Is there a Walmart affiliate program that I can join? How can I join Walmart affiliate program? How much can I earn from Walmart affiliate program?

Yes yes!!!!! Walmart indeed has an affiliate program. 

First, let’s dive in and explore all that Walmart offers to its affiliates.

Walmart is basically a chain of department stores that sell everything you need, from grocery items to household goods. Walmart’s affiliate program offers its members the greatest benefits when compared with its other programs. Throughout this article, you will learn exactly what the Walmart affiliate program is, how to join, and how much money you can make from it. It’s time to get started!

Name: Walmart affiliate program


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walmart affiliate program

What is the Walmart affiliate program?

What is the Walmart affiliate program? It is an affiliate marketing program that allows affiliates to earn revenue when their customers purchase products from Walmart through affiliate referral links.

Since June 2019, Impact Radius has been their affiliate service provider (prior to that, it was Rakuten Linkshare). Applicants must fill out an application and wait for approval before joining the program. The approval process should take no more than 24 hours.

It is basically a program where you place text links and banner ads on your website so that you can refer customers to Walmart.

By sharing text links or banner ads, you can earn commissions each time someone clicks the link, visits the store, and makes a purchase.

Walmart affiliate program

Each time a customer purchases something from you, you will get a commission. As more people purchase through your shared links, you will make more money. By joining Walmart’s affiliate program, you will be able to preview and add product links and banners to your blog, so you can make money from it.

It is necessary to have a website to be accepted. The website cannot promote illegal activities, sexually explicit content, etc. This is standard with all affiliate programs. If your website is general, you should be fine. Their terms and conditions explain the entire enrollment process in detail.

Check it here

Walmart is not as strict as some other affiliate programs, such as eBay’s, about allowing people to join their program.

You will be provided with banners once you are accepted and, most importantly, you can generate links once you are on the program. Since Walmart allows deep linking, you can link directly to any product page.

In addition, you’ll be provided with data feeds that describe top-selling products and exclusive items. The other thing worth mentioning is that you can’t link to any social networking sites and you can’t use paid advertising.

How can you join the Walmart affiliate program?

Getting started with the Walmart affiliate program is easy. 

Anyone who wishes to join is absolutely free to do so.

  1. The first step in becoming an affiliate of Walmart is to complete this application. Join here
  2. Then, visit and click on the affiliate membership application link. Here link
  3. In addition to your name, location, address, and website URL, they will require some other information from you.
  4. They will approve you as a member shortly after you complete the signup process.
  5. They will then provide you with various text links and banners that you can post on your website.
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How much can you make through the Walmart affiliate program?

Earnings depend on how many people make purchases through your links from Walmart, so you can earn as much as you like. Each product has a different commission rate and you’ll receive a different amount of money.

Say, for instance, you share a banner ad featuring a beautiful smart TV worth $350. In the event that any of your customers click on the banner, visit the Walmart site, and make a purchase, you will get paid. In the case of this product priced at $350, your account will be credited with $4.

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Walmart affiliate program commissions

  • 4% commission is available on clothing products. 10% commission is available on contact lenses.
  • We will pay you 4% commission on gifts, registry, health care products, home, and jewelry items.
  • You will get a 1% commission rate for electronics and movies.

Commission rates are clearly not very attractive. Despite Walmart’s low commission rates, the company is trusted and established, so if you offer the right product and target the right audience, you will have a good conversion rate.

There are a lot of different products from Walmart, just like Amazon. That means no matter what your niche is, you should be able to find products that fit your audience and make sense to promote.

Referrals are eligible for credit after three days and last clicks are tracked. In other words, if a visitor to your website clicks on your affiliate link but does not purchase the product, but the following day reads a review of the product on another website and clicks on their affiliate link and buys, no commission will be paid to you since only the last click gets the credit.

What is the expected payment date? It is approximately 60 days after the end of each calendar month, as per the terms and conditions. In comparison with other affiliate programs, it takes quite a while.

Can You Earn $1000/Month from Walmart Affiliate Marketing?

Hopefully, now that you’ve seen the example of commission rates above, you know the program doesn’t pay much. Can you really earn $1000 with just one percent or four percent commission?

Yes, just like other affiliate programs.

It may not be an easy ride, but it is worth it in the end. Walmart Affiliate Program has low commission rates, so to earn $1000 you have to generate more website traffic.

By concentrating on products with commission rates of four percent and above, you will earn more quickly. Following the previous section, you may believe that Walmart Affiliate Program is not worth your time since a lot of traffic is needed to make a decent income.

However, don’t give up too soon.

To better demonstrate how you should market Walmart products, I chose a product in a competitive niche.

Until you can promote a lot of products within your niche, you will not make $1,000 a month promoting Walmart or Amazon products. It is rare for a single retail affiliate program to earn you more than $100 from a single product.

Niche Websites

It is official that most affiliates earn commissions from not one or two products alone, no.. It is a combination of numerous products even though some products when sold generate a lot of commission than others.

Do not focus only on one product on a specific niche.

Walmart affiliate program

You will hear from many affiliates that some of their commission earnings come from the few sales they make on other products they promote.

In general, this information suggests promoting products that target niches with more items to offer.

You may find there are only a few products to promote in a niche that is smaller than five products. Therefore, you will only be able to post five product offerings, limiting your earning potential.

A smaller niche has the advantage of being less competitive than a larger niche because fewer products are available. For this reason, keyword research is enhanced. There may be products that can boost your search volume, so take advantage of them.

Try picking a niche that is less competitive and highly searched in case that gem isn’t there. As a result, you can still rank in the keyword searches for your selected niche product reviews. 

In order to widen your earning potential, if you can’t review any products in a given category or have reached your quota earnings, you can move to an adjacent category.

Strategize your website by choosing a niche

Before joining an affiliate program, you should carefully consider your long-term goals, including future expansion plans. Let’s be honest, getting visitors to your website let alone getting them to purchase something is not easy. 


Don’t choose domain names based on the niche. When you use the name of your chosen category as your website, it may limit the products that you can promote. 

Thus, I recommend going with a more generic domain that uses a broader set of categories when expanding the future site.

A beauty section on your site may not be a good place to include home appliances. In this scenario, you must create a new website to incorporate a new niche.

affiliate program

General Website

Another way to increase your income is to broaden your product categories instead of narrowing your niche.

Personally, I think it’s not easy to establish a reputation even if it’s an easy way to earn more. The wide range of categories may cause visitors to not take the reviews seriously, leaving them with the impression that you don’t really know what you’re doing.

Consider creating a general website that emphasizes inspiration rather than specifics. A general website’s affiliate program is most successful when it promotes unusual products. 

People usually visit these sites during the Holiday season, especially in December, when they are looking for unique gift ideas. Once you understand how a general website works, you can earn passive income since there is not much to do. 

Reviews don’t need to be long. Images of the product, a description, and a check-out button are sufficient.

The disadvantage of using a general website for an affiliate program is that search engine optimization (SEO) is harder to do for them. Since general websites use broad keywords, ranking for those keywords is difficult.

Remember that social media and paid advertisements cannot be used to promote unique products that are the latest in style. Make sure your social media accounts are linked to your website.

Walmart Affiliate Tools

There are affiliate tools that help affiliates find Walmart’s deals, create banners and links from, and even contain a ”Buy Now” button.

walmart affiliate program

Walmart SDK

You can embed the ‘Buy Now’ button in Walmart SDK next to product banners or elsewhere on your website.

A great feature of the ‘Buy Now’ button is that it can be set up to automatically add products to the cart on The customer’s buying process is shortened by this, which increases conversion rates.

Walmart WordPress Plugin

You can access Walmart products and banners through the WordPress plugin developed by Walmart. You can also use the plugin to create link to search pages, which is useful if you want to promote a brand or a type of product rather than a specific one.

WordPress allows you to add links and banners to your articles as you compose them, which is convenient if you are adding a lot of products.

Walmart stopped updating the plugin three years ago, according to the WordPress plugin repository. Outdated plugins may contain security vulnerabilities. Be safe

walmart affiliate

 Walmart Deals Chrome Extension

You can easily access Walmart’s special offers, bestsellers, clearances and rollback deals with this Chrome extension. While the Walmart official Chrome extension below is linked to your affiliate account, this extension does not allow you to create affiliate links. It only provides quick glimpses of Walmart offers.

Walmart Chrome Extension

While browsing, you can generate links and banners with the official Walmart Chrome extension. You can save a great deal of time using this extension. 

The extension was unable to connect to my Impact Radius account at the time this article was written. Rakuten Linkshare accounts are the only ones that will work with the extension. The Walmart affiliate program has been provided by Impact Radius since June 2019 so I hope they will reflect the change soon so affiliates with accounts with Impact Radius will be able to leverage the extension.

In conclusion

After joining the Walmart affiliate program, the next thing is to look for the best product, then design a banner for ads, and then share the link. Very easy.

Walmart’s affiliate program definitely holds potential, as many people make a full-time living through this alone.

According to me, this program is not suitable for people who are just getting into affiliate marketing and launching their first affiliate website.

Several affiliate programs offer much higher commission rates and do not require as much traffic to make $1000 a month. Even if the conversation rate is just 2%, you can earn $1000 a month.

However, if you already have a good traffic-producing niche website, you might consider the Walmart affiliate program.

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