How to Unmute Posts on Instagram? Complete Guide

How to Unmute Posts on Instagram? The Instagram app has become a digital diary for millions of people worldwide with captivating visuals and captivating captions.

With its frequent updates and new features, users may sometimes find themselves in need of a guide to navigate the app’s functionalities.

Unmuting Instagram posts, for example, is one such challenge that often arises.

We offer a step-by-step guide on reclaiming those silenced posts and restoring your full Instagram experience if you inadvertently mutted a friend’s posts or mutted your account during a content overflow.

In order to keep up with the content you care about, let’s explore how you can unmute posts on Instagram.

Since you can’t do it from your feed, you’ll need to navigate to the profile you want to unmute. Then tap the “Following” button and select “Mute.”

Finally, turn off “Posts.”

Further complicating matters, if you forget who you muted, you won’t be able to find them using the search box because they won’t have a name or username to search for.

Even if you forget who you muted, this article will walk you through unmuting Instagram posts or stories. # Unmute Posts on Instagram

How to Unmute Posts on Instagram?

Social media giant Instagram has become a staple because of its visually appealing content and engaging stories.

You may occasionally find yourself muting posts from an account – either accidentally or intentionally – as you scroll through your feed.

It is not difficult to unmute those posts and restore the flow of content. Let us walk you through the steps to unmute posts on Instagram so you don’t miss anything.

Step 1: Open the Instagram App

Enter your credentials to access your account if you are not already logged in on your mobile device.

Step 2: Navigate to the Muted Account’s Profile

Browse your Instagram feed for a post from an account you’ve muted. You can search for the account’s profile directly or scroll through your feed.

Step 3: Visit the Muted Account’s Profile

Go to the profile page of the account whose posts you wish to unmute by tapping on their username or profile picture.

Step 4: Access the Options Menu

Tap on the blue “Following” button on the account’s profile to open a menu of options related to your interactions with it.

Step 5: Unmute the Account

The menu that appears will include multiple options, including “Mute.” If the account has already been muted, you will see a blue checkmark next to “Mute Posts.” Tap on this to unmute it.

Step 6: Confirmation

The blue checkmark should disappear after you tap “Mute Posts,” which indicates that the account has been unmuted.

The content will now appear in your feed.

Your post has now been unmuted, so you can see their content on your feed just like before.

They will no longer be muted, so you won’t miss any posts.

How to Unmute Stories on Instagram?

Depending on whether you know the username of the person or account you want to unmute, there are various ways to unmute Instagram stories. Here are a few suggestions:

Turn off the switch for stories if you know the username, then go to their profile, tap on the following button, and select the mute tab. # Unmute Stories on Instagram

The following steps will guide you through unmuting someone’s posts on Instagram:

  1. To begin, you need to visit their profile.
  2. Select “Following” from the menu.
  3. Select “Mute” from the menu.
  4. If you want to unmute their posts, uncheck the “Stories” option.

It’s that simple. Their posts are no longer muted, and they’ll appear in your feed now.

When you’re in the stories bar, scroll to the right until you see a circle with a line through it. This is the muted story. Long press it and press unmute.

Trying to find someone when you don’t know their identity is difficult when you don’t know their name or username. # Unmute Stories on Instagram

Therefore, you need to reach the muted accounts list:

  1. Log in to your profile.
  2. In your profile, tap the menu icon.
  3. On the “Settings and privacy” page, tap on “Change.”
  4. You can find it under “What you see” by tapping on “Muted.”.
  5. Unmute the user by selecting him or her
  6. Click “Following”.
  7. To mute, tap the “Mute” button.
  8. You can turn off “Stories” by turning the switch.

You can also unmute your accounts by going into your account settings, selecting privacy, then muted accounts.

Here you can see all of your muted accounts and unmute them. # Unmute Stories on Instagram

How to mute somebody’s stories from your Instagram feed

The following steps explain how to mute people from your feed on your phone:

  1. On the right side of the post, click the three dots.
  2. Click Hide in the pop-up menu.
  3. Select Mute from the [Person’s profile] menu.
  4. Click the mute button to select whether to muffle posts or muffle posts and stories.

How To Mute Someone On Instagram?

Adding someone to your mute list on Instagram allows you to temporarily remove their posts and stories from your feed without unfollowing them.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Open the Instagram App

You can access your Instagram account by launching the Instagram app on your mobile device and entering your credentials if you’re not already logged in.

Step 2: Find the Account to Mute

By scrolling through your feed, using the search function, or finding the username in your followers or following list, you can find the profile of the account you want to muffle.

 Unmute Posts on Instagram
Unmute Posts on Instagram

Step 3: Access the Options Menu

The “Following” button on the account’s profile page will open a menu with options related to your interactions with it. Tap on it to open the menu.

Step 4: Mute the Account

When you tap on the “Mute” option, an option will appear that says “Unfollow,” “Mute,” and “Notifications.” Select that option. # Mute Someone On Instagram

Step 5: Choose What to Mute

Instagram lets you mute either the account’s posts or their stories.

You can choose which part of your feed you wish to hide based on your preferences.

Step 6: Confirm Muting

Upon choosing the account you wish to muffle, confirm your choice. A confirmation message will appear indicating that the account has been muted.

Step 7: Muted Account Indication

A muted account will no longer appear in your feed after you mute it, and the “Following” button will read “Muted.”

If you have successfully muted an account, their posts and stories will no longer appear in your feed.

Muting Stories Only:

It’s possible to mute only the stories of an account. The posts will still appear in your feed, but you won’t see the stories. # Mute Someone On Instagram

Muting Posts Only:

You can still see the stories of muted accounts, but their posts will not appear in your feed if you muted only their posts.

The ability to muffle someone on Instagram lets you manage your feed and curate the content you see without removing the connection completely.

With muting, you can tailor your Instagram experience according to your preferences, whether you want to take a break from certain accounts or simplify your feed.

Muting is a reversible action, so you can unmute an account at any time. # Mute Someone On Instagram

What happens when I mute someone on Instagram?

You can mute someone on Instagram without unfollowing them, so you can hide their posts, stories, or both from your feed.

If you want to manage your Instagram feed and see content from only the accounts that are most relevant to you, you can use this feature. # Mute Someone On Instagram

Here’s how it works:

Posts Muting:

  • Muting someone’s posts means that their regular posts won’t appear in your Instagram feed.
  • It won’t appear in your feed if they share photos, videos, or other content.
  • In spite of this, you will still be able to read their stories.

Stories Muting:

  • Having muted someone’s stories means they won’t appear in your feed anymore.
  • Following their accounts won’t result in their story appearing in your feed.
  • The regular posts from them will still appear in your feed.

Muting Both Posts and Stories:

  • A muted account will not appear in your feed or at the top if both posts and stories are muted.

Effects on Notifications:

  • When someone is muted, you will still receive notifications for any comments, likes, or mentions they make.
  • The account will still be able to send you direct messages even if you are muted.

Account Status:

  • Mutes do not notify people that they have been muted. # Mute Someone On Instagram
  • Despite muting their content, your following status remains unchanged.

Reversible Action:

  • Having an account muted is a reversible action, so if you want to see their content again, you can unmute it.

No Impact on Their Engagement:

  • There is no effect on someone’s engagement metrics when they mute on Instagram. Their numbers of followers, likes, and comments remain the same.

You can control your Instagram feed by muting someone. By focusing on content that interests you most while maintaining your connections, you can customize your experience.

In order to customize your Instagram experience, muting can be a versatile tool, whether you wish to reduce clutter in your feed or take a break from certain accounts.


The ability to customize our feeds and interactions adds a layer of personalization to our online experience.

Social media platforms like Instagram play an integral role in keeping us informed and entertained in a world where staying connected and engaged is more crucial than ever.

Even though Instagram offers many intuitive features, the process of muting and unmuting posts can still cause confusion for some users.

Having covered our guide to unmuting Instagram posts, it’s clear that a few simple steps can help you reclaim the content you want.

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