How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac? Complete Guide

How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac? While WhatsApp offers a seamless experience on mobile devices, many users also access it on their Mac computers.

It is a popular messaging platform that lets us stay connected with friends, family, and colleagues.

If you decide to uninstall WhatsApp from your Mac for whatever reason, it’s a straightforward process.

It’s easy to uninstall WhatsApp from your Mac, whether you want to free up space, switch to another messaging app, or simply stop using it altogether.

To ensure a clean removal of WhatsApp from your Mac, we’ll guide you through the steps in this blog post. # How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac?

You can either uninstall WhatsApp manually on a Mac or use a cleaner app to do it. To do it manually, close WhatsApp.

You can do this by right-clicking on WhatsApp in the Applications folder.

You can then move WhatsApp to the Trash by selecting Move to Trash. # How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac?

Then, open the Library folder by pressing Command+ Shift+G on the Search icon. Right-click on paths with WhatsApp in their name, then click on Move to Trash.

Overview of Uninstalling WhatsApp

In spite of WhatsApp’s popularity and usefulness, you may want to uninstall it if it no longer suits your needs or if there is another app that better suits your needs.

It’s important to note that apps create additional files in different locations within your Mac when you’re considering uninstalling them.

Delete WhatsApp’s service files before uninstalling the app, so they don’t accumulate on your Mac. The library folder is the typical location for app service files.

In addition to the manual method, you can also use cleaner software to uninstall WhatsApp from your Mac.

While the manual way is relatively easy, you may accidentally remove important files.

In addition, WhatsApp service files may be scattered among various folders, so locating and deleting them manually is inconvenient.

A Mac “App Cleaner & Uninstaller” software is the best choice for uninstalling all WhatsApp-related files without risking critical files being deleted.

Reasons that Users May Want to Uninstall WhatsApp

In addition to being a mobile phone application, WhatsApp also provides an easier way for you to stay connected wherever you are, whether that be on your desktop or your Mac in your office or at home.

Our guide will explain how to completely uninstall WhatsApp on Mac OS.

But before we begin, let’s find out why most people would want to do that.

  1. On a Mac, WhatsApp Desktop can have unexpected issues.
  2. WhatsApp Desktop users were forced to uninstall it first because they were unable to install or upgrade it.
  3. Due to the presence of viruses in the software, deleting harmful files has become a priority.
  4. Apple Mac OS X does not suddenly open or close WhatsApp Desktop.
  5. Users should get rid of the apps they don’t use very often on their Macs in order to free up space on their hard drives.
  6. WhatsApp Desktop has also been neglected by users and relegated to Mac OS X as other Mac Internet applications have taken its place.

How To Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac?

Let’s take a closer look at the exact steps that need to be followed to uninstall WhatsApp on Mac.

There are two main ways to uninstall WhatsApp on Mac as discussed below, but they can also be combined.

Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac Manually

The following steps will guide you through the process:

  1. Make sure WhatsApp is closed on your Mac.
  2. Select “Applications” from the left-hand panel of the Mac.
  3. Select WhatsApp by right-clicking.
  4. Choose “Move to Trash” from the menu.
  5. Click on the “Library” folder to open it.
  6. After clicking the search icon, press Command+Shift+G to go to Library in your computer.
  7. Check which files have a “/WhatsApp/” in their file names once the library folder has been opened.
  8. To make a note of each file, right-click it.
  9. To move the file to the trash, click the “Move to Trash” button.
  10. Empty your trash bin after you have deleted all WhatsApp service files.

Ensure that “/WhatsApp/” is not the name of a critical file on your Mac by double-checking the file name. #Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac

Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac
Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac

Uninstall WhatsApp on Mac Using App Cleaner & Uninstaller

It is recommended to use a software application called App Cleaner & Uninstaller for Mac to provide a safer and more thorough uninstall process for WhatsApp.

To begin, go to the App Store and download and install App Cleaner & Uninstaller.

Then, follow the steps below.

  1. On the Mac, close WhatsApp.
  2. Launch “App Cleaner & Uninstaller.”
  3. Select “WhatsApp” from the list of installed applications.
  4. To view all WhatsApp support files on your Mac, slide the “Expert Mode” toggle at the top of the app’s main screen.
  5. Using Expert mode, click “Remove” on the screen or “Uninstall” on the simple mode screen.
  6. Verify that WhatsApp has been removed from your Mac.

Using the App Cleaner & Software you can delete WhatsApp files that remain hidden in other locations after you have uninstalled it manually.

  1. Launch “App Cleaner & Uninstaller.”
  2. Select “Remaining files” from the main menu.
  3. On the home screen, WhatsApp file remnants will be displayed.
  4. Select “Unneeded files” from the file selection menu.
  5. In the lower right-hand corner, click the “Remove” button.
  6. In case any remaining files need to be deleted, follow the same procedure.

How to Delete WhatsApp Contacts, Chats, and Groups

You may not wish to delete WhatsApp or your account, but you would like to clean up your account.

Here is how you can delete WhatsApp contacts, individual WhatsApp chats, and WhatsApp groups.

How to delete whatsapp contacts

  1. Click on the Chats tab in WhatsApp.
  2. Swipe left on the name of the contact you wish to delete.
  3. To delete a contact, tap or click “More” and then “Delete Contact.”

How to delete a WhatsApp chat

  1. Click on the Chats tab in WhatsApp.
  2. Press and hold the chat that you wish to delete.
  3. You can delete a chat by tapping or clicking “Delete Chat.” 

How to leave a WhatsApp group, or delete a WhatsApp group you created

  1. Click on the Chats tab in WhatsApp.
  2. Click or tap on the group chats that you wish to leave or delete.
  3. Select the group name at the top of the screen by tapping or clicking it.
  4. Select “Exit Group” or “Delete Group” from the list of options.

Why Should I Delete WhatsApp?

There are many reasons why people may choose to delete WhatsApp, depending on their individual circumstances and preferences. # Why Should I Delete WhatsApp

Here are some common reasons for doing so:

Privacy Concerns: 

You should consider deleting WhatsApp if you value privacy and want to limit the amount of personal information shared with third parties.

WhatsApp’s privacy policies have evolved over time, and some users may be concerned about its data collection and sharing practices.

Security Risks: 

It is important to note that WhatsApp is subject to security vulnerabilities, just as any other online service. # Why Should I Delete WhatsApp

If you are concerned about the privacy of your conversations or the risk of unauthorized access to your account, you may wish to consider deleting WhatsApp from your device.

Digital Detox: 

There are many people who feel overwhelmed by constant messaging and social media notifications in today’s hyper-connected world.

Deleting WhatsApp can be a safe and effective way to reduce distractions and emphasize in-person interactions.

Platform Diversity: 

Deleting WhatsApp might be an opportunity to explore alternative messaging platforms and diversify your communication channels if you prefer to use more than one messaging app to stay in touch with different groups of people.

Limited Storage Space: 

In order to free up valuable memory on your device, you should consider deleting WhatsApp. # Why Should I Delete WhatsApp

WhatsApp stores both media files and message data, which can accumulate over time and take up a significant amount of space on your device.

Change in Communication Preferences: 

If your communication preferences change, you may no longer be able to use WhatsApp.

You may prefer another messaging app that offers different features or a different user experience.

If you decide to delete WhatsApp, it will be based on your specific concerns, priorities, and communication requirements. # Why Should I Delete WhatsApp

Before making a final decision, consider weighing the pros and cons, assessing your level of comfort with the app’s policies, and evaluating alternative options.

There are many messaging apps available that are suitable for your preferences and needs, and you can always find one that best suits your needs.


There is only a few steps involved in the process of uninstalling WhatsApp from your Mac, which is a relatively straightforward process.

This blog post provides you with guidelines on how you can remove WhatsApp from your Mac computer and free up valuable storage space.

You can also switch to another messaging application, if desired, by following the guidelines outlined herein.

It is recommended that you back up any important chat data before you uninstall WhatsApp in order to avoid losing any valuable conversations.

Furthermore, you will still be able to reinstall WhatsApp if you decide to do so on a later occasion from the official WhatsApp website or Mac App Store.

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