What Does Your Discord Tag Mean? A Discord tag is assigned to you when you join, but what exactly does it mean? It is a very common problem that many Discord users get confused about their Discord tags at the beginning of their use of Discord.

The good thing about Discord tags is that if someone knows what they mean, they are more likely to become attached to them, especially if the Discord tag is personalized.

It is easy to get confused when it comes to Discord tags, so we have decided to write this post to help you understand everything about Discord tags.

The Discord tag is a unique identifier for each user on the Discord platform to enable them to differentiate themselves from other discord users with similar usernames.

It is made up of a username and a discriminator, which is a four digit number that is separated from the username by a hashtag. The discriminator is used to differentiate users with similar usernames.

Discord tags, for instance, might look like this: “Username#1234”. That is, “Username” is the username, and “1234” is the discriminator. Therefore, in this case, “Username” is the username.

In the member list of a Discord server, you can find the Discord tag that identifies a member and looking at it will tell you how to find their Discord tag.

You can also look at the tag that appears next to their name in a member list on a server by looking at the tag that appears next to their name in the profile.

There are many ways you can use Discord tags. The most common is when you refer to a user in a message or if you add them to your Discord friends list. Discord tags can also be used when looking for someone within a server or across the platform.

What Is a Discord Tag?

It’s quite amazing how many users Discord has, and how Discord makes sure that every member on Discord is unique by assigning them a tag. You can find someone on Discord and add them as a friend using the Discord tag.

Discord tags are unique to each user, and that is possible through the use of usernames and numbers. # What Does Your Discord Tag Mean?

Discord tags, which are typically created by the user, represent their username, along with a number between $0001 and $999.

It is important to note that when you create a Discord tag on Discord, you are required to create a unique username, which, in combination with the number, generates a unique Discord tag.

Consequently, you can have two Discord users having the same username, but different tags, such as Mike#0010 and Mike#0190. # What Does Your Discord Tag Mean?

What Does Your Discord Tag Mean?

If someone knows your Discord tag, they can find you on Discord, and if they know your tag, they can add you as their friend in Discord. The Discord tag is case-sensitive, so everyone will know your Discord tag if they know it.

I am going to show you how to find your Discord tag if you do not know it. Open your Discord desktop application. Your Discord tag is displayed at the bottom. On mobile, open Discord and click on the Discord logo. Your Discord tag will be displayed on the next screen.

As far as Discord is concerned, your Discord tag is how you will represent yourself on Discord. # What Does Your Discord Tag Mean?

Therefore, if someone asks you about your Discord presence, you can use your Discord tag, just like people give out their Instagram handle whenever they wish to be followed on Instagram.

In Discord, it is possible for someone to send you a friend request by using your Discord tag.

what does discord tag number mean?

There is a four-digit number that is assigned automatically by Discord to each tag, also known as a discriminator. It is used for differentiating users who have the same username. This number cannot be changed by the user themselves.

Users are randomly assigned a discriminator when they create an account, and this discriminator is used to distinguish between users who share the same name.

Using the Discord discriminator, Discord can differentiate between users whose names are “John” and “John#5678”, allowing it to send messages to the correct individuals.

For instance, if there were two people with the same username “John,” their Discord tags might look like this: “John#1234” and “John#5678.” # What Does Your Discord Tag Mean?

A user’s Discord tag is used when mentioning or tagging a user in a message, but it is not visible on the user’s profile or in the member list of the server.

Discord tags do not appear on the user’s profile and are not visible on the server’s member list. Because each Discord tag is unique to each individual user, it is impossible for two users to have the same Discord tag.

How To Change Your Discord Tag?

Those who have used Discord for a while will probably have noticed some users have unique tags and can’t help but wonder how fortunate they are to have them. Well, it might just be luck, but it’s mostly due to the fact that most of them use Discord Nitro.

There are two different subscription options offered by Discord to its members called Discord Nitro and Discord Elite. People subscribe to only one or both of these subscription options can get all of the privileges that Discord has to offer.

What Does Your Discord Tag Mean
What Does Your Discord Tag Mean

There is one privilege that you will be able to avail of if you become a member of Discord, which is the ability to set your own custom Discord tag, such as #0001, coupled with your username.

In addition, if you become a member of Discord, you will be able to create a custom Discord tag as a community member.

We’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how to change your Discord tag on your computer if you’re using Discord Nitro or if you’re a Discord partner.

  1. Launch the desktop version of Discord.
  2. At the bottom of the screen, click “User Settings”.
  3. Click on “Edit” next to your username in “My Account” and enter your custom Discord tag.
  4. Enter your Discord password to authenticate the action.
  5. Click “Done.” to complete the process.

Follow these steps to use Discord on your mobile device.

  1. Launch the Discord application.
  2. Select your profile picture at the bottom of the Discord menu.
  3. Go to the “Account” option and then click “Username.”
  4. You can add a custom tag by clicking the “Save” button.
  5. Press “Save” again and enter your password to confirm the changes.

How to find discord tag number?

Discord tags, which include a user’s username and discriminator, can be found in a few ways:

  1. Look at their profile: View their Discord tag in their profile. On the server’s member list or in a message they have sent, click their name or avatar. Their Discord tag will be displayed at the top of their profile.
  2. Mention or tag them in a message: Use the “@” symbol followed by the user’s username to mention or tag them. They will see a notification that their Discord tag has been mentioned.
  3. Search for them: By typing their Discord tag into the search bar, you can find users within a server or across the platform. This will display users with matching tags.

As you know, the discriminator is the four-digit number that Discord assigns automatically to a user.

This number is only assigned to users whose usernames are different, and it is used to differentiate users under the same username.

It appears after the username in Discord tags, separated by a hashtag, and it is used to distinguish users of Discord with the same name.


Whenever you create a Discord account, Discord assigns you a Discord tag that people can use to locate you on Discord. When you log in to Discord, Discord assigns you a Discord tag that people can use to locate you.

It has been explained in this article what a Discord tag is, why you need one, and how you can go about getting one of your own. # What Does Your Discord Tag Mean? # How to find discord tag number?