How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos?

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos? Through this convenient platform, we share countless memories, conversations, and of course, a multitude of photos.

As a result of limited device storage, it is important to find a way to keep these precious moments without compromising on space. Here’s where Google Photos comes in handy.

Here’s how to upload your WhatsApp photos to Google Photos so you can relive them whenever you want.

We’re going to walk you through the process step-by-step. Join us on this seamless journey to safeguard your memories and declutter your device!

For Android, open the Google Photos application. Click on the “Library” option at the bottom, then on “Utilities” or tap the inverted triangle next to your Google account based on your phone model.

Activate the “Device folders” option. Scroll down and enable WhatsApp images. You can still set your phone to upload all pictures to Google Photos.

WhatsApp images can only be transferred to Android via a backup tool on iOS.

Does Google Photos have WhatsApp images?

It is possible for Google Photos to store WhatsApp images.

If you upload photos to Google Photos from your device’s gallery, as well as from your camera roll, WhatsApp images will also be included in your Google Photos library.

Here’s how it works:

Saving WhatsApp Images to Gallery: 

WhatsApp images are often stored on your device in WhatsApp-specific folders when they are received or sent.

If you use the “Save to Gallery” or “Save to Photos” option in the WhatsApp chat, you can save the images to your device’s gallery.

Once saved to the gallery, they will become accessible through Google Photos. # Does Google Photos have WhatsApp images

Google Photos Backup: 

When you use Google Photos to back up your photos, your WhatsApp images will be automatically included.

This is because Google Photos scans your device’s storage for new photos and videos, regardless of where they came from.

Organizing WhatsApp Images: 

A feature of Google Photos is the ability to organize your photos into albums. You can create albums just for WhatsApp images, which will make it easier to find and browse through them later.

Access Across Devices: 

With Google Photos, you can view and share your WhatsApp photos from any device where you’ve signed into your Google account.

This makes it easy to share your images across devices. # Does Google Photos have WhatsApp images

There are several storage options available in Google Photos: “High quality” photos are compressed and do not count against your Google Drive storage quota, while “Original quality” photos retain their original resolution and do.

You should keep this in mind when selecting backup quality in Google Photos.

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

Using WhatsApp for sharing photos with family and friends has become our go-to method. However, as the collection of images grows, our devices can quickly run out of space.

Fortunately, Google Photos offers a seamless way of not only storing these memories, but also making them accessible on all your devices at the same time.

You can upload WhatsApp photos to Google Photos in this step-by-step guide. # How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

Step 1: Install Google Photos

Obtain the Google Photos app from your device’s app store. You can get it for both Android and iOS devices.

Once downloaded, sign in with your Google account or create one if you do not have one.

Step 2: Configure Google Photos Settings

To make sure your photos are backed up appropriately, you might want to adjust some Google Photos settings before uploading:

>> Backup & Sync:

Make sure that “Backup & Sync,” under “Photos settings,” is enabled in the Google Photos app. This allows your photos to be automatically backed up to Google Drive.

>> Upload Quality:

Using “High quality”, you can upload your photos without any restriction and rely on the amount of space you have available on your Google Drive account.

If you choose “Original quality,” your storage space is counted against your Google Drive quota.

Step 3: Select and Upload WhatsApp Photos

  1. Go to the WhatsApp chat where the photos you’d like to upload are located.
  2. To view the photo in full screen, find the one you want to upload and tap on it.
  3. Touch the “Share” button (usually indicated by an arrow or a box with an arrow) to share the content.
  4. You can save the photo to your device’s camera roll or gallery by selecting “Save to Gallery.”

Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos
Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

Step 4: Google Photos Upload

  1. You can access Google Photos by opening the app.
  2. From the bottom of the screen, tap the “Library” icon. This will take you to your photo library.
  3. The upload process begins by tapping the “+” button (usually in the top right corner).
  4. You can access your photos by choosing “Photos” from the menu.
  5. By tapping on each WhatsApp photo in your gallery earlier, you will notice a checkmark that indicates the photo has been selected.
  6. Tap the “Upload” button after selecting all the photos you wish to upload.

Step 5: Sit Back and Enjoy

Once you have selected WhatsApp photos, they will begin uploading to your Google Photos account. # How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

This may take a while, depending on how many photos you select and how fast your internet is. You will receive an email when the upload is complete.

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos Via Backup & Sync

These steps should be followed:

  1. On your phone, open Google Photos.
  2. Tap on the profile icon at the top of the screen after signing into your Google account.
  3. Go to the “Photo settings” menu and select it.
  4. Choose “Backup” or “Backup & sync” from the menu.
  5. Make sure your phone’s “Backup” option is enabled so that all your photos are automatically uploaded to Google Photos.
  6. Tap “Back up device folders” at the bottom of the page.
  7. Turn on “WhatsApp Images” by finding the option.

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos Via Library Option

These steps should be followed:

  1. On your phone, open Google Photos.
  2. Tap the “Library” option at the bottom of your window.
  3. “Utilities” should be selected.
  4. The “Device Folders” option will appear.
  5. Upload the photos by scrolling down and tapping “WhatsApp Images”.

Google Photos syncs automatically with WhatsApp photos and ensures they’re uploaded to your account. # How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos

How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos for iPhone

The upload process for WhatsApp images to Google Photos on iPhone is not as straightforward as it is on Android.

Google Photos work with Google Drive, and you can directly connect your iPhone to your Google Drive account.

To transfer WhatsApp images from iPhone to PC, first transfer them from iPhone to PC.

With Google Photos, we can access the WhatsApp images from Google Drive, where the images will be uploaded to Google Drive. # How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos for iPhone

The following steps will guide you through uploading images from your iPhone to Google Photos.

  1. You can choose between Wondershare MobileTrans, AppTRans, Tenorshare iCareFone, and other transfer tools.
  2. Install the iPhone software on your PC and connect it.
  3. Backup “WhatsApp” is selected when you click “Backup & Restore.”
  4. Transfer the WhatsApp images once they are detected.
  5. Let the transfer process run its course.
  6. Sign into your Google account and visit the Google Drive website.
  7. Choose either “File Upload” or “Folder Upload” after clicking “New”.
  8. Tap the “Open” button to upload your WhatsApp images after selecting the files or folder.

On your Android phone, open Google Photos and make sure you’re signed into the same Google account that was used to upload WhatsApp images to your Google Drive account.

Synced WhatsApp images from your iPhone will appear on the WhatsApp app. # How To Upload WhatsApp Photos to Google Photos for iPhone

Using Google Photos, all you need is the sync feature enabled, and all uploaded images will be accessible.


The importance of finding a reliable and user-friendly way to store and manage our photos has never been greater in a world flooded with digital memories.

Our WhatsApp accounts are often filled with personal and shared moments that we would never want to lose.

With WhatsApp and Google Photos integrated, you have access to a wealth of possibilities – from maximizing your smartphone’s storage to creating collages, animations, and albums.

You don’t just want to preserve your digital memories; you want to cherish them and create a visual timeline of your life’s events.

Let us take a moment to appreciate the technology that allows us to bridge the gap between the past and the future as you embark on this simple but effective process of uploading WhatsApp photos to Google Photos.

Using the knowledge in this guide, you can ensure that your memories will be preserved for generations to come.

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