I walked aimlessly through a crowded city one evening. It was around 6pm by the look of the setting sun.  The cool breeze was soothing quenching the long day sweat off men.  This was rush hour to the day workers and a wake up call to the nocturnes. I wasn’t in a hurry though I had to keep up pace to hide my image in an unfamiliar territory.

“Things ain’t the way they used to be” I mumbled to myself. The day’s order has been lifted thus no one has control over your time unless your are either a service man or a prisoner! Down the memory lane, I remember the normalcy when day was for work and night was meant for resting. The phrase ‘early to bed, early to rise’ was significant at the time. Life then I believe was slow. Things have changed! Cool though out of misery struggle is real.

Nonetheless life is a struggle with the rule of the jungle playing part, you either compete or die! I am however the kindhearted, one who tells you to follow your dream, manage your own time, work not only when you can but at your best. Timing is very important in my postulation: always try to hit the jackpot but don’t gamble with time instead make the most out of your most convenient time. This is the most productive time in your day never minding the time as our digital age can make your day’s schedules go zigzag!

In this world you must taste to determine if its sour, that doesn’t mean you ought to get drunk to know that it is beer. What I mean is simple: Identify the opportunities in your surrounding, test their viability and adopt the most appealing and profitable. Consider the margins no only in monetary terms but also in time value. Create distinction of being en-slaved by work and being free to do what you want when you want.

Don’t create a pyramid whose top is limited rather prefer unlimited scenarios. Use your time well to produce the best out of your abilities. Value is reaped out of the returns you obtained through unlimited sources. Reliability is essential and correlates to the saying “don’t place similar eggs in the one basket!”

Remember time is precious and always strive to earn smart! don’t forget what matters is the zeros beyond your figure!