Why is WhatsApp saying on another call when not?

Why is WhatsApp saying on another call when not? Today, WhatsApp has become one of the most prevalent communication platforms, allowing us to stay connected to family, friends, and coworkers.

When you are not actually participating in any ongoing call, WhatsApp may display a message stating “on another call” when you are not actually on one.

Messages such as these can be puzzling, and you might wonder why they appear.

Let us shed some light on this intriguing phenomenon and provide insight into its potential causes in this blog by exploring the possible reasons why WhatsApp incorrectly indicates you are on another call when you are not.

We’ll look into WhatsApp glitches and discover the truth behind the “on another call” message in order to uncover the truth.

If you are getting an error that you are on another call, you are trying to make a WhatsApp call while you are already on an active call.

If, however, you receive the error and are not in a call, your WhatsApp might be experiencing an issue.

There might be a corruption in your cache, a bug in the WhatsApp version you’re using, storage issues, or any other technical issue that affects WhatsApp’s normal functioning.

Why Does WhatsApp Say I Am on Another Call?

Among the most popular messaging platforms nowadays is WhatsApp, which offers different options for communication, such as texting and calling.

Through WhatsApp, you can make audio and video calls to your loved ones, as well as make group calls.

Because WhatsApp calls are made via the internet, they do not incur any charges. # WhatsApp Say I Am on Another Call

Here are the steps you can follow to make a WhatsApp call quickly:

  1. Install WhatsApp and open it.
  2. Click on “Calls.”.
  3. Click on the phone icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  4. Next to the target person, tap the video or audio call option.

The kicker is that WhatsApp only allows one call per user at a time.

When you follow the simple steps to make a WhatsApp call, you get an error message saying you are already on another call.

You must be on another WhatsApp call, so WhatsApp cannot make a second call. If this is the case, the error message will appear. # WhatsApp Say I Am on Another Call

However, what explains the error if you are not on another call? First, it is possible that WhatsApp cache and data have been corrupted, which is affecting its performance.

Why is WhatsApp saying on another call when not?

If you see “on another call” when you are not actually on a call, that can be very frustrating and confusing.

It may be caused by a variety of factors, including the following:

Network or connectivity issues: 

It is possible for WhatsApp to falsely detect that you are on another call when your internet connection or your network is unstable.

Fluctuations in network strength, or interruptions in data transfer can cause this erroneous message to appear on your device. # Why is WhatsApp saying on another call when not

Background processes or apps: 

WhatsApp can be interfered with by some apps or processes running in the background on your computer.

In addition to these background activities, WhatsApp may receive the “on another call” message when other calling or VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps are running.

Device-specific conflicts:

WhatsApp’s ability to accurately determine the status of your calls may be impacted by conflicts within your device’s operating system or settings, such as call-handling settings, permissions, or software conflicts.

App or software glitches: 

Technical issues can sometimes occur with WhatsApp, causing the app to incorrectly detect ongoing calls or to fail to update the call status in a timely manner.

Following are some troubleshooting steps you can take if WhatsApp displays the “on another call” message when you aren’t on one:

Check your internet connection: 

If the problem persists, switch between Wi-Fi and cellular data to find out if the connection is stable and reliable. # Why is WhatsApp saying on another call when not

Restart WhatsApp and your device: 

You can restart your device to clear temporary glitches if the problem persists. Close WhatsApp, force-stop it if necessary, and then reopen the application.

Update WhatsApp: 

You may be able to resolve the issue by updating WhatsApp to the latest version. Developers regularly release updates that include bug fixes and improvements, which may help you.

Check app permissions: 

Check whether WhatsApp has the necessary permissions to access your microphone and make calls on your phone.

If necessary, adjust the permissions to meet WhatsApp’s needs.

on another call
on another call

Disable or close other calling or VoIP apps that are concurrently running: If you have other calling or VoIP apps running simultaneously, consider closing them or disabling their call-related features temporarily.

When the problem persists after attempting these troubleshooting steps, you may need to reach out to WhatsApp support or ask for technical assistance for further guidance.

Software-related issues can vary depending on the device, operating system, and app version, so it’s important to stay up to date with the latest WhatsApp updates and information.

How To Fix the WhatsApp Error That You Are on Another Call

You can utilize different tricks to bypass the error that hinders your WhatsApp call when you get blocked.

End the Active Call

In case WhatsApp shows you are on another call, check to see if you have any ongoing individual or group conversations.

In WhatsApp, click the Calls tab and you should see any ongoing conversations.

In the event that you find an active call, end it to allow you to make another call. In the event that there are no active calls, try another option.

Clear Cache

If you are having trouble making a WhatsApp call, open WhatsApp in your phone’s settings and clear its cache under the storage section.

Restart your phone so that you can make the call again.

Clear Storage

It is recommended that you clear junk files from your phone to free up space for the application to run smoothly.

Remove unnecessary applications and large files from your phone, then try making the call again.

Restart WhatsApp

The number of glitches that affect WhatsApp’s performance is often unpredictable. If you do not have an active call, then it is most likely a minor bug.

Open WhatsApp from your launcher and try making the call. If it doesn’t work, close the WhatsApp application.

Update WhatsApp

It is possible that you are experiencing the error you are experiencing when trying to make a call when using an outdated WhatsApp version.

Open your Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS and update WhatsApp. Once updated, make your call again and see if that fixes the issue.

What does it mean when WhatsApp says you are on another call?

Whether you are using WhatsApp for that call or not, WhatsApp is detecting an active call on your device when it displays the message “you’re on another call.”

Usually, this message appears when WhatsApp conflicts with another calling application or service on your computer.

The following are some reasons why WhatsApp might show this message:

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) apps:

 WhatsApp may detect an active call as an ongoing call if another calling app is running in the background, such as Skype, Google Meet, or a carrier’s voice calling app.

By default, WhatsApp uses VoIP technology to make voice and video calls, so other VoIP apps may be mistakenly identified as calls by WhatsApp.

Cellular calls: 

This can happen if your device does not seamlessly switch between WhatsApp calls and cellular calls when you are on a traditional cellular call using your phone’s default dialer or another calling app.

Background processes: 

There may be some background processes on your device that interfere with WhatsApp’s ability to correctly detect your call status, such as call recording apps, call management utilities, or system-level services.

The message “you are on another call” can be triggered by these processes.

Depending on your phone’s operating system and other apps installed on it, WhatsApp’s call features may be affected.

The messaging app relies on accurate call status detection to ensure a smooth user experience.


 Ultimately, it can be frustrating to receive the message “on another call” on WhatsApp when you do not have an active call.

In any case, this issue is most likely the result of a technical glitch or a temporary issue with your device’s operating system or WhatsApp.

This message may be caused by network instability, conflict between devices, or background processes.

Understanding these causes will alleviate your concerns and allow WhatsApp to operate as intended.

Several steps can be taken to resolve the “on another call” message if you encounter it frequently or it interferes with your ability to use WhatsApp effectively.

Make sure you have a stable internet connection, update WhatsApp to the latest version, restart your device, and check for conflicts.

For further assistance, you may need to contact WhatsApp support or seek technical assistance from a technical expert if the problem persists.

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