How To Unmute Messages on Instagram? Right Now

How To Unmute Messages on Instagram? Instagram stands out as a beacon of communication and connection in the vibrant world of social media, bringing together friends, family, and acquaintances to share messages, experiences, and nurture relationships.

What happens if you accidentally mute a conversation, only to realize later that you’ve missed an important message or delightful exchange?

Instagram has the solution for you: you can unmute messages.

In order to make sure you never miss a beat in your online conversations, unmuting messages on Instagram is a simple yet vital skill. # How To Unmute Messages on Instagram?

It doesn’t matter if you are re-discovering old conversations or reigniting engagement with friends and followers, this blog will walk you through how to unmute Instagram messages effectively.

We are about to embark on a journey where we will unlock the power of unmuting messages, from revisiting past conversations to staying connected with those who matter most.

You can unmute messages on Instagram by logging in, clicking direct messages in the top right corner, before swiping left on the conversation you want to unmute, or long-tapping for Android.

Overview of How to Unmute Messages on Instagram

In Instagram, when you mute someone’s message, you won’t receive notifications that they sent it.

Muting a group or individual chat won’t affect the participants’ ability to send you messages.

You won’t get notifications from other people if you mute their messages on Instagram.

They can still send you messages, but you won’t be notified because Instagram won’t let you know they sent them.

Unmute Messages on Instagram
Unmute Messages on Instagram

You can unmute all messages they have sent, and you will receive notifications when they send new ones. # How To Unmute Messages on Instagram?

In order to unmute a message on Instagram, you will have to follow several steps, whether you are using the mobile app or the web interface.

How To Unmute Messages on Instagram?

This guide will show you how to unmute your Instagram messages, which allows you to re-enable notifications for conversations you may have previously muted.

Method 1: Unmuting a Specific Conversation:

  1. Your mobile device must have the Instagram app installed.
  2. On your Instagram home screen, tap the paper airplane icon (Direct Messages) to access your message inbox.
  3. To unmute a muted conversation, scroll through your conversations, and look for a speaker icon with a slash through it.
  4. Tapping on the conversation will open it.
  5. To unmute the conversation, follow these steps:
    1. On iOS, tap the name of the contact at the top of the chat.
    2. Tap the profile picture of the contact at the top of the chat window for Android.
  6. Turn off “Mute Conversation”: You’ll see a toggle switch for “Mute Conversation”. Simply tap it to unmute the conversation.
  7. If you wish to unmute a conversation, you will be asked to confirm it. Tap “Unmute” to do so.

Method 2: Unmuting All Conversations:

If you’ve muted more than one conversation and want them unmuted at once, follow these instructions:

  1. Launch Instagram: Tap on the Instagram icon to open it.
  2. On your Instagram home screen, tap the paper airplane icon (Direct Messages) to access your message inbox.
  3. Tap the gear icon (Settings) in the upper right corner of the message inbox.
  4. Tap on the “Muted Messages” section in the Settings menu to unmute all conversations you’ve muted.
  5. Unmute Conversations: Tap on the conversation name to unmute it, then select the unmute button.

Unmuting a conversation will result in you receiving notifications for new messages in that discussion again. # How To Unmute Messages on Instagram?

This may affect your notification settings if you have muted conversations to reduce notification overload.

How to Unmute Messages on Instagram Web Version?

It’s possible to browse your Instagram feed on a computer, share photos and videos, reply to messages, and view notifications. # Unmute Messages on Instagram Web Version

Here’s how to unmute messages on Instagram:

  1. Check out Instagram at
  2. You must be logged in to view your account.
  3. Direct messages can be accessed by clicking the icon at the top.
  4. You can unmute someone’s messages by opening a conversation.
  5. You can access information by tapping the circled “I” symbol on the top right corner of the conversation.
  6. Check the “Mute messages” box and uncheck it.

How to Unmute Messages on Instagram Mobile App?

There are many people who use social platforms on their mobile devices. The Instagram mobile app is very convenient and easy to use. # Unmute Messages on Instagram Mobile App

Here is how to unmute messages on Instagram:

  1. You can open the Instagram app by clicking here.
  2. You can log in by clicking here.
  3. Go to your screen’s top right corner and select the direct messages icon.
  4. Tap the conversation you want to unmute (or swipe left on an Android device).
  5. Select unmute from the list of options and confirm your decision.

How to Unmute Comments on Instagram?

The Restrict feature on Instagram lets you moderate comments. If you’ve restricted someone and you’d like to receive comments from them, go to Instagram Settings > Privacy > Restricted accounts.

Tap Unrestrict next to their name to remove the restriction. # Unmute Comments on Instagram

To mute comments on your own Instagram posts, you have to follow the steps below.

However, you don’t have the option to mute specific users’ comments on other people’s posts.

How to Unmute Comments on Your Own Instagram Posts:

  1. Your mobile device needs to be running the Instagram app in order to open it.
  2. To access your profile, click the profile picture or icon in the bottom right corner.
  3. You can unmute comments on any post on your profile by scrolling through it.
  4. Opening a post is as simple as tapping on it. # Unmute Comments on Instagram
  5. If you cannot find the three dots in the top right corner (ellipses), look above the date of the post.
  6. By tapping the three dots, you’ll see a menu with different options for posting.
  7. A recent post may have an “Edit” option included in the menu for the author. Tap “Edit” to access the post settings.
  8. Comment management is available under the “Advanced Settings” section. You will find an option labeled “Turn off comments.”
  9. Make the changes you wish to make and tap “Save” or “Done” (your device’s wording may vary).

Where do muted messages go Instagram?

If you silence a conversation on Instagram, it doesn’t move the conversation or messages to another location.

Instead, it simply silences the notifications regarding that specific conversation.

Notifications Are Silenced: 

Muting a conversation makes it impossible to receive notifications for new messages or activity in that conversation.

This helps reduce the interruption caused by frequent messages from that conversation. # muted messages go Instagram

Conversation Stays in Your Inbox: 

Muted conversations remain in your Instagram Direct message inbox as normal. You can access them at any time by opening the Instagram app, visiting your inbox, and selecting the conversation you muted.

No Special Folder or Archive: 

Unlike other messaging apps, Instagram does not separate muted conversations into separate folders or archives.

Muted conversations remain in your main message inbox along with all other active conversations.

Unread Messages: 

Messages that have not been read will be marked with a blue dot or “Unread” label in the muted conversation. You won’t receive notifications about these messages.

Unmuting Restores Notifications: 

It is important to note that unmuting the chat does not delete or archive any messages; it simply reactivates the notification system. # muted messages go Instagram

These steps will guide you through the process of accessing and viewing messages in a muted conversation:

  1. Go to Instagram and open it.
  2. On the top right of your screen, tap the paper airplane icon (Direct Messages).
  3. You can select the muted conversation by scrolling through your list of conversations.
  4. To view the messages in a conversation, open it.

If you wish to reduce notifications or temporarily silence a discussion, muting conversations is a useful feature, but it has no effect on the location or visibility of each message. # muted messages go Instagram


It is essential that you stay connected and responsive to your messages on Instagram in order to foster meaningful relationships and foster engagement in a fast-paced digital world.

The ability to unmute messages on Instagram is a valuable tool that ensures you never miss out on important conversations or delightful exchanges.

To conclude our guide on unmuting messages, keep in mind that Instagram is all about connecting and communicating, and unmuting allows you not only to rekindle conversations, but also showcase your commitment to building a vibrant online community.

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