How to Unlock Hotel Lg TV? Complete Guide

How to Unlock Hotel Lg TV? Did you ever arrive at a hotel, expecting to relax in your room, only to find that your LG TV was locked? The frustration of not being able to access your favorite shows or enjoy your stay to the fullest can be quite frustrating.

You’re not alone, but there are ways to unlock hotel LG TVs. In this blog, we will walk you through the steps to unlock these TVs, ensuring that you have a more enjoyable and customizable experience during your stay.

Let’s unlock hotel LG TVs so you can make your hotel room feel like home, and say goodbye to those limited channel selections and pay-per-view limitations.

Due to their sleek design and advanced features, LG TVs are widely used in hotels around the world. However, hotel LG TVs often come with restrictions that prevent guests from using certain functions and settings.

This article will guide you through unlocking your hotel LG TV’s features. We’ll also answer seven frequently asked questions about unlocking hotel LG TVs in this article.

What is Hotel Mode on LG TVs?

To prevent unauthorized changes to the TV’s settings and to limit access to other features, network administrators use Hotel Mode on LG TVs.

LG TVs come with two main modes, Guest mode and Administrator mode. In most hotels, LG TVs are set to Guest mode.

When Hotel Mode is enabled, you will be forced to watch all pre-programmed channels and features, which prohibits you from using various streaming devices, like Roku, Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV.

How to Disable Hotel Mode on LG TV?

Several methods can be tried to unlock LG TV hotel settings. However, you must ensure that the network cables are connected to the TV. As previously mentioned, Hotel Mode is enabled by hotel network administrators. 

To disable this function easily, disconnect the network cables and power cycle the LG TV. To power cycle the LG TV, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure that the TV is turned off and its power cable is unplugged.
  2. Let the power drain for one minute.
  3. Make sure the power cable is plugged back in and that the TV is turned on.

Once this is done, you can reconnect the network cable and go to your TV’s menu to check if the Hotel Mode has been disabled and if more features can be accessed.

Listed below are some additional methods you can try if the steps above don’t work. Make sure to review each method to determine which works best for your LG TV.

How to Unlock Hotel Lg TV?

There are a few methods you can try if you need to unlock an LG hotel TV to fully control its features. Throughout this article, you will learn how to unlock an LG hotel TV and find answers to common questions you may have.

Step 1: Grab the remote control

In order to unlock your hotel LG TV, you will need the remote control that came with the TV. Locate the remote control in your hotel room; it’s typically near the TV or on the bedside table.

  1. Press the “Menu” or “Settings” button on the remote control while the TV is on for about five seconds until a password prompt appears.
  2. If the hotel staff cannot provide the correct password, you may need to contact them. The default password is usually “0000” or “1234”.
  3. The screen will display a menu once you enter the password successfully, allowing you to access and modify various settings.

Step 2: Power on the TV

You can turn on the TV with the power button on the remote control or by pressing the power button on the TV itself. Wait for it to fully boot up before continuing.

  1. Make sure your LG TV is turned off and the TV cord is disconnected from the wall outlet.
  2. Put the power back on after 30-60 seconds by plugging the cable back in.
  3. Make sure the hotel menu is working on your LG TV after you turn it on, connect to the Internet, and turn it off.

Step 3: Access the installation menu

The LG TV installation menu can vary depending on the model, but typically includes options such as “Settings,” “Setup,” and “Installation.”

Press and hold the “Menu” button on the remote control for a few seconds until it appears on the screen.

Unlock Hotel Lg TV

Step 4: Enter the password

During this process, you will be prompted to enter a password on the hotel LG TV. You may need to enter a default password to unlock the hotel LG TV.

These passwords include “0000,” “1234,” or “1111.” If none of these passwords work, contact the hotel’s front desk for assistance.

Step 5: Navigate to the unlock option

The arrow buttons on your remote control can be used to navigate through the installation menu once you enter the correct password.

The hotel mode might be labeled “Hotel Mode,” “Lock Mode,” or “Hospitality Mode.” Look for an option that allows you to disable or unlock the hotel mode.

Step 6: Disable hotel mode

In order to unlock the hotel LG TV, select the unlock option and follow any additional instructions displayed on the screen.

A restart should be required after confirming your selection.

How to Unlocking LG TV Hotel Mode with the Remote?

The LG TV hotel mode can be unlocked using two different methods if you have a remote control in your hotel room.

Method 1

  1. Press the home or setting icon for at least five seconds on your remote.
  2. Your television screen will display a pop-up message requiring you to enter 1105 as your code. You won’t be able to continue if 5 seconds pass.
  3. The setup page will appear once the window is open.
  4. In the setup page, you can customize the settings to your liking.
  5. If you want your changes to be saved, restart the television.

Method 2

  1. To use this method, long-press the menu setting option for at least 20 seconds.
  2. When the dialogue box appears, continue pressing the buttons until it disappears.
  3. Enter the code 32663. A D box will appear on a new page. Toggle it off.
  4. The next step is to restart your television so that you can see if the hotel mode has been disabled.

How To Unlock LG TV Hotel Mode Without Using a Remote?

Two methods are available for unlocking the LG hotel mode.

First Method

  • In the first place, make sure that your television is connected to a wire other than the power cable.
  • Disconnect any other cable besides the power cable to disconnect your television from hotel mode.
  • Make sure the television is still in hotel mode by reconnecting the cable.

Alternatively, you can try the second method described below if your television is still in hotel mode.

Second Method

  • The universal remote app can be downloaded from your phone’s App Store if you have a Smartphone or tablet. Be sure to check if the remote has positive reviews in the comment section before you buy it.
  • Ensure that the app works with the LG TV in the hotel after you have downloaded it.
  • Your universal remote should have an Instart option if it’s working.
  • In order to access the LG television, you must enter a password – you can use 0413, 0000, or 1105.
  • Following the acceptance of the password, an installation menu will appear.
  • If you wish to leave the hotel mode, you can do so from the installation menu.
  • Don’t change into a language you don’t know or change something irreversible by not mastering the steps you’re following.

How To Get the Hidden Menu on Your LG TV?

LG TVs that have been accidentally set to hotel mode will not display the secret menu. You must have the original LG remote in order to access the service menu.

You can unlock hotel mode by following these simple steps.

  1. Select the TV mode as the input source from your remote and then select any channel to access the service menu.
  2. Once that’s done, press the TV menu button at the same time as the remote menu icon.
  3. Once the television screen displays a message, release both buttons.
  4. You will need to enter the password 0000.
  5. To verify the password on your original LG remote, press the enter button in the middle.
  6. For a password that doesn’t work with 0000 digits, try these codes: 8743, 8741, 0413, 8878, or 7777.
  7. Your television’s service menu permits you to adjust settings, firmware versions, system volumes, and more.


The simple act of unlocking a hotel LG TV may seem like a small victory, but it can improve your stay and make your hotel room feel more personalized and comfortable.

You can access your favorite content, adjust settings to your liking, and enjoy your stay to the fullest by following the steps and methods we discussed in this blog.

You should always make sure you reset the TV to its original state before leaving the hotel, and be sure to respect the hotel’s rules and policies while unlocking the TV.

You’ll no longer have to settle for limited channel options and expensive pay-per-view options with these tips and tricks