How To Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno?

How To Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno? The Dyno bot can be used to unmute someone on Discord in a simple yet effective manner.

With Dyno, your Discord server will run smoothly because it offers a variety of moderation and management features.

Regardless of your role as a server owner, admin, or moderator, learning how to unmute someone with Dyno can be extremely valuable.

Discover how to lift the mute and restore communication while cultivating a positive and engaged Discord community by reading on!

Adding the Dyno bot to your server is the first step to muting or unmuting someone on Discord with Dyno.

So, visit the Dyno website and invite the bot to your target Discord server.

Open the server where your Dyno bot is located. You can unmute someone by using the ?unmute [user] or ?unmute [user] [reason] syntax.

Once you execute this command, the mentioned person will automatically become unmuted.

Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

There were no native moderation features in Discord’s mobile app, such as unmuting users.

Its primary purpose is to provide a streamlined experience for chatting, voice calls, and accessing server content on the mobile app.

It is more efficient to manage moderation actions on Discord’s desktop or web versions, however, for server administrators and moderators. # Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

Muting and unmuting users, for instance, are typically reserved for server administrators and moderators.

If you are having trouble unmuting someone on Discord mobile, here are a few possible reasons:

Lack of Permission: 

Those who possess the required permissions (e.g., administrators, moderators) can mute and unmute others on the Discord server with the “Mute Members” permission.

Performing moderation actions like unmuting will not be possible on any platform, including mobile, if you are not assigned such a role with the necessary permissions. # Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

Mobile App Limitations: 

Some features available on desktop or web may not be available on Discord’s mobile app.

As mentioned earlier, the app focuses more on communication and user experience than administrative tasks.

Bot-Enabled Unmuting: 

You may need to use the bot’s designated commands via text chat to unmute users on a server that uses bots with custom commands.

If your server has such a bot, you may need to use the bot’s commands via text chat to unmute users. # Why can’t I unmute someone on discord mobile

It may be helpful if you contact a server administrator or moderator to unmute someone if you don’t have access to a desktop or web version of Discord.

In addition, you may be able to access Discord’s web version through a mobile web browser, which may provide more functionality for moderation.

How To Mute Someone Using Dyno

Among the most popular moderation bots available for Discord, Dyno enables you to manage server members and execute a variety of tasks, such as muting, warning, and kicking.

When you need to perform a task on the server, the Dyno bot has multiple commands you can use.

Adding the Dyno bot to your server is as easy as typing the command and following its description. # Mute Someone Using Dyno

Before we move on to the different ways you can use the Dyno bot, let’s quickly cover the steps you need to follow.

  1. Go to the Dyno website using your browser.
  2. Select “Add To Server” and click it.
  3. Activate your Discord account.
  4. Add the bot to the server of your choice on the next screen.
  5. Once your server has been selected, click “Continue”.
  6. Using the “Authorize” button, you can grant Dyno bot access to all your permissions.

A captcha must be completed in order for you to verify that you are human. Once you’ve completed the captcha, you’ll receive a message confirming the bot was added successfully.

Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno
Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno

Your Dyno bot is now ready to execute various moderation commands, such as muting someone.

When you open your Discord application, you can access the text channel on the server you added the Dyno bot to. The Dyno bot allows you to mute someone using the ?mute command.

How To Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno

Dyno makes unmuting people on Discord easy. With the right permissions, you can easily lift their mute and restore their ability to communicate in the server.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to unmute a user on Discord. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno

Step 1: Invite Dyno to Your Server 

To add the Dyno bot to your Discord server, visit the official Dyno website and authorize the bot with the appropriate permissions.

Step 2: Locate the Muted User 

Locate the user you wish to unmute in the members list on the right side of your Discord server.

Step 3: Use the Unmute Command 

In any text channel where Dyno is active, you can unmute the user using the following command:

!unmute @username

The command will look something like: If the user’s name is JohnDoe#1234, replace @username with the actual Discord username or mention of the muted user.

!unmute @JohnDoe#1234

Step 4: Confirm the Action 

It should now be possible to speak in the text channels once again once the unmute command has been entered.

Dyno may provide a confirmation message confirming the operation was successful.

It is important to note that Dyno may have different command prefixes depending on how your server is configured.

The default prefix is usually “!” (exclamation mark), but server admins can customize it if necessary.

Additional Tips:

  • By navigating to the “Moderation” section in Dyno’s web dashboard and selecting “Muted”, you can also unmute someone.
  • To use the unmute command effectively, ensure that you have appropriate permissions (e.g., Manage Roles or Administrator).

The Dyno bot is the best tool you’ll ever use to unmute someone in Discord. However, you need to use it responsibly and fairly so that your Discord community remains a welcoming and positive place for everyone. 

Unmuting someone can be done in two ways no matter what the reason is. You can unmute someone without specifying the reason or you can include the reason.

For example, ?unmute Kim does not provide a reason for unmuting. To include a reason, use this format: ?unmute Kim Appealed.

This way, the person you unmute will be notified of when they have been unmuted and why. # How To Unmute Someone on Discord With Dyno


The key to building a vibrant and engaging community on a Discord server is maintaining harmony and balance.

The powerful Dyno bot makes it easy for server admins, moderators, and server owners to unmute someone promptly when necessary.

Temporary mutes are sometimes necessary to deal with disruptive behavior.

Using the steps outlined in this guide, you will be able to lift mutes and restore communication easily.

It is important to remember that a successful Discord community is built on open and respectful dialogue, and the Dyno bot is an excellent ally in achieving this goal.

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