What Do Urgent Calls Only Mean on WhatsApp?

What Does Urgent Calls Only Mean on WhatsApp? Today, communication plays a crucial role in our fast-paced world. As technology has advanced, we have seen a revolution in how we interact with one another.

WhatsApp, one of the most popular messaging apps, has become an indispensable tool for millions of people worldwide.

However, amidst the hustle and bustle of constant notifications, you may have come across a peculiar feature: “Urgent Calls Only.”

What does it mean? As we explore when and how urgent calls should be used in this blog post, we will explore the significance of urgent calls on WhatsApp.

If you set your WhatsApp “About” to “Urgent calls only,” one of the available templates is “Urgent calls only.”

This indicates that you aren’t available for random catch-up calls. Instead, you can only pick up calls if they are urgent.

When you set this to off, people will conclude that you aren’t available for random catch-up calls.

Urgent calls only WhatsApp

A WhatsApp feature called “Urgent Calls Only” allows users to prioritize incoming voice or video calls according to their urgency.

WhatsApp statuses set to “Urgent Calls Only” indicate that a contact is only available to receive urgent or important calls at this time.

By filtering out non-essential or less urgent calls, this feature ensures that the person’s attention is focused on critical matters.

Using the “Urgent Calls Only” status, users let their contacts know that they should only initiate a call if the matter is urgent and needs immediate attention.

As a result of this feature, users can manage their time more effectively and handle urgent matters without unnecessary interruptions by reducing interruptions and distractions caused by non-essential calls.

Users can choose whether to activate or deactivate the “Urgent Calls Only” feature depending on their needs and availability, but it is a voluntary setting.

Using it, individuals can prioritize their response when time-sensitive or critical issues arise, enabling them to communicate effectively.

What does urgent calls only mean on whatsapp

In WhatsApp, the “Urgent Calls Only” feature lets users indicate when they will be available for urgent or important calls.

In the case of a contact setting their status to “Urgent Calls Only,” it implies that they are not currently available for non-essential calls and would prefer to be contacted only for urgent matters.

Users who activate the “Urgent Calls Only” status advise their contacts not to initiate calls unless an urgent need arises.

By using this feature, interruptions are minimized and individuals can concentrate on critical tasks or situations at hand.

Users can manually set this status in their profile or status settings, instead of it being a built-in function of WhatsApp itself.

A “Urgent Calls Only” status is a way to communicate to others that urgent matters must be prioritized over casual conversations or non-essential ones.

Using the “Urgent Calls Only” status should be reserved for situations in which there is a genuine and time-sensitive need to contact them.

This will ensure effective and respectful communication on WhatsApp.

Can someone see my WhatsApp status without me knowing?

The status of your WhatsApp account cannot be viewed without your consent. You can control who can view your status updates by using WhatsApp’s privacy settings.

When you post a status update on WhatsApp, it is intended to be visible to your contacts or to a specific group of people you have allowed to see it.

The privacy settings of your profile can be customized to make your status visible only to selected contacts, or to exclude certain contacts from viewing it.

By default, your status is visible to all your contacts unless you customize it.

In addition to respecting your privacy preferences, WhatsApp ensures that status updates can only be seen by those you have specified.

Those who are not on your approved list of viewers will not be able to see your status, and you won’t be notified if they attempt to do so.

Urgent Calls Only Mean on WhatsApp
Urgent Calls Only Mean on WhatsApp

It is important to note, however, that there are some external methods or unauthorized apps that claim to allow you to view WhatsApp statuses secretly.

To control who can see your status updates, it is always recommended to use the official WhatsApp app and rely on its built-in privacy settings.

Why are WhatsApp calls not coming through?

In some cases, WhatsApp calls won’t come through for several reasons. Here are some of them:

Internet connection: 

Whether you are using Wi-Fi or mobile data, WhatsApp calls require a stable internet connection.

If your internet connection is weak or unstable, you may be unable to make a WhatsApp call. Be sure you have a strong and stable connection before making a WhatsApp call.

Background restrictions: 

Apps in the background can be restricted from functioning on some devices due to settings or battery-saving features. # WhatsApp calls not coming through

WhatsApp’s ability to receive calls can be affected by these restrictions. Make sure WhatsApp can run without any restrictions in the background by checking your device settings.

Do Not Disturb mode: 

WhatsApp calls can be silenced if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled or you customize its settings to allow WhatsApp calls.

Make sure Do Not Disturb mode is not enabled or tweaked to allow WhatsApp calls to come through.

App permissions: 

Your WhatsApp app may not be able to accept or initiate calls if it does not have the necessary permissions.

Check and adjust app permissions in your device settings to make sure WhatsApp has access to your microphone. # WhatsApp calls not coming through

Contact settings: 

It is possible that a specific contact has restricted their call permissions or set their status to “Urgent Calls Only” if you are having trouble receiving calls from them.

Contact the contact to confirm their settings and ensure you are allowed to receive calls from them.

App or device updates: 

When WhatsApp and your device’s operating system are not up to date, compatibility issues can occur. Make sure that both WhatsApp and your device’s software are up to date.

It may be necessary to reinstall WhatsApp or contact WhatsApp support if the issue persists despite checking these possible causes. # WhatsApp calls not coming through

What is the status of urgent calls only on WhatsApp?

Status updates on WhatsApp primarily allow users to share text, photos, videos, or GIFs with their contacts for a 24-hour period.

There is no specific “Urgent Calls Only” feature built into the application. In status updates, you share updates, thoughts, or moments in a more transient way with your contacts.

Users can choose to communicate their availability for urgent matters by setting an “Urgent Calls Only” status as a personalized or unofficial method of communicating their availability.

In order to only receive urgent calls during a specific period, users can manually set their status text. However, this feature is not standardized or officially supported by WhatsApp.

In WhatsApp, users can choose who can access their status updates and who can contact them by using various privacy settings.

There is no specific status option dedicated solely to urgent calls, but users can customize their privacy settings to limit who can view their status updates or send them messages.

In order to understand your contacts’ availability or urgency preferences, it’s always a good idea to communicate directly with them.


It is essential to differentiate between regular phone calls and those that require immediate attention by using WhatsApp’s “Urgent Calls Only” feature, which ensures that urgent matters are promptly addressed.

By utilizing this feature responsibly and judiciously, we can enhance our communication experience and ensure that urgent matters are prioritized in a timely manner.

With this knowledge, you will have a clear understanding of the purpose of WhatsApp’s “Urgent Calls Only” feature.

So, embrace this feature and enjoy more efficient and effective communication with your friends on this messaging app.

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