How To Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro?

How To Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro? Discord enthusiasts and Nitro subscribers, welcome!

In order to add a little bit of fun to your Discord messages, animated emojis, also known as animated emotes or GIF emotes, are your best choice.

With Discord Nitro, you can unlock a world of animated possibilities that will allow you to animate your server interactions in ways you’ve never imagined.

Using animated emojis with Nitro on Discord is an exciting process. We’ll walk you through it in this blog.

We’ve got you covered when it comes to uploading animated emotes as well as using them in your messages and reactions.

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of animated emojis on Discord and make your conversations more exciting.

Create an animated emoji or download one online before using animated emojis on Discord.

Using the animated emoji, open the Discord application and access the server settings. # How To Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro?

In the “Emoji” tab, upload your animated emoji. Upon upload, you will see the animated emoji you uploaded listed on the right hand side of the text channel for the particular server. Click it to use it.

Can You Use Animated Emojis on Discord?

Standard emojis can be used in text channels or DMs using the Discord basic plan, but animated emojis require the Discord Nitro subscription, which can be monthly or yearly.

If you want to use animated emojis, you must upload them first. Hence, you should have animated emojis on your device.

Here are some online tools you can use to create animated emojis.

Alternatively, you can find free animated emojis online and download them. Once you have them, you can use them on Discord.

How To Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro

When you want to communicate with someone on the server without having to use text, emojis are a great alternative.

There are emojis to express almost every emotion; it all depends on the content of the communication.

In this article, we will show you how to upload animated emojis with Nitro on Discord.

  1. On your desktop, open the Discord application.
  2. Choose the target server where the animated emoji should be added.
  3. You can do this by clicking on the drop-down icon and selecting “Server Settings” from the menu that appears.
  4. After clicking the “Emoji” section, you will be taken to a new page.
  5. To upload an emoji, click “Upload Emoji”.
  6. From your file explorer, select your animated emojis and upload them.

When the upload has completed, you will see the animated emojis under the section for animated emojis in your Discord account.

You can now use the animated emojis across all supported servers.

Animated emojis are easy to use on Discord with Nitro.

  1. Your Discord account should be set up with a server.
  2. For a particular server, open the text channel.
  3. To add an emoji, click the emoji icon in the bottom right corner of the text message area.
  4. Select your animated emoji from the emoji window.
  5. When you hit enter/send, your animated emoji will be shared with the server.

With Discord Nitro, you can enjoy animated emojis on Discord if you have a subscription. # How To Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro

Additionally to using animated emojis, with Discord Nitro you can upload large files as well as use custom Discord tags. So, if you want to use animated emojis, purchase a Discord subscription.

Can you use animated emojis with Nitro Basic?

A user can upload and use both static (static) and animated custom emojis on any server where they have the appropriate permissions using Discord Nitro Basic, also known simply as “Nitro.”

With Nitro Basic, you can share screens more effectively, upload more files and attachments, and create custom emojis. Nitro Basic also includes enhanced screen sharing capabilities.

Nitro Basic allows you to use animated emojis and regular emojis to express yourself and enhance your interactions on Discord.

Set up your server chats with animated emojis and have some fun!

Discord Nitro Basic, often called “Nitro,” is an entry-level subscription that includes features like enhanced screen sharing, increased file upload limits, and the ability to use custom emojis (non-animated ones) across different servers, among others.

Do I need Nitro to add animated emojis?

Adding animated emojis to a Discord server does not require Discord Nitro or a subscription.

Any Discord user with the right permissions can upload and use animated emojis on any server.

Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro
Use Animated Emojis on Discord With Nitro

The following steps will guide you through adding animated emojis to Discord:

Access Your Server Settings: 

Using the Discord app or website, log into your account, and select the server where you want to add the animated emoji.

To add animated emojis, you must have “Manage Emojis” permission. # Do I need Nitro to add animated emojis

Access Server Emoji Settings: 

Select the server from the drop-down menu and select “Server Settings.” Once the drop-down menu is open, click on “Emoji” from the left sidebar. This opens the settings for emojis.

Upload Animated Emoji: 

Animated emojis are uploaded through the emoji settings. To add a new animated emoji, click on the “Upload Emoji” button. You’ll then be able to choose from a list of animated GIFs.

Name the Emoji: 

In the following wizard, you’ll be asked for a name for the animated emoji. It shouldn’t contain any spaces or special characters, and it’ll be used to refer to the emoji in your messages.

Save the Emoji: 

To add an animated emoji to the server, click the “Save” or “Upload” button after it has been named.

Upon adding the animated emoji, all users, including those without Nitro, can use it in their messages and reactions. # Do I need Nitro to add animated emojis

Why can’t i use animated emojis on Discord?

A number of reasons could explain why you can’t use animated emojis on Discord.

Here are some possible explanations:

Discord Nitro Requirement: 

Animated emojis (GIF emotes) can only be used with Discord Nitro, either Nitro Classic or Nitro subscription. If you don’t have a Nitro subscription, you cannot use animated emojis.

Server Permissions: 

Discord Nitro doesn’t support animated emojis unless you’ve given yourself permission to “Manage Emojis.”

If you don’t have this permission on a particular server, you can’t upload or use animated emojis there.

Bot Restrictions: 

There are some Discord bots that restrict the use of some features, including animated emojis.

If the bot restricts the use of animated emojis, it won’t work even if you have the appropriate permissions.

Platform or App Version: 

Try accessing Discord from a different device or platform if you are having issues with animated emojis.

You may be having a problem with the Discord app version or platform you are using.

In some cases, server administrators might restrict animated emoji functionality temporarily or for specific roles.

If you aren’t able to use animated emoji on a particular server, the administrator may have disabled this functionality.

Server-specific Emojis: 

It is not possible to use animated emojis from another server unless you upload them there.

If you are trying to use animated emojis from another server, they will not work on a different server.

If you believe that you should have access to animated emojis but still can’t use them, contact Discord support or the server administrators for assistance.

They may be able to assist you in identifying and resolving the issue. You should always check Discord’s documentation or announcements for updates regarding animated emojis, since platform features and policies might change over time.


Nitro has helped you master the art of using animated emojis on Discord. You can now make your conversations, reactions, and server interactions more dynamic and playful with this newfound knowledge.

Uploading and using animated emotes enhances your Discord experience by adding a whole new level of expression and joy.

Discord continues to introduce exciting new features and updates, and the world of animated emojis is constantly evolving.

Keep an eye out for new animated emotes, seasonal collections, and themed collections that may appear on your Nitro journey as you move forward.

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