What is the Amazon Affiliate program?

Amazon Affiliate program also known as Amazon Associates is a free affiliate program offered by Amazon.co.uk. Amazon affiliate program, one of the first, allows website owners and bloggers to create links to Amazon.co.uk using their unique associate’s ID.

When visitors click through those links and buy products from Amazon.co.uk, website owners and bloggers receive commission income. In addition to offering easy techniques to create affiliate links, Amazon Associates also provides APIs for more advanced integration.

Amazon affiliate program

With the Amazon Associates program, your audience can experience an Amazon brand they trust. You can monetize your web assets by creating unparalleled products in one storefront, getting industry-leading conversion rates, and earning competitive commissions.


Associate Programs also offer other revenue-generating channels in addition to product links. You can place a coupon code for a specific item, run a site-wide banner ad, or show native shopping ads on mobile phones. Registrants for Amazon’s services, including Prime and Kindle Unlimited, can also take part in various bounties programs that payout commissions.

How to become an Amazon Associate

Login to Amazon and an established website or mobile application are required to become an Amazon Associate. Afterward, submit your application using the following steps.

  1. You have to visit Amazon Associate website 
  1. You have to Sign Up for an Amazon account
Sign Up for account
  1. Add phone number for verification
Add phone no
  1. Fill and update your profile information
Filll you profile info
  1. Enter your website URL or your mobile app URL
add you website url
  1. Update your site’s traffic amount and other monetization options

Then, submit your application.

what your website is about 1
  1. Use Associates Central and SiteStripe to generate at least 3 qualified sales within 180 days
ready to go 1

Create unique links to various product pages that allow Amazon to track conversions. These links may include images from the product listing or maybe text-only. Moreover, add links to your blog content.

Amazon affiliate program requirements

Amazon Associates are free to join. Signing up for an account with a probationary period of 180 days is free. The first thing to do is sign up for Google Analytics and provide details about all of your websites, mobile apps, and social media accounts. This information will be reviewed by the Associate team along with your sales data in order to give you an idea of whether you will be accepted long-term to the Associate Program.

Amazon affiliate program offers the following general guidelines on the things it looks for when considering Associate applicants:

  • You must make all social media profiles public (no private profiles).
  • A minimum of 10 organic posts are required on all sites
  • Inappropriate or violent content is not permitted
  • The applicant must own the website domains
  • Recent updates have been made to the website’s content
  • At least 500 organic followers on social media accounts

Candidates for the Amazon affiliate program must also demonstrate the ability to drive at least three qualifying sales within their probationary period so they can generate a commission. Associate Central will be closed and the applicant’s access will be revoked if they fail to meet the requirements or can’t generate the minimum number of qualifying sales. If an application has already been rejected, Amazon will not re-evaluate it.

How do I build affiliate links to Amazon?

It’s easy to build links to Amazon, regardless of whether you want to maximize earnings or delight your visitors. Just follow these three steps:

1. Choose integration tool amazon. Provides you with a range of tools to build affiliate links, such as product links, banners, widgets, and APIs. Visitors to your website who click on these links earn up to 12 percent of all purchases they make during their shopping session.
2. Link to Amazon products. Present Amazon products in a creative manner, and provide a variety of items that fit your visitors’ interests. If you want to keep your visitors coming back to your site, keep your website content up-to-date.
3. Start monetizing. The program does not only provide you with an opportunity to earn commissions up to 12 %, but it also allows you to learn more about your visitors’ preferences and improve the performance of your links. Do your visitors buy from the links you provide? They also shop from Amazon for other types of products (e.g. music, electronics, and books). An up-to-date report is essential to maximizing your site’s earning potential.

After setting everything in order and obtaining your favorite product to promote, the next usual challenge is how to sell or market your affiliate products. This article will help Promote Your Amazon Affiliate products.

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