What is Moonpay? Is Moonpay safe and legit?

Are you interested in Cryptocurrencies wisdom? Much information regarding digital currencies are available online. What is Moonpay is one of the information that I will share and Is Moonpay safe and legit is another one. 

What is Moonpay?

MoonPay is a company that allows users to purchase and sell digital assets and crypto coins using fiat currency. Their interface is highly intuitive and minimalistic.

MoonPay allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as easily as you would buy any other product from an online store. At the time of writing, MoonPay is available in more than 160 countries, and it is quickly gaining a lot of customers.

What is Moonpay
What is Moonpay

Users can use their debit cards, credit cards and a number of other major payment methods to buy and sell cryptocurrency and NFTs. The payment service–launched in 2019–has gained popularity on the back of the NFT market’s growth. 

Is Moon pay safe and legit?

MoonPay is a safe payment method. MoonPay stores all its data in data centers that comply with PCI DSS and ISO27001. All its data is encrypted using AES-256 block level encryption method.

MoonPay’s official website says security and privacy are their primary concerns, and they’ve taken industry-standard measures to ensure it. MoonPay’s infrastructure encrypts all data received from and sent to it using TLS 1.2 and uses a HSTS policy to protect against attacks (downgrade).

Is Moonpay Legit?

MoonPay is a legitimate payment processing company. MoonPay received more than 47,000 reviews on TrustPilot, a leading review site in the world for any service/product, with 70% of those reviews rated excellent. MoonPay has received Great and Above ratings from 76% of them. The platform is easy to use and provides excellent customer support, according to customers.

Is MoonPay a Scam?

The MoonPay service is not a scam. Founded in London in 2018, the company has not been involved in any major controversies. Many businesses have integrated MoonPay into their payment checkout process, and it is trusted in almost every country in the world.

In addition, all customers in the platform must complete a rigorous but justified KYC process, ensuring they are not bots. MoonPay does not provide many features to users unless they complete KYC. 

Is Moonpay Safe and Legit
Is Moonpay Safe and Legit

Is MoonPay Safe to Buy Bitcoin?

Yes, you can buy Bitcoin with MoonPay. AES-256 encryption is used to secure your financial information, and none of your transactions are stored on the platform. 

The platform makes it easy to buy Bitcoin. To buy Bitcoin in exchange for fiat currency, just select the amount you wish to buy. You will then be prompted to choose the wallet.

To complete the payment, select a payment method. Depending on the network traffic at the time, it may take a few minutes for the Bitcoin to appear in the wallet. 

Can I Get Money Back from MoonPay?

No, unfortunately. Once a cryptocurrency transaction is processed, it cannot be reversed, so once it has been made, the money cannot be reclaimed.

However, if your payment has been stopped or you have not yet received the cryptocurrency, you can contact their customer support team to identify and resolve the problem. 

How has MoonPay become so popular?

MoonPay is a popular service among celebrities and retail investors alike due to its convenience. Currently, the platform has more than 13 million active users in 160 countries, completing almost $6 billion worth of transactions, according to the company website.

When NFTs became popular, MoonPay was the go-to payment option. Rather than having to own cryptocurrencies, users would be able to purchase their favorite NFTs. The platform gained even more popularity when celebs started using it to buy artworks from the infamous NFT collection i.e BAYC.

10,000 digital portraits of bored-looking apes are available with custom accessories in the BAYC collection. At the time, each portrait cost $250. A Bored Ape is currently being offered for around $350,000. They were a huge hit amongst celebrities, though, and currently cost around $350,000.

Is MoonPay Fraud?

So far, no MoonPay fraud cases have been reported. All of them are available on the website and the platform keeps their information transparent.

By filling out MoonPay’s customer support form under the heading ‘law enforcement requests’, you can get specific information from MoonPay if you are from the police or the bank.

Your private information, such as passwords, is never collected by MoonPay, and all communications occur through email addresses that are legitimate. 

Can I Trust MoonPay?

MoonPay is a reliable payment option. The MoonPay platform is legal in more than 150 countries, and if it has acted fraudulently, many of them would have banned it. MoonPay uses the best security measures when collecting, processing, and storing data. 

MoonPay allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies as easily as you would buy any other product from an online store. At the time of writing, MoonPay is available in more than 150 countries, and it is quickly gaining a lot of customers.

MoonPay requires a supported wallet in order for you to purchase cryptocurrencies or sell cryptocurrencies via MoonPay. 

All major and common credit and debit cards, bank transfers and digital payment methods such as Google Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted by MoonPay. Its highly secure feature has led to more than 300 applications, wallets, and websites integrating MoonPay.

Be sure to do your research before investing money into cryptocurrencies and be aware of the risks. In general, MoonPay is completely safe and legitimate. They provide top-notch privacy and security protections. If you have any doubt, go ahead and use MoonPay since the customer support is excellent and very responsive.

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