what happens to unclaimed discord accounts? In Discord, users are able to chat and communicate with others around the world. Due to the increasing number of users, some users may abandon their Discord accounts or forget about them over time, which raises the question of what happens to unclaimed Discord accounts.

Are these accounts deleted, archived, or kept active indefinitely? In this article, we will examine the fate of unclaimed Discord accounts.

What Is an Unclaimed Discord Account?

Let me refresh your memory about the process of creating a Discord account.

A Discord account is created by entering a username, a password, your date of birth, and an email address.

Once you have entered all the required information, Discord sends you a verification email, and after email verification, you may begin using Discord. 

The account cannot function properly without email verification. Such accounts do not have an email address supporting them.

Contrary to this, the unclaimed Discord account story is a bit different, and it begins with someone inviting you to join their server.

It is possible to be invited to a Discord server through an invitation link sent via WhatsApp or another method of communication.

You can join if you already have a Discord account. Otherwise, you can sign up for a guest account to temporarily gain access to Discord.

You are not required to enter your email address or password in order to join the Discord server using an invite link.

Discord will only require that you enter a username. These accounts are unclaimed accounts on Discord.

If you do not link your email address, create a password, or go through the email verification process, your account will be considered unclaimed and without a rightful owner to own it or legitimize it.

what happens to unclaimed discord accounts

It is assumed, however, that if an account remains inactive for an extended period, it will eventually be deleted to free up space on Discord’s servers. Discord has not specifically stated what happens to unclaimed accounts.

It is not known exactly when an account will be deleted, but it is assumed it will occur after six months of inactivity.

The Discord platform also releases inactive usernames periodically, in order to allow new users to take advantage of them.

This practice ensures that usernames remain available to those who actively use the platform and ensures that usernames remain active and accessible to those that do not.

In order to maintain an active Discord account, you will have to ensure that you log in periodically and ensure that your account remains secure at all times.

If you forget your login credentials or have any issues accessing your Discord account, make sure you contact their support team.

How Long Do Unclaimed Discord Accounts Last?

As far as unclaimed accounts are concerned, they are short-lived, as they last only until you shut down your Discord app after you’ve logged onto Discord via the invitation link.

When you close your browser after you log into Discord, your unclaimed account won’t be able to recover. #How Long Do Unclaimed Discord Accounts Last

A server invitation link that has not been claimed will disappear when you close the browser that you have used to open it.

As you can see, the reason why you haven’t been able to log in is because you haven’t created a Discord account, as you just used the server invitation that was sent to you.

You didn’t even provide your email address or create a password to log in.

The reason for this is that you never gave Discord any information about yourself and as a result, it never really created your Discord account. Instead, it only allowed you to roam around as a guest.

Because an unclaimed account is only a guest account, it will disappear when the guest leaves the protocol. #How Long Do Unclaimed Discord Accounts Last

In case you enjoyed your little Discord moment, I am happy to tell you that you can claim your account.

How To Claim a Discord Account

You will have to link your account with your email ID and your password in order to claim your account. It goes like this:

  1. The settings icon is located at the bottom left corner of the screen.
  2. The “Unclaimed Account” notice appears in red under “My Account.”
  3. Start the verification process by clicking the “Claim Your Account” button beneath it.

Unclaimed Discord Account
Unclaimed Discord Account

Can You Recover Your Unclaimed Discord Account if Lost?

It can’t be retrieved once you quit your browser. You never owned it.

Creating a new Discord account and following the verification steps is always possible.

The server that invited you can be joined once your account has been created and verified.

How long do unclaimed Discord accounts last for

Discord has not provided an exact timeline for how long unclaimed accounts last. However, it is generally assumed that if an account is inactive for a period of time, it will eventually be deleted to free up space on Discord’s servers.

According to these experts, this timeline may vary according to various factors such as server load and account activity, but it is believed to be around six months of inactivity.

If an account is deleted because of inactivity, all data associated with it will also be permanently lost, including messages and files.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that you log in to your Discord account periodically to ensure that it remains active and to regularly back up any important data.

Keeping an unclaimed Discord account is important if you wish to keep it. Discord provides several methods for resetting your password and regaining access to your account if you are unable to log in due to forgetting your credentials.

If you have two-factor authentication enabled, you can reset your password using a backup code, or you can reset your password through the email associated with your account.

In the event that you are still unable to access your account, you may contact Discord’s support team for assistance.

It is unlikely that you will be able to restore your account if it has been deleted due to inactivity.


As a result, Discord does not have a clear policy regarding what happens to unclaimed accounts, however it is likely that they will be deleted eventually to free up space on their servers.

Additionally, Discord periodically releases inactive usernames for new users to use. Therefore, it is essential that you maintain access to your account and log in frequently in order to prevent the loss of your account.

Keeping track of your accounts and taking the necessary steps to ensure their security and accessibility is a good practice for users.