What does tv-ma mean on Netflix? With its extensive library of movies and TV shows, Netflix has become one of the most popular streaming platforms in the world.

You may have seen the TV-MA rating on Netflix as you explored the catalog, leaving you wondering what it means and what it implies.

We explore TV ratings in depth in this blog post, unraveling the mystery behind TV-MA on Netflix and uncovering its meaning.

Discover how this rating impacts your viewing experience as we explore what it signifies.

What Are TV Ratings

According to the content and intended audience of television programs, TV ratings are used to classify them.

Parents can use these ratings to make informed decisions regarding what their children watch because they provide viewers with information about the suitability of a program for different age groups.

Although TV ratings vary between countries and regions, the following is a general overview of how TV ratings are used in the United States:

Each program is classified differently.

The following are the classifications:

  • Children of all ages are invited to watch TV-Y.
  • The TV-Y7 FV is directed towards older children and contains fantasy violence
  • A television program aimed at older children (TV-Y7).
  • TV-G: This is intended for a general audience.
  • TV-PG: Parental guidance is recommended in this case
  • Parents are strongly advised to watch TV-14.
  • TV MA: This program is intended for mature audiences only.

In television, TV-MA stands for “Television Mature Audience”, which means such programs are primarily intended for a mature audience and are age-restricted as they are not appropriate for audiences under the age of 17. 

In some cases, rated TV-MA shows may contain strong language and nudity, as well as sexual and violent content that is offensive to some viewers.

Examples of such shows include The Night Agent, Game of Thrones, and others.

Despite the similarities between these shows and R-rated shows, it is not incorrect to conclude that TV MA-rated shows are even worse than R-rated shows.

What does the TV-MA rating mean?

Television programs with TV-MA ratings are considered to be intended for mature audiences only by the United States government as a content rating.

“TV Mature Audience” stands for “TV Mature Audience” and is typically applied to programs or movies with content that may not be appropriate for viewers under the age of 17.

As an overview of the TV-MA rating, here are some key points:

Age Restriction: 

This rating indicates that the material is not suitable for viewers under the age of 17.

It serves as a warning that there may be explicit language, violence, sexual situations, or intense themes that may be inappropriate for children.

Parental Guidance: 

According to the TV-MA rating, parental guidance is strongly recommended.

In order to provide guidance and determine whether the content is appropriate for their children, parents or guardians are advised to attend the presentation, based on their maturity and ability to handle adult-oriented material.

Content Descriptors: 

Additionally, you may see additional content descriptors along with the TV-MA rating that provide additional information about the program’s content.

They offer additional insights into the nature of the content, helping viewers make informed decisions about what they choose to watch by providing additional insights into violence, sexual content, language, and more.

Compliance with Standards: 

It is part of the TV Parental Guidelines Monitoring Board’s voluntary rating system. By providing consistent and informative content ratings to broadcasters and streaming platforms, this board assists viewers in making appropriate choices based on their preferences and sensibilities.

TV-MA ratings can be applied and interpreted differently across various platforms and countries, so it is important to note that.

In general, however, due to its potentially explicit or adult-oriented content, it is indicative that the program is intended for mature audiences.

By understanding the TV-MA rating, you are better able to make informed choices regarding the type of content that you want to watch, taking into account your own preferences and sensitivities.

Is TV-MA the same as R on Netflix?

It should be noted that Netflix does not use the same TV-MA rating as movies. While both ratings are intended for mature audiences, there are some differences between them.

The TV-MA (TV Mature Audience) rating is used specifically for television programs that are intended for viewers aged 17 and older and may include explicit language, violent content, sexual content or other mature topics.

A R rating, on the other hand, is given to movies and stands for Restricted. It indicates that the film’s content is intended for adults.

A movie with an R rating contains strong language, intense violence, nudity, sexual content, and other adult-oriented themes.

It is generally more restrictive than a movie with a TV-MA rating. # Is TV-MA the same as R on Netflix

There may be some overlap in content between TV-MA and R-rated movies and programs, however, each of these rating systems is specific to its respective mediums.

Netflix, as a streaming platform, applies the TV-MA rating to its television shows and series, whereas the R rating is primarily used for theatrical releases.

If you would like to determine whether a program or movie is appropriate for your viewing preferences, you should always check its specific rating and content description.

What does tv-ma mean on Netflix
What does tv-ma mean on Netflix

How to prevent children from watching TV MA show

In general, you can apply parental controls at three levels to prevent children from viewing TV MA content:

  1. Broadcasting/cable
  2. Smart TV app store
  3. An overview of the app

Before smart TVs were available, you only had to worry about cable/broadcast content. Once you blocked TV-MA cable content, you were good to go.

There are hundreds of different apps available for smart TVs (and other devices such as Roku and Firestick), as well as on-demand streaming of content.

In the case of TV MA content, this means a greater variety of content, and a greater variety of viewing methods.

The new parental controls take this into account pretty well.

It is possible to lock down the app store on most TVs, so that a password is required in order to access certain (or all) apps, and you may even restrict the ability to download new apps.

Additionally, you may wish to restrict access within each application as well.


Having gained a better understanding of the meaning of the TV-MA rating on Netflix, you can approach your viewing choices in a more knowledgeable manner.

By identifying mature and potentially sensitive material, TV-MA makes it possible for viewers to make informed choices about what is appropriate for them.

You can navigate Netflix’s diverse library responsibly and locate shows and movies that correspond to your preferences due to Netflix’s commitment to providing comprehensive ratings and content information.

It is therefore essential that you pay attention to the TV-MA rating and consider the accompanying content descriptions as you continue your Netflix journey.

Embrace the freedom to choose what suits your viewing preferences, and enjoy the diverse array of captivating stories Netflix has to offer, while remaining aware and mindful of the content you are engaging with.