What Channel Is CBS On DirecTV? Are you a DirecTV subscriber eagerly searching for your favorite CBS channel? Look no further, because we provide all the information you need right here!

In addition to offering an assortment of entertaining and engaging programs that cater to a wide audience, CBS is one of the most popular television networks in the United States.

Due to the numerous channels available on DirecTV, it can sometimes be challenging to locate the exact channel for CBS.

Throughout this blog post, we will solve the mysteries and give you the answer to the burning question:

What is CBS on DirecTV? So, let’s take a deeper look at CBS on DirecTV together.

Can you watch CBS live with DirecTV?

If you subscribe to DirecTV, you will have access to CBS and its live programming. By subscribing to the appropriate package, you will be able to watch CBS shows, news updates, sports events, and other content in real time.

The DirecTV package you have must include CBS as part of its channel lineup in order to be able to view CBS live. # watch CBS live with DirecTV

Most DirecTV packages include CBS, but it is always a good idea to check with DirecTV or consult their channel guide to determine which package includes CBS.

In addition to watching your favorite shows and live sports events on the designated CBS channel on DirecTV, you will also be able to watch award shows, award shows, and more once you have the appropriate package.

With access to CBS on DirecTV, you will not miss out on any of the exciting live content that the network has to offer. # watch CBS live with DirecTV

If you would like to know more about DirecTV’s package options or available channels, please consult the DirecTV channel guide or contact their customer service department.

What channel number is CBS on DIRECTV?

There are several plans available from DirectV to customers.

There are more that 150 channels on Directv select, entertainment and more than 180 channels on the ultimate and direct choice.


Minneapolis4, 390, 391Las Vegas8, 390, 391
Little Rock11, 390, 391Detroit62, 390, 391
Yuma13, 390, 391Birmingham42, 390, 391
Phoenix5, 390, 391St. Louis4, 390, 391
Charlotte3, 390, 391Los Angeles2, 390, 391
San Diego8, 390, 391Omaha3, 390, 391
Bakersfield29, 390, 391Albuquerque13, 390, 391
Fresno47, 390, 391
San Francisco5, 390, 391New York2, 390, 391
Sacramento13, 390, 391Columbus10, 390, 391
Colorado Springs11, 390, 391Oklahoma City9, 390, 391
Denver4, 390, 391Portland6, 390, 391
Washington DC9, 390, 391Philadelphia3, 390, 391
Jacksonville47, 390, 391Memphis3, 390, 391
Fort Worth11, 390, 391Nashville5, 390, 391
Miami4, 390, 391San Antonio5, 390, 391
Tampa10, 390, 391El Paso4, 390, 391
Orlando6, 390, 391Brownsville4, 390, 391
Atlanta46, 390, 391Dallas11, 390, 391
Honolulu9, 390, 391Houston11, 390, 391
Chicago2, 390, 391Austin42, 390, 391
Kansas City5, 390, 391Norfolk3, 390, 391
Louisville4, 32, 390, 391Seattle7, 390, 391
New Orleans4, 390, 391Boston4, 390, 391

CBS is included with all DIRECTV plans. You can subscribe to any plan to get full access to CBS. CBS’ channel number varies by location.

The following guide provides a comprehensive overview of all CBS news channels on DIRECTV, if you are wondering what channel is CBS news on DIRECTV.

How to Get CBS Channel on your DirecTV?

Obtaining the CBS channel on DirecTV requires that you have a DirecTV package that includes CBS in its channel lineup.

Here is a general guide on how to obtain the CBS channel on DirecTV:

Check your current package:

 To verify whether CBS is already included in your DirecTV package, check your account information, the channel guide, or contact DirecTV customer service. # Get CBS Channel on your DirecTV

Upgrade your package: 

You may need to upgrade your current package to include CBS if CBS is not included.

For more information on available package options and pricing, please contact DirecTV customer service or visit their website.

They can assist you in selecting a package that includes CBS and other desired channels.

Confirm channel number: 

Find out how to access CBS on DirecTV once you have the appropriate package. There may be variations in channel numbers depending on the package you have and your location.

Please consult DirecTV’s channel guide, the company’s website, or customer service for accurate channel information.

Tune in to CBS:

 To access CBS content, use your DirecTV remote control to enter the channel number assigned to CBS.

This will allow you to watch CBS shows, news, sports, and other programming offered by CBS. # Get CBS Channel on your DirecTV

Please keep in mind that CBS’s availability on DirecTV may vary depending on regional variations and package options.

The best way to find out if CBS is available on DirecTV is to contact DirecTV or visit their official website.

What Channel Is CBS On DirecTV?
What Channel Is CBS On DirecTV?

How much is CBS on DirecTV?

You should be aware that DirecTV plans are designed to be affordable and reasonable ones.

To receive CBS Channel on your Satellite TV provider, you can pay for any of their subscription plans.

You can watch March Madness 2023 on your television with all DirecTV plans, which include CBS – Local TV Channel.

If you have already purchased a subscription, all you need to do is press the number on your remote control and enjoy watching the game.

DIRECTV Packages with CBS

  • Entertainment: Monthly Package for – $64.99
  • Choice: Monthly Package for – $69.99
  • XTRA: Monthly Package for – $79.99
  • Premier: Monthly Package for – $84.99
  • Ultimate: Monthly Package for – $134.99

DIRECTV packages are well known for their accessibility and affordability, without sacrificing entertainment value, in addition to their accessibility.

In addition to the diverse channel lineup with programming from all genres, you also receive: ENTERTAINMENTTM and PREMIERTM packages.

Each package offers superior entertainment with a variety of channel tiers.

  • The service offers 50,000 titles and limited programming in 4K HDR
  • Featuring Genie® HD DVR technology with 200 hours of storage
  • With the DIRECTV App, you can watch TV anywhere
  • HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX® are some of the premium channels available.

The most important benefit is that you do not have to pay separate bills for your television and internet services.

It is entirely up to you whether you would like to bundle CenturyLink and DIRECTV services together to save money on your TV and internet bills.

DIRECTV offers affordable and customized bundles that include advanced satellite TV as well as CenturyLink internet. 

What channel is CBS Sports Network on DIRECTV?

Additionally, as we have already mentioned, CBS Sports Network is only accessible with the ULTIMATE and PREMIER plans on DIRECTV.

Consequently, you must pay more money to get access to this channel. However, CBS Sports Network can be viewed on channel 221 in all states and cities.

What channel is CBS All Access on DIRECTV?

CBS All Access is a streaming service that provides news, entertainment, and sports content from CBS.

It is not available with DIRECTV. You must obtain the subscription separately from your DIRECTV service.


Finally, if you subscribe to DirecTV, you can find CBS on channel 4, which includes a wide range of CBS programs including news, sports, dramas, sitcoms, and much more.

With DirecTV, you have access to one of the nation’s most beloved networks, allowing you to choose from a wide variety of content to meet your entertainment needs.

With CBS on DirecTV, you can watch exciting crime shows, gripping reality competitions, and thought-provoking news.

With the channel number in your hand, you can relax, enjoy the captivating world of CBS programming, and enjoy the captivating world of CBS programming.