What channel is Peacock on Optimum? Complete Guide

What channel is peacock on optimum? Optimum subscribers who are looking for Peacock, NBCUniversal’s popular streaming platform, have come to the right place.

NBCUniversal’s popular streaming platform, Peacock, can be found here on Optimum.

We will walk you through the process of finding Peacock on Optimum in this blog post, so you can seamlessly enjoy the variety of movies, TV shows, sports, and original content that is available.

Our Peacock channel offers classic sitcoms, exclusive streaming originals, and live sports events. So let’s find out where to find Peacock on Optimum!

What channel is Peacock on Spectrum?

is peacock available on optimum?

It is not possible to watch Peacock TV on Optimum cable TV, but you can still watch it by downloading their app or visiting their website online.

Peacock TV offers both free and paid content online. In addition to downloading Peacock’s app or visiting their website online, if you subscribe to Comcast, you can also watch Peacock online.

There are four Optimum TV package plans, comprising more than 420 channels. Customers can mix and match internet service plans and cable TV plans together to get the most out of Optimum TV.

There are four types of Optimum television packages, from the basic plan, which costs $30 monthly, to the Premium Plus plan, which costs $115 monthly.

All four plans include NBC, but the Premium plan offers the most channels. 

What channel is Peacock on Cox?

Peacock on Optimum

Optimum does not provide an exclusive channel for Peacock, despite the fact that Peacock is the most popular online streaming service.

Optimum, despite Peacock’s extreme popularity, still doesn’t transmit TV through its internet streaming channels.

Therefore, cable TV can’t access Peacock channels. # Peacock on Optimum

In order to watch Peacock TV shows, you must purchase a DirecTV subscription. Optimum subscribers are unable to view the Peacock at this time.

It is also available on Xfinity plans. In addition, only Comcast and Cox customers can subscribe to Peacock Premium for free.

In the end, you realize that Optimum does not have a channel called Peacock since it is a cable company. # Peacock on Optimum

Therefore, you have to check the bottom of the screen in order to discover what channels Optimum offers.

What channel is Peacock on xfinity?

What channel is Peacock on Optimum?

Optimum does not have a dedicated channel for Peacock due to its importance as the leading online streaming provider.

Therefore, you cannot see the Peacock subscription on Optimum.

Watching the Peacock TV program is only available on DirecTV or Xfinity depending on your plan. # Peacock on Optimum

Cable providers, such as Optimum, provide access to streaming platforms such as Peacock through their set-top boxes or through compatible devices like Roku, Apple TV, and Amazon Fire TV.

Here are the general steps for accessing Peacock on Optimum:

Using a Streaming Device:

  • Check to see if your streaming device is compatible (i.e., Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, etc.).
  • Streaming devices should be connected to your TV and the internet.
  • Install apps or channels from the device’s app store.
  • Go to the App Store and search for “Peacock”.
  • To start streaming, open the Peacock app, log in with your Peacock account or create one if you do not have one yet.

Using Optimum’s On-Demand Service:

  • Set-top boxes and remote controls allow you to access your Optimum cable TV service.
  • On-Demand is found in the On-Demand section (your cable box may have a different option).
  • Explore the streaming apps available to you by searching for “Peacock.”.
  • To start streaming, select the Peacock app, sign in or create an account, and follow the on-screen instructions.

You cannot watch Peacock TV on Optimum cable, as both services require separate subscriptions.

Peacock is an online streaming service, and Optimum cable is a cable TV service.

Unless you subscribe to Comcast or Cox cable TV, you cannot get Peacock Premium free of charge. # Peacock on Optimum

What Channel is Peacock On Dish?

How do I get Peacock on Your TV?

You can watch Peacock on your TV by following these steps:

Smart TVs: 

You can download and install Peacock on a Samsung smart TV by searching for “Peacock” in the app store.

On LG or VIZIO smart TVs, you can check if Peacock is available. # get Peacock on Your TV

Streaming Devices:

 In the respective app stores, you can find and download “Peacock” if you have a streaming device like Roku, Chromecast, or Amazon Fire TV.

Peacock on Optimum
Peacock on Optimum

Cable Providers: 

There is no Peacock channel on Optimum cable TV. You can, however, download their app or go to their website to watch the show.

Supported Devices: 

In addition to Android, Android TV, Apple TV, SmartCast TVs, LG Smart TVs, Chromecast, Xbox One, and Vizio devices, Peacock is available on a wide range of platforms.

The availability of the service may vary based on your location and the compatibility of your device. # get Peacock on Your TV

What providers give Peacock for free?

NBCUniversal’s streaming service, Peacock, offered both free and premium subscription plans.

Here’s how they worked:

Peacock Free: 

There was a free tier available for Peacock users, which provided access to a limited selection of content, including movies, TV shows, news, and some sporting events.

Peacock Premium: 

Peacock also offered a premium subscription tier called “Peacock Premium.”

This tier was more affordable than the free tier and provided access to the entire library of content, including all original programming from Peacock.

There was also an ad-free premium option available for an additional cost. # What providers give Peacock for free

This table displays the different tiers that Peacock offers in various locations and depending on the agreement between Peacock and different service providers.

Here are some providers that offer Peacock:

Comcast Xfinity: 

NBCUniversal’s parent company, Comcast, often bundled Peacock Premium with Xfinity X1 and Flex packages at no additional charge to subscribers.

Cox Communications: 

The Peacock Premium service was available as part of certain Cox Communications packages, just as it is with Xfinity. # What providers give Peacock for free

Vodafone in Europe: 

Mobile and broadband plans of some Vodafone customers in Europe included Peacock Premium.

What are Features of Peacock TV

Among the many ways Peacock TV can help you is by providing the following features.

  • With a single account, Peacock can be streamed from any device without registering devices.
  • There is no limit to how many devices can be streamed simultaneously through Peacock.
  • Currently, Peacock does not support high-resolution formats, Dolby Atmos sound, or high dynamic range.
  • Premium Plus subscribers can download from their mobile devices.
  • Users will be able to interact with the app only in English.
  • In order to manage parental controls, a PIN is required.

The following are some features of Peacock TV that you can buy as a user. One question you might have is how to buy Peacock TV.

We will answer that question next.


With streaming services becoming an integral part of our entertainment landscape, knowing how to access your favorite content has become essential.

With Peacock, a streaming platform that caters to a wide range of tastes and preferences, Optimum subscribers now have the knowledge and tools to easily find and enjoy it.

Watch classic TV shows or catch up on the newest blockbuster movies on Peacock with Optimum.

There’s something for everyone on Peacock, whether you’re into comedy, drama, sports, or documentaries.

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