What Are Instagram Presets? Complete Guide

What Are Instagram Presets? Instagram has become a gallery of visual stories, art, and inspiration in a world where each photo is a canvas.

However, the journey from capturing a moment to creating a captivating image involves a lot more than just the click of a shutter.

As a result, Instagram presets – powerful tools that elevate your photos with a single touch – have emerged.

Photographers and influencers often rely on digital enchantments to achieve a consistent and stunning aesthetic, and it is often these digital enchantments that provide the answer.

Throughout this guide, we will delve into the world of Instagram presets, introducing the concept, how they work, and how they can be used to transform your snapshots into works of visual art by making use of these presets.

The simple truth is that there is nothing in particular that people use in order to take perfect pictures except presets.

These presets are real game changers and give Instagram posts a stunning look.

If you’re here, you must be asking yourself what presets are? How do they work? We’re going to explore these questions further and make sure that you have a good understanding of what they are and how to use them.

What Are Instagram Presets?

This is a set of saved filters on Instagram you can use to edit your photos or post them to your Instagram account.

In addition to offering various editing options for your images, Instagram presets can also be saved on your laptops, mobile phones, or personal computers (PCs).

The presets can be saved on your computer and used whenever you need them. Good content creators prefer to reuse the same or a similar presets for the different posts they create.

The results will be fantastic and your likes and followers will increase as a result of this. You can use Instagram’s own presets to create a fantastic, cohesive look for your posts.

Several free presets can also be found online that you can use on your posts. Many brands provide paid presets that you can purchase in order to get better results.

A third option you could choose from is to create your own preset, if none of the presets appeal to you.

Why You Should Use Instagram Presets?

This is a problem that has many causes, but we are going to discuss four of the most important ones.

Strong Brand Identity

It is essential to use presets that are similar to your brand.

By using presets that are similar and of good quality to your brand, you create a strong brand identity for your band, which in turn will lead to more likes and followers.

Attract New Followers

By having presets for your posts, you will be able to devote more time to making more great content and not waste time during the editing process.

Good content means more attractive positions, allowing you to gain more followers. More followers mean having a big audience with a growing profile.

Improve Post Quality

If you want to grow your profile, it is obvious that you need to have good quality posts on your profile if you want to grow your profile.

You can enhance the quality of your Instagram posts by using Instagram presets, and you can make them more appealing by using Instagram presets.

Good quality posts will help people decide whether they want to follow your account or not.

This way, you will get more engagement from your audience and you will gain a larger following.

Save Time

It is possible to make your own presets and use them on your posts, but it may take too much time and waste your time.

If you don’t use any presets and try editing your photo on your own, it can be very time-consuming.

In contrast, using Instagram presets is very easy and one click away from your post, so it is a good idea to use any Instagram presets you can get your hands on to save time.

How to use Instagram Presets?

With Instagram presets, you’ll be able to instantly transform your images, transform them into visual wonders, and instantly achieve a consistent and captivating aesthetic for your photographs.

We’ve put together this guide to help you get started with Instagram presets.

Step 1: Obtain Presets

Purchase or Download: 

It is possible to obtain Instagram presets through photographers, influencers, or preset creators.

Various platforms sell presets that are available for sale, and blogs, as well as websites that offer free presets, offer presets for sale.

Choose Compatible Presets: 

There are a variety of presets available for different software programs. # How to use Instagram Presets

Some presets are made for specific apps and programs like Lightroom, VSCO, or even Instagram’s in-app editor, so make sure the presets you choose are compatible.

Step 2: Install Presets

Here are some instructions for using Lightroom or editing software:

  • Using your computer or mobile device, you can download the preset files.
  • Take your photo and open it in a photo editing program (e.g., Lightroom).
  • Using the software, import the preset files into it.
  • It will now be possible to use the presets within the app in the future.

For Instagram In-App Editor:

  • To install the presets on your mobile device, you will need to download them.
  • Go to Instagram’s app and open it.
  • To edit the photo, select it from the list of photos.
  • In order to access presets, select ‘Edit’, then ‘Manage’ from the menu to the right.
  • On the “Presets” tab, select the “Import Presets” option.
  • Using the preset files you have downloaded, locate them and import them.

Step 3: Apply Presets

Editing Software:

  • Choose an editing software that you would like to use to edit the photo that you want to edit.
  • From the preset options, you can select a preset that you would like to apply to the photo.
  • It is possible to adjust the intensity of the preset if necessary.
  • It is also recommended to adjust any other settings if necessary (exposure, white balance, etc.).

Instagram In-App Editor:

  • In the Instagram app, you will be able to select the photo that you wish to edit.
  • You will be able to edit the document by selecting the “Edit” option.
  • In order to select a preset, navigate to the presets you imported and select the preset you want to use.
  • The intensity of the preset can be adjusted by using the slider at the bottom.
  • Additionally, you can use the app’s tools to make additional edits as needed.

Step 4: Customize and Save

Customize Settings:

  • The presets are designed to give you flexibility, but you may choose to customize them further in order to meet your preferences and the needs of your specific photo.

Save Your Edits:

  • If you are satisfied with the changes you have made to the photo, you can save it by exporting it or saving it within the editing app after you have made your changes.

Instagram Presets
Instagram Presets

Step 5: Maintain Consistency

Apply Across Your Feed:

  • Keeping your Instagram feed consistent is as simple as applying the same presets to the same photos, or using a similar style on a number of photos in your account.

Fine-Tune for Each Photo:

  • Using presets can be helpful in achieving a uniform style, however, each photo may need a slight adjustment to suit its own characteristics and you should tailor the preset to suit your particular circumstances.

Finally, I can say that using Instagram presets is a creative journey that enables you to enhance the visual impact of your photographs while simplifying the editing process.

With just a few clicks, you can achieve a polished and consistent aesthetic that reflects your unique style with a few clicks. # How to use Instagram Presets

Let presets help you tell a cohesive and captivating story about your visual story.

How do Instagrammers use presets to edit their photos?

It is common for Instagrammers to utilize a variety of presets to enhance the look of their photos and maintain a consistent aesthetic on their feeds.

The choice of preset depends on the style and theme that an Instagrammer wants to convey. Some of the most commonly used types of Instagram presets include:

1. Light and Airy Presets: 

Soft, bright presets that create a soft and dreamy atmosphere for lifestyle, fashion, and travel photos.

2. Moody and Dark Presets: 

These presets add depth and richness to your photos by enhancing shadows and contrast.

They can be used for artistic and storytelling purposes. # How do Instagrammers use presets to edit their photos

3. Vintage and Film-Inspired Presets: 

In addition to adding a timeless charm to photos, these presets mimic the look of vintage film cameras, usually featuring warm tones, grain, and faded effects.

4. Minimalistic and Clean Presets: 

Often featuring muted colors and serene environments, minimal presets are popular with lifestyle and interior design accounts.

5. Travel and Adventure Presets: 

Using travel presets, you can enhance photos of landscapes, adventures, and outdoor scenes with vibrant colors, crisp details, and a sense of adventure.

6. Fashion and Beauty Presets: 

A fashion preset emphasizes skin tones, highlights details, and creates a polished appearance.

They’re often used by fashion bloggers and beauty influencers. # How do Instagrammers use presets to edit their photos

7. Influencer Signature Presets: 

In the course of developing their signature presets influencers and photographers develop their own individual style.

Their presets become recognizable and help build their brand.

8. Colorful and Vibrant Presets: 

Presets with vibrant colors make colors pop, creating energetic visuals ideal for food, lifestyle, and creative content.

9. Black and White Presets: 

They add a classic and timeless touch to photos by stripping away colors and focusing on composition, shapes, and contrast.

10. Natural and Earthy Presets: 

This preset enhances natural tones, making photos look organic and lifelike. It is perfect for outdoor and nature-related photos.

A lot of Instagrammers purchase presets from photographers, preset creators, or digital marketplaces. # How do Instagrammers use presets to edit their photos

Many Instagrammers choose presets based on their niche, style, and the type of content they share when choosing them. Some even create their own presets by trial and error.


Having explored Instagram presets in depth, keep in mind that these digital tools have the power to transform your photography.

With a harmonious visual language, they create consistency, evoke emotions, and help you tell stories.

Instagram presets are an ideal way to create an aesthetic that is uniquely yours, whether you’re a photographer, a social media enthusiast, or a casual photographer.

Use presets to enhance your storytelling, spark your imagination, and create a visual tapestry of delight for your Instagram feed.

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