How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord?

How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord? Do you get tired of receiving incessant welcome messages when joining a new server? Fear not, because we have the solution!

Here, you’ll learn how to turn off those annoying welcome messages on Discord step-by-step.

While Discord offers an incredible platform for connecting with communities and friends, you may find these greetings overwhelming, especially if you belong to multiple servers.

Let’s get started with our instructions and let’s get rid of those unwelcome welcome messages.

Just follow our easy-to-follow instructions to regain control of your server experience.

Under “System Messages”, you can turn off the welcome message on the desktop and the mobile.

The Discord application can be opened on your desktop by clicking “Server Settings”. Click on the “Overview” section and locate the “System Messages Channels” option.

If you select “No System Messages”, the welcome message will be disabled. Discord mobile follows the same logic. # How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord?

Understanding Discord Welcome Messages

Creating a Discord server allows you to create welcome messages that pop up when new members join your server channels. These welcome messages can be customized by you as the server admin.

The welcome messages you send to your Discord channels can be customized, and you can choose whether to allow new members to reply to them.

Discord bots can sometimes be used to welcome new members automatically.

Under the “Overview” section of your Discord server’s “Server settings” page, we’ll focus on the welcome messages feature. # Discord Welcome Messages

How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord

Having the appropriate permissions on the server you want to change will allow you to turn off Discord’s welcome messages. Once you have the permissions, follow these steps:

Open Discord and Access the Server Settings:

  • Sign in to your Discord account either through the Discord app or Discord’s website.
  • On the left side of the screen, select the server where you wish to disable welcome messages.

Access Server Settings:

  • Find the server name in the top left corner of the screen next to the icon of the server once you have selected it.
  • Drop-down menus can be accessed by clicking the down arrow next to the server name.
  • To access the server’s settings, select “Server Settings” from the drop-down menu. # How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord?

Access “Welcome Screen” Settings:

  • To expand the “Moderation” section, look for it on the left side of the server settings page.
  • Click on “Welcome Screen” under the “Moderation” section to access the welcome screen settings.

Disable “Welcome Screen”:

  • Usually, by default, the “Enable the welcome screen” option is enabled in the “Welcome Screen” settings.
  • Turning off welcome messages on the server is as simple as toggling the switch next to “Enable the welcome screen” to the OFF position.

Save Changes:

  • Save your changes after removing the welcome screen. There should be a “Save Changes” or “Save” button at the bottom of the server settings page.
  • The new settings will be applied when you click “Save Changes.”.

Having successfully turned off welcome messages on Discord for the selected server, new members will no longer receive welcome messages automatically upon joining.

If you decide to re-enable welcome messages, you can do so by following the same steps and toggling the switch back to ON. # How To Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord?

Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord
Turn Off Welcome Messages on Discord

How do I customize my welcome message on Discord?

The easiest way to set up a customized Discord welcome message is to use a Discord bot with welcome message settings.

A popular and easy-to-use bot for this is “Dyno.” Here’s how to set up a customized Dyno welcome message:

Step 1: Invite Dyno Bot to Your Server

  • Click here to visit the official Dyno website:
  • Make sure you have the necessary permissions to invite bots to your server by clicking the “Invite Dyno” button.

Step 2: Set Up Welcome Message

  • Upon Dyno’s arrival on your server, enable the welcome messages in the text channel. # customize my welcome message on Discord

Step 3: Configure Welcome Message Settings

  • Typing ?setwelcome into the text channel will prompt Dyno to display the customizable welcome message options.

Step 4: Customize the Welcome Message

  • In the welcome message, you can customize several placeholders. For example:
    • {user}: This will mention the user who joined the server.
    • {server}: This will display the server name.
    • {count}: This will show the current member count of the server.
  • Create a personalized welcome message by using these placeholders and any additional text or emojis. Using the bot, you can say, “Hello, [user]!” You are member number [count]. The bot will change the placeholders automatically when a new player joins.

Step 5: Save the Welcome Message

  • The welcome message will be set once you have customized it according to your preferences. # customize my welcome message on Discord

Step 6: Test the Welcome Message

  • Ensure the bot sends the customized welcome message in the designated text channel by inviting a friend or another Discord account to join your server.

With the Dyno bot, you have created a customized welcome message for your Discord server.

You can always customize the welcome message or other settings by following similar commands and steps.

Let your server’s new members feel even more welcomed with your personal touch! # customize my welcome message on Discord

How to Make a Welcome Channel Discord

Welcome channels on Discord can be created in the same way as other channels. They don’t have specific buttons on the app.

A welcome message that contains rules and other information should be added as an extra step.

Unless you use a third-party Discord bot, Discord does not allow you to create a custom message for new members before they join a channel. 

If you do that, you’ll be able to create a welcome message for everyone who wants to join your channel.

My favorite Discord bot is MEE6, but there are many others to choose from. If you prefer, you can try other bots as well. 

Discord’s Welcome Message can be configured using MEE6

  • Check out the MEE6  website
  • Click ‘Add to Discord’ on the left
  • To authorize, scroll down and click the ‘Authorize’ button
  • Be sure to follow all the steps for authorization 
  • When you arrive at the dashboard, look for ‘Welcome’
  • Activate the ‘Send a message to the user when they join the server’ option
  • Choose the channel you would like to use as a Welcome channel
  • Customize the message by entering it here
  • Hit ‘Save’ to save the file


The incessant welcome messages on Discord have now been turned off, fellow Discord users!

Enjoy the newfound tranquility without those constant interruptions in your servers.

With Discord, you can truly make it work for you, as it is still a powerful and versatile communication and collaboration platform.

In order to create an environment that suits your preferences and needs, you need to manage your server settings properly.

Your focus can be on engaging in meaningful conversations and fostering connections without distractions when welcome messages can be disabled.

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