Facebook: The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

Facebook: The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled. In the world of social media, Facebook stands as one of the giants with billions of users.

In addition to connecting with friends, sharing lives, and engaging with communities, you may encounter a message that says, “The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled” if you try to log in one day.

Many users have been left confused and frustrated by this sudden and distressing message. # The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

Our goal is to provide some insights into how to maintain a safe and secure Facebook experience, including the reasons behind such an occurrence, the steps you can take to address it, and the steps you can take to address it.

The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled Means 

This means that the Facebook account associated with that email address has been permanently closed if you are experiencing this issue when attempting to sign into Facebook.

The account could have been deleted or banned due to a violation of the terms of service. If you’ve been using Facebook without any problems recently, I highly recommend checking your email to see if Facebook sent you any recent emails.

You may have been told exactly why your account was disabled, as well as the date when it was closed.

The one thing that’s certain is that you won’t be able to sign into Facebook using that email address. You can also no longer make a Facebook account with that email address. # account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

Do you know why this happens?

Policy Violations:

 Keeping Facebook safe and user-friendly requires strict policies.

If you violate these policies, such as posting inappropriate content, harassing others, or engaging in unauthorized activities, you can expect your account to be disabled. It is important to know and adhere to Facebook’s community standards.

Security Concerns: 

Upon identifying suspicious activity or a breach in the account’s security, Facebook will disable an account to protect users from unauthorized access and account breaches.

Account Compromise: 

In the event of a hack or compromised account, Facebook may temporarily disable your account in order to prevent further misuse.

In such cases, regaining access may require proof of identity and account security.

Is there anything you can do?

Appeal the Decision: 

Facebook will review your appeal if you believe your account was mistakenly disabled. Provide all necessary information to support your claim.

Be patient, as this process can take some time.

Review and Respect Community Standards: 

Make sure your online behavior aligns with Facebook’s community standards and policies to avoid future issues.

Secure Your Account: 

Make sure your account is as secure as possible by using a strong, unique password, enabling two-factor authentication, and being cautious about sharing your information.

Contact Support:

 Consider reaching out to Facebook’s support team for further assistance if you can’t resolve the issue through the appeal process.

How to Fix the account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled Facebook error?

According to the error message, your email address, which can be provided by Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft, is disabled.

Your Gmail account, for example, was created through Google.

If that is the case, you may be able to fix this Facebook error by enabling your blocked email address.

In order to do this, you need to Recover your Google account, and there are two ways to do that.

Gmail accounts can be recovered in the following ways:

Restore your Facebook account by signing in

By signing into your email address, you will be able to restore your account.

  • To do so, go to Gmail.com and click on Login, then enter your email address and password.
  • Due to the deactivation of your account, you will receive a “Try to Restore” option.
  • To enable your account, click on the button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • A different email address will be asked for, and you will be notified if Google can restore your email address.
  • Verify whether your disabled email address can be restored by checking your email address.

To restore your email address if Google says it can’t be restored, you can follow the steps below.

Fill out the form to appeal form 

If you want your disabled email address restored, you must appeal Google’s decision.

Fill out a Google form explaining why you believe your email address was wrongly suspended.

You can appeal Google’s decision to reinstate your account

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Using your Gmail credentials (email address and password), go to Gmail and log in.
  • The account you had previously has been disabled now.
  • You can start an appeal by clicking the link or button that appears.
  • Once you have completed the verification process, follow the on-screen instructions.
  • A second email address will be required to receive the decision of your appeal.
  • Your account will be restored if you win the appeal. If you lose, your account will be permanently deleted.

Alternatively, you can appeal the decision to Google and wait for their decision, which may restore your Google account.

A Google account that is not restored will also disable your Facebook account if the worst should happen.

The account that owns the email address you entered has been disabled

Make A New Email Account

You are forced to create a new email address since your previous one has been permanently disabled for use on Facebook.

The good news is that many people have multiple email addresses anyway, so it’s not a huge deal to create one.

The time it takes to create an account with Gmail, the level of security, and the additional features that it provides make it a great choice for me.

Create a new email address by clicking the blue ‘Create an account’ button on Gmail.com. Make sure you sign out of your existing Gmail account before creating a new one.

You should be able to use your new email account within a few minutes after following the on-screen instructions!

After that, all you have to do is go back to Facebook and sign up with your new email address.

Is There Any Way To Recover My Old Facebook Account?

Facebook accounts can be difficult to lose, especially if they’ve been around for a long time. In addition to friends you’re connected to and pages you follow, your entire message history is tied to your Facebook account.

What are the chances of getting it back? The account is permanently deleted if you are banned for breaking Facebook’s terms of service.

Despite the fact that you may be the original owner of the Facebook account, Facebook does not have any system to merge old and new accounts.

How can I reactivate my Facebook account?

Likewise, if an account is permanently banned, you cannot appeal, so the old account cannot be reinstated. Since you will need to start from scratch, I recommend that you add your closest friends first, so that it will be easier to find other friends with whom you have a mutual interest.

It is important to note that impersonation on Facebook is a serious problem, so at first people might think you are a scammer. They should be explained exactly what happened, and even sent this article if necessary.


To conclude, finding your Facebook account disabled because of the email address associated with it is a disheartening experience.

It is possible, however, for this to happen for a variety of reasons, including policy violations and security concerns, as we have explored in this blog post.

You can regain access to your Facebook account by following the right steps, and Facebook offers a process for account recovery.

We must be aware of the policies and guidelines set by platforms like Facebook in the digital age, where our online presence extends into our daily lives.

Not only will you avoid the frustration of having your account disabled, but you will also contribute to a safer and safer online community by following these rules.