How To Use Poketwo on Discord? Right Now

How To Use Poketwo on Discord? No matter if you’re a Pokémon Master or just getting started, Poketwo is an immersive and interactive experience that will captivate you.

From capturing your favorite Pokémon to battling with friends and fellow server members, we will uncover the secrets of Pokétwo on Discord in this blog.

All Pokémon enthusiasts will enjoy Pokétwo’s vast Pokédex, unique gameplay mechanics, and engaging features for hours of fun and exploration.

Pokétwo is your faithful companion in the Pokémon realm, so equip your Poké Balls and prepare to embark on a thrilling quest with him!

We must first add Poketwo to our Discord server before we can use it. So, visit its website and invite it to your Discord server before you can start using it.

Using the “@Pokétwo help” command, you can view all of the commands available to the bot and their descriptions once it has been added to your server.

Choose your starter Pokemon by using the “@Pokétwo start” command and the “@Pokétwo pick” command to enter the game. # How To Use Poketwo on Discord?

Overview of Poketwo on Discord

Your Discord server will be captivated by Pokétwo, an engaging and interactive Pokémon bot.

Users can capture, collect, battle, and trade Pokémon right within their Discord communities with Pokétwo, a Pokémon-themed bot.

For Pokémon fans seeking to enhance their server experience, Pokétwo has become a popular choice thanks to its user-friendly interface and exciting gameplay mechanics.

In this article, you can learn about Pokétwo’s key features and functionalities:

Pokémon Capture: 

In Pokétwo, users have the opportunity to encounter and catch wild Pokémon through chat activities.

Taking part in server conversations increases the likelihood of encountering various species of Pokémon. # Poketwo on Discord

Pokédex and Pokémon Information: 

A Pokédex provides information about each Pokémon, such as the type, level, and abilities, and can be used to view and manage collected Pokémon.

Pokémon Battles: 

Using the battle command, trainers can challenge their friends and other members of their server to Pokémon battles.

These battles are turn-based, and players can use their captured Pokémon against one another. # Poketwo on Discord

Pokémon Trading: 

The Pokémon trading service Pokétwo facilitates the exchange of Pokémon among players on the same server.

Participants can exchange Pokémon to complete their collections or acquire specific Pokémon.

Quests and Events:

 The quests and events in Pokemon Two add a lot of depth and excitement to the gameplay.

Engaging in quests and participating in events can lead to valuable rewards for players.

Customizable Prefix: 

The server administrator can customize the command prefix used to interact with Pokétwo, so that the bot’s settings can be tailored to the needs of the server. # Poketwo on Discord

Daily Rewards: 

Users who engage regularly with Pokétwo receive daily rewards as a means of encouraging regular engagement.


The Pokémon collecting and battling experience is enhanced by Pokémon Two’s leaderboards, which display the top trainers on the server.

How To Add Poketwo on Discord

Using Pokemontwo, you can play Pokemon on your server. In addition to capturing Pokemon on a server, you can battle with your friends while attempting to capture the Pokemon first using the bot.

You can also use it to trade Pokemon with other gamers, which is a great way to expand your Pokemon collection.

To get started, let’s add the bot to our Discord server first. # How To Add Poketwo on Discord

  1. Launch your browser and visit
  2. On its right, there is an “Invite” button.
  3. Use your Discord credentials to log in. If you are already logged in, skip to the next step.
  4. Select a server to add Poketwo to by clicking the down arrow under “Add to Server.”.
  5. Click the “Continue” button after selecting the server.
  6. Poketwo’s permissions will be displayed in the next window.
  7. Click “Authorize” once you have checked them.
  8. To prove your identity, you must complete a Captcha.

The bot is now available on your server and ready for you to use once it has been authorized to gain access to it. # How To Add Poketwo on Discord

How To Use Poketwo on Discord

For Pokémon fans, Pokétwo on Discord is the ultimate tool for capturing, battling, trading, and more.

Once you’ve installed Pokétwo, you can get started as follows:

Poketwo on Discord
Poketwo on Discord

Invite Pokétwo to Your Server:

  • You can find Pokétwo on the Discord bot listing website or the official Pokétwo website.
  • If you want to invite Pokétwo to your Discord server, click the “Invite” or “Add to Discord” button. Be sure that the “Manage Server” permission is on the server before adding the bot.

Set Up the Prefix:

  • Prefixes are symbols you use before each command you issue to interact with Pokétwo. Pokétwo uses the prefix “p!” by default. You can change this prefix if you like.

Capture Pokémon:

  • You can encounter Pokémon by participating in chat activities on your server. Use the command p!catch to capture wild Pokémon. # How To Use Poketwo on Discord

View Your Pokédex:

  • Using the command p!pokemon or p! pokedex, you can see your collected Pokémon and their information.

Battle with Friends:

  • The command p!battle will allow you to challenge another server member to a Pokémon battle. Bear in mind that both players need Pokémon in order to participate.

Trade Pokémon:

  • Trading Pokémon with other players can be done by entering the command p!trade <@partner> <Pokémon name>.

Interact with Pokétwo in Chat:

  • Increase your chances of encountering Pokémon and earning rewards by chatting on the server and participating in various activities.

Explore Other Features:

  • Pokétwo offers a variety of other features, including quests, daily rewards, events, and more. Explore the bot’s commands and interact with it regularly to discover these features.

It is easy to take part in your Pokémon adventure with Pokétwo on your Discord server. # How To Use Poketwo on Discord

Create a Pokémon community with Pokétwo by your side, take part in Pokémon challenges with your friends and become the top Pokémon trainer in the world!

What are the commands for PokeTwo?

PokeTwo (also referred to as Pokeétwo) offers users a variety of commands for interacting with the bot and experiencing Pokémon-themed gameplay on Discord.

Some of the common commands you can use with PokeTwo are listed below. # commands for PokeTwo

Please note that the commands can change or be updated over time, so it is important to check the official documentation or support channels for the most up-to-date information.

Capture a Pokémon:

  • Try catching a wild Pokémon with p!catch ‘Pokémon name>.

View Pokédex and Pokémon Information:

  • P!Pokemon or P!Pokedex – View your Pokédex and see information on Pokémon you’ve captured.

View Trainer Information:

  • You can view your trainer information, including your trainer level and experience points, via p!info.

Pokémon Battles:

  • The p!battle command is used to challenge another player to a Pokémon battle. # commands for PokeTwo

Trade Pokémon:

  • p!trade <@partner> <Pokémon name> – Initiate a Pokémon trade with another player.

View Daily Rewards:

  • p!daily – View and claim your daily rewards for engaging with the bot.

Check Server Leaderboard:

  • You can view the leaderboard of the top trainers on the server by clicking the link.

View Quests and Daily Tasks:

  • You can view daily tasks and quests using p!quests. # commands for PokeTwo

View Server Shop:

  • You can purchase items from the server’s shop using p!shop.

Set Custom Status:

  • To display a custom status instead of an activity, use the p!setstatus command.

It is important to remember that PokeTwo may have more features and commands aside from those listed here.

You can obtain a comprehensive list of commands and their usage by using the p!help command or visiting the bot’s official website.


Your Pokédex has grown larger, your skills have improved, and your friendships have grown stronger.

Pokétwo’s unique gameplay mechanics and engaging features are endlessly exciting, and creating new adventures is a never-ending experience.

Throughout your Pokémon journey on Discord, don’t forget to explore Pokétwo’s infinite possibilities.

From rare Pokémon encounters to thrilling battles, there’s always something new to discover.

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