How To View Reshares on Instagram? Complete Guide

How To View Reshares on Instagram? Using Instagram, we share our moments, thoughts, and creativity with our followers, and the content we share often finds a second life through resharing.

Resharing has become a vital tool for fostering engagement and expanding reach. However, what happens to your post if it is reshared?

How can you keep track of how your content is spreading?

The purpose of this guide is to empower you to uncover the journey your content takes beyond your immediate followers, helping you discover reshares on Instagram.

Yes, Instagram posts can be reshared, and you can see who reshared your post if you want to know their reach.

Instagram has recently added a feature that lets you see how many people reshared your post. # How To View Reshares on Instagram?

Resharing Instagram posts by taking a screenshot and uploading it directly to your Instagram page from your camera roll is unethical – the original poster won’t be notified or credited. 

What is Reshares on Instagram?

It is referred to as a reshare when someone shares a story or posts on their own Instagram profile.

Instagram reshares are viewed by many marketers and even individual users as a crucial metric for determining how well their posts correspond to their followers’ interests.

While it is easy to like a piece, businesses can use social media to see who has shared their post.

Furthermore, businesses can monitor who reshared their post. By looking at the reshares of your Instagram story, you can determine how influential your post is.

How To View Reshares on Instagram?

It is possible to find out who is engaging with your Instagram posts, reels, and stories by looking at the insights.

You can also switch over your regular account to a business account or creator account if you do not have either.

It can also be undone easily if you wish. # How To View Reshares on Instagram?

Regardless of whether you’re using a creator or business account, following these steps will allow you to see who reshared your posts to their Instagram stories:

Sign In to Your Instagram Account

Once you have signed in, click your profile at the right bottom corner and choose the post you wish to reshare.

Click “View Insights” on Your Instagram Post

Under your post, you’ll see a bar including a “View Insights” option.

Once you click on that, you’ll see how many people have shared your post. # How To View Reshares on Instagram?

Return to the Photo and Click on 3 Dots   

A popup list appears once you tap the three dots (…) at the top right of the post. You can then select the “View story reshares” option (if your post has been shared at least once).

View Current Public Reshares

Next, you will be directed to a page titled “Current Public Reshares.” From here, you can see how many people have shared your post.

Tap a Reshared Story

You can find out who just shared your post by clicking on the “Reshared Story” on the grid. It will take you directly to the user’s story.

From there you can view the user’s username and account details. # How To View Reshares on Instagram?

It is crucial to note that the results will disappear within 24 hours of being shared again. In other words, they disappear when the sharer’s Instagram story is deleted. 

Consequently, if no one shared your post within 24 hours, you would not see the “View story reshares” option when tapping on the three vertical dots.

View Reshares on Instagram
View Reshares on Instagram

How to Find Current Public Reshares on Instagram?

The purpose of tracking your Instagram posts and stories is to understand how far they reach and engage your followers. # Reshares on Instagram

Whether it’s for your creative career or product marketing, you’ll learn various methods to see your Instagram stories reshared that will help you in this endeavor as you read this article.

Quick Answer

  1. Check out your public Instagram account to see current public reshares of your posts.
  2. Start by opening the Instagram app and tapping on the profile tab.
  3. Select the post whose reshares you wish to view.
  4. Then select View Story Reshares from the three-dotted icon.
  5. A list of your current public reshares can be found in the following menu.

How To View Story Reshares On Instagram Through Hashtags?

You can achieve this by using Instagram hashtags. This seems a bit strange, but it actually works.

The following steps will show you how to see reshares on Instagram using hashtags:

  • Visit the profile section of your Instagram account on your phone.
  • Go to your profile and find the posts whose stories you’d like to see reshared.
  • The hashtag can be found in the caption of your post. # View Story Reshares
  • To access the hashtags you have added to your posts, tap on them.
  • Tap the Recent tab once you’ve reached the hashtag page.
  • Reshared posts are shown under the Recent tab, and you can see all the reshared stories under a hashtag by tapping the stories.

This should be easy, right?

How to Check Who Reposted Your Instagram Post on a PC?

Following are the steps you need to take to find out who reposted your post on Instagram using your PC browser:

  1. Activate your Instagram account by visiting
  2. If you are interested in a post on Instagram, click on it on your profile.
  3. Click on “View Insights” to see how many people shared your post.
  4. You can get to the post by clicking the three dots in the top right corner.
  5. You can view story reshares by selecting “View Story Reshares”.
  6. Open the “Current Public Reshares” page by clicking here.
  7. To view the user’s story, click a reshared story in the grid.
  8. If someone reposted your post, click the account to find out who did it.

Why Can’t I See Who Shared My Post?

The majority of Instagram users have no idea that their post has been shared. If you have ever wondered, “Why can’t I see who shared my post?”, then you’re not the only one.

Although Instagram allows users to save posts, they are not displayed on the user’s profile. Here’s how you can find out who shared your post.

First, you need to look at the insights tab. Afterwards, you will see the number of times your post has been reposted.

Using an anonymous account means you won’t be able to see who shared your post. You won’t be able to see the name or account details of the person who shared your post.

If you’re unable to see who shared your post, you can always contact them and ask them for more details.

The number of people who have shared your post can also be seen if you’re using a business account.

How Can I See Who Shared My Post?

When you publish a post on Instagram, you might wonder “How do I see who shared it with me?”

This article tells you how to find out who shared the post, as well as their name and the date.

If you can’t view the information, then you can try contacting them and asking them to share it again.

In the first case, you can simply go to the post’s privacy settings and see if you can see it.

You can also see who shared your post by checking the “Reshares” section on the post’s profile. When you click on “Reposts,” you’ll see how many reshares your post has received.

The re-seller of a post will be displayed if it has been reposted at least once. You can also see the number of re-shares a post has received, which is important for engaging with your audience.


Instagram’s feature that lets you view reshares adds an additional layer of transparency and insight into the reach of your content as the social media landscape continues to evolve.

This guide outlines how you can access a wealth of information about how your posts resonate with your audience and beyond by following the steps outlined in it.

It’s a window into how your message shares across the digital world, touching lives and forming connections.

Viewing reshares isn’t just about metrics; it’s about understanding how your content impacts a broader audience.

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