 

It is possible that vote weights assigned to upvotes and downvotes will not be equal. Reddit uses vote weighting algorithms to prevent spam and manipulation.


The weight of each vote is determined by a number of factors, including the account’s age, voting patterns, and other undisclosed factors.

Weighting algorithms are proprietary and are not publicly disclosed. # How is Reddit score calculated

Time Decay: 

Votes have a diminished impact on the score as time goes on. This means that newer votes have a greater impact on the score than older votes.

Although Reddit does not disclose the exact time decay algorithm it uses, recent votes have a greater influence on the score due to it.

There is more to the score calculation than simply summing up votes, and it is more nuanced and complex. # How is Reddit score calculated

To prevent manipulation, promote fairness, and provide a balanced representation of community sentiment, Reddit’s algorithms and systems work together to determine the final score.

Despite the fact that the exact details of how the score is calculated aren’t publicly disclosed, Reddit continually refines its algorithm to ensure the votes accurately reflect the community’s opinion.

What is the score of a Reddit post?

An individual’s Reddit post score is determined by the number of votes it has received from the community as a whole.

Upvotes and downvotes are typically represented by arrows pointing upward and downward respectively in order to display the score.

It reflects the overall sentiment and popularity of the post within the Reddit community. # What is the score of a Reddit post?

Posts are scored by tallying the total number of upvotes and downvotes. When a user upvotes a post, one point is added to the score, while when they downvote, one point is subtracted from the score.

Posts with high scores are generally deemed more popular, while posts with lower scores may receive less visibility.

Reddit’s score serves as a quick indicator of how well a post will be received by the community. # What is the score of a Reddit post?

However, the number of votes isn’t the only factor that determines a post’s score. As part of its overall score, it is also influenced by factors such as the post’s timing, the subreddit in which it is posted, and the amount of engagement it receives.

Reddit’s voting system, including the scoring mechanism, determines the visibility and prominence of posts within subreddits and on the platform at large.

The platform facilitates quality discussions, facilitates community participation, and surfaces content that resonates with users. # What is the score of a Reddit post?


A hidden score plays a significant role in shaping the dynamics of the Reddit community.

Reddit temporarily conceals post scores to foster fair and unbiased interactions, encourage thoughtful engagement, and prevent bandwagon voting.

In this way, users are not influenced by initial vote counts and can form their own opinions based on the content.

There are some advantages to using the hidden score system, but there are some limitations as well.

For example, users may become frustrated or uncertain during the period during which their scores are hidden and their posts may be affected.

However, ultimately, it contributes to a much more diverse and balanced discussion environment on Reddit as a whole.

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