What channel is Peacock on Cox? Complete Guide

What channel is peacock on cox? Here’s where you can find Peacock, NBCUniversal’s popular streaming platform, if you’re a Cox Communications subscriber.

Peacock on Cox is a quest that can be demystified in this blog post.

We’ll help you access Peacock’s vast array of movies, television shows, sports events, and original content with ease.

Whether you’re a fan of timeless classics, exclusive streaming originals, or live sports action, we’ve got you covered.

Here’s where to find Peacock on Cox!

Is Peacock available on Cox cable?

Cox cable does not offer Peacock TV. However, if you want to watch Peacock TV online, you can download their app or visit their website.

Peacock TV is an online streaming service that offers movies, episodes of your favorite TV series, and original content.

You can watch channels with live news, sports, and themed content. Videos ranging from current to decades old can be viewed online.

What Channel is Peacock On Dish?

A complete list of supported devices can be found on the official Peacock website, including Android TV, Apple TV, COX, Fire TV, LG TV, Hisense VIDAA, Roku, Samsung, Vizio Smart TV, and Xfinity.

What channel is Peacock on Cox?

In Cox Communications or any other cable provider, Peacock, a streaming platform from NBCUniversal, was not available as a traditional television channel.

It is primarily a streaming service that can be accessed by smart TVs, streaming media players (e.g., Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV), gaming consoles, and mobile devices.

You can access Peacock content using a compatible streaming device or a smart TV, as well as the Peacock app.

After installing the app, you can login with your Peacock account credentials (or create an account) to begin streaming.

In contrast to cable TV, Peacock operates primarily as an online streaming service.

Accordingly, Peacock has no channel number on Cox cable, and you can’t get Peacock through cable.

It’s free and works with the latest iOS, Android, and Windows versions. You’ll need the Peacock TV streaming app to watch it on your big screen.

What channel is Peacock on Optimum?

A low monthly fee enables Cox TV customers to watch live TV, premium channels, shows and movies whenever they want. Peacock does not offer streaming services.

How can I subscribe to Peacock TV?

The following steps will guide you through the process of subscribing to Peacock TV:

  1. Peacock has a website you can visit.
  2. To choose a plan, click the “Pick a Plan” button in yellow.
  3. Decide which plan is right for you.
  4. Name, email address, and birth date are required for user registration.
  5. Enter your free trial promo code in the box underneath “Have a promo code?” if you have one.
  6. You will need to enter your payment information.
  7. Free seven-day trial of Peacock TV!

You should always check the Peacock website for the latest offers as free trials may vary over time.

What channel is Peacock on xfinity?

Is there a student discount for Peacock TV?

Peacock TV offers student discounts. Peacock Premium costs $1.99/month for 12 months if you are a verified student.

You can obtain a unique promo code that may be used only once by visiting the Peacock website and following the instructions.

Once you have your promo code, you can redeem it by clicking “Redeem Now” to be redirected to create a Peacock account.

To use your promo code, log in to your Peacock account and then click on the “Plans & Payments” tab. Please see the terms and conditions for further details.

How do I link my Cox Cable account with Peacock?

The following steps will guide you through linking your Cox account to Peacock:

  1. You will need to launch the Peacock app on your Contour or Contour Stream Player device.
  2. Your Peacock account is logged in with the email you used when you created it.
  3. Select “Link provider account” from the settings menu.
  4. From the list of available providers, select Cox Cable.
  5. To link your Cox Cable account with Peacock TV, follow the instructions on the screen.

Peacock on Cox
Peacock on Cox

If you do not have a Cox Cable account, you can still watch Peacock online by downloading their app or visiting their website.

You will need a Contour or Contour Stream Player subscription to access the Peacock app.

What channel is Peacock on Spectrum?

How to get Peacock on Cox TV?

With customers in more than 18 states and a large customer base, Cox Cable is one of the largest cable companies in the United States.

Cox has a large number of customers because it always offers better services than those of its competitors and is still affordable for the average consumer.

Cox offers internet, cable, phone, and home security services to its customers. Cox Cable TV, Internet, and Voice services can save you up to 70% when you bundle them.

NBC broadcast channel is included in Cox Internet Essential and higher video packages, so Peacock Premium is free for all Cox TV and video customers.

In stores, Peacock Premium costs $4.99 per month for Cox Internet customers with Contour Stream Player or Starter Video.

For more information about Peacock Premium, simply say “Peacock” into your voice remote and enter your login information.

Alternatively, Cox customers can go to Peacock’s website to sign up for free.

How to get Peacock Premium for free?

Free trials were once offered by Peacock, so that users could test out the service before signing up for a monthly or annual plan, but they were removed in 2021.

There are several ways to get Peacock free, however. Disney Plus and Netflix are also removing such offerings.

Xfinity internet subscribers: 

Xfinity Internet customers get Peacock Premium for free, forever.

By default, Peacock Premium comes with ads, but it is possible to upgrade to their no-ad plan for only $4.99 a month (normally $10).

Cox subscribers: 

Likewise, Cox customers will have access to Peacock Premium for free if they use a Cox Contour streaming device.

The Peacock app is compatible with the Cox Contour streaming device or any other compatible device.

Spectrum users: 

You can try Peacock for a full year if you’re a Spectrum TV customer, and you can try it for 90 days if you’re a Spectrum internet customer.

Google Play users: 

Google Play offers a 3-month extended free trial for Peacock Premium on Android or Android TV (compared to the 7-Day Free Trial everyone else receives).

Upon completing the extended trial period, you can either switch to Peacock’s Free Plan or subscribe to Peacock Premium for $4.99 per month.

Using promo codes or playing monopoly will also get you Peacock Premium free or cheaper.


There are a lot of channels and streaming platforms out there, so finding the right content can be difficult if you don’t have the right information.

You now have access to Peacock, a streaming platform that caters to diverse tastes and preferences if you’re a Cox Communications subscriber.

The Peacock Channel brings you the complete entertainment experience, whether it’s sitting back and watching classic sitcoms or experiencing the latest blockbusters.

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