What Does OP Mean on Reddit? Whenever someone asks me to recommend the best niche-specific discussion forum or board, I will immediately recommend Reddit, a very popular site labelled the ‘Front page of the Internet’.

It is a resource that contains a wide variety of information on subjects that interest people.

In case you are someone who spends a considerable amount of time on Reddit, you may encounter the term ‘OP’.

I wonder if you have ever wondered what OP means on Reddit, and why it is so popular?

Actually, it has now become a prominent Reddit jargon, which improves the user experience.

History of OP

There is no doubt that OP made its first appearance in 2000. In 2003, The Urban Dictionary published its first definition of OP, which states that it stands for “Original Poster”.

Over the past few years, the term has been used consistently, and it has become a very common way to refer to the original poster.

The term “OP” is usually used on message boards such as Reddit, since most accounts on these boards are anonymous or consist of numbers, symbols, or obscure words, making it difficult to identify the original poster.

What Does OP Mean on Reddit?

“OP” stands for “Original Poster” on Reddit, and it refers to the person who initially started a discussion or thread.

This refers to the individual who initiated the discussion or shared the content that others are responding to.

There is a term called OP, which is commonly used within Reddit communities to refer to the author of a post, so that Redditors may address the person who initiated a thread specifically when contributing to a discussion.

In order to effectively communicate on Reddit, users need to understand the concept of OP.

By acknowledging the OP, users are able to provide relevant, tailored responses to the original post.

By doing so, we maintain clarity and coherence within the conversation and ensure that discussions remain focused on the topic that was introduced by the OP.

An essential aspect of Reddit’s community etiquette is to acknowledge and respect the contributions of the OP.

This acknowledges the individual who took the initiative to start a discussion and encourages meaningful engagement between users.

Though the term originated on Reddit, it has gained popularity beyond the platform and is now frequently used in other online communities, as well as in offline conversations as well.

As part of internet and social media slang, it is now commonly used as a convenient way of referring to those who initiated a thread or shared original content on the internet.

When to Use OP on Reddit?

You should use “OP” instead of the username of the person who posted the question if you are new to Reddit and want to contribute to a thread by sharing your thoughts.

Additionally, it is important to use “OP” so people will be able to identify who you are referring to without needing to search through the conversation for a username.

As “OP” is a slang term, it should only be used on social media platforms and not in formal emails. # When to Use OP on Reddit

Although you can also use “OP” on Twitter to refer to the original tweeter, it should only be used on social media platforms and not in formal emails.

What Does OP Mean on Social Media?

When you see people using OP on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc., they simply refer to it as ‘Original Post’ or ‘Original Poster’.

A post with many comments is referred to as OP in the comment section instead of tagging or using the user name of the original poster.

Most commonly, OP is used on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. # What Does OP Mean

However, it may also be used on Tumblr and other microblogging sites.

What Does OP Mean in Gaming?

As a matter of fact, I was first introduced to the term ‘OP’ in 2018 when I began to play the video game Fortnite.

Players used the term to describe a new weapon called the Infinity Blade.

The term OP stands for Overpowered, and soon after it appeared on Fortnite, gamers began using the term in other games such as PUBG, Valorant, and more.

OP (Overpowered) is now used by mobile gamers in the context of online gaming as well. # What Does OP Mean

Other Common Terms like OP used on Reddit

The Reddit community has developed a wide range of commonly used terms and acronyms that are frequently encountered in discussions, in addition to the “OP” (Original Poster). 

Here are a few examples:


An acronym which stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read.” It is commonly used to summarize or condense a lengthy post or comment.

What Does OP Mean on Reddit
What Does OP Mean on Reddit


A popular post type on Reddit that invites Redditors, often notable and interesting figures, to ask them questions about a wide range of topics.


It is used when someone shares information they recently learned that is interesting or surprising.


“Explain Like I’m 5.” This phrase refers to the request for a simplified explanation of a complex topic or concept.


NSFW stands for “Not Safe for Work.” This label is applied to content that contains explicit or nudity content, or is generally unsuitable for public or professional viewing.


A post or comment can be approved (upvoted) or disapproved (downvoted) using these voting mechanisms.

You can influence the visibility and ranking of your content by voting up or down.


This term refers to the points that are earned on Reddit through upvotes on posts and comments.

Karma serves to indicate a user’s contribution to the community as well as their popularity.


Assumes that the user recalls the information correctly. This indicates that the information may not be entirely accurate.


An AMAA, or “Ask Me Almost Anything,” is similar to an AMA, but the person answering questions may choose to avoid or limit their responses to certain topics.

OP Delivers: 

Posters use this phrase when they provide an update, additional information, or fulfill a promise they made in their initial posting.

Reddit has developed a unique vocabulary that reflects the culture and dynamics of its diverse communities.

These are only a few examples of the many terms and acronyms commonly used on the site.


Reddit’s term “OP” holds significant significance within the community. Standing for “Original Poster,” it represents the individual who initiated a particular thread or discussion.

In addition to facilitating communication, it also helps distinguish between different participants in a conversation using this acronym.

Users can maintain a healthy and constructive dialogue on Reddit by acknowledging the original post.

By acknowledging the OP, they can provide relevant and appropriate responses to the original post.

It is also important to refer to the OP in order to ensure that the discussion remains focused on the topic and perspective they have presented.

An OP’s role extends beyond starting a thread; they are an integral part of fostering engagement and driving the conversation forward.

They often initiate thought-provoking discussions that bring the community together by setting the tone, providing context, and often leading the discussion.

In order to create an inclusive and positive environment on Reddit, it is important to recognize and respect the efforts of the OP.