Did you know that most bloggers earn more than $1000 a month working online as affiliates? 

Are you interested in making money online this year as an affiliate?

Did you know that Target is the best affiliate program that you can join and earn?

In this post, I am going to break down the Target Affiliate Program and show you how it is possible to earn more than $1000 a month. This post is specifically to review Target Affiliate Program and share with you what Target Affiliate Program is all about.

Despite being a great alternative to Amazon Associates and Walmart Affiliate, the Target affiliate program is not as well-known as these two retailers.

This review will help you determine whether the program is worth your time by covering both its pros and cons.

Target Affiliate Program

Target Affiliate program also known as Target Partners is a free affiliate program offered by Target.com. Target affiliate program, allows website owners and bloggers to create Affiliate links to Target.com using their unique associate’s ID. 

By clicking through those links and purchasing products from Target.com, bloggers and website owners earn commissions.

Target Affiliate Program

Join Target Affiliate Program

The Target affiliate program is powered by Impact Radius. The Target affiliate landing page allows you to sign up for Impact Radius and join the program.

Join Target affiliate program

To be accepted into the program, you must have a website that has a lot of traffic from the USA.

Your content needs to be directed to the US market for Target to accept affiliates from around the world. Because Target doesn’t ship internationally, you would not be able to make money promoting it if you don’t have US traffic.

As a Target affiliate, you will be credited for orders placed within 7 days of the original click placed by your visitor. When you are accepted into the Target affiliate program, you will have access to over 150 banners in different sizes. Target affiliate program provides you with promotional banners for sales and specials, isn’t that great.

Overall, Target has a good affiliate program that is worthwhile joining for those with a lot of traffic from the USA and who want to promote products from the categories the program supports.

Target’s program may seem less attractive to you than Amazon Associates, but that does not mean you should only use Amazon Associates and ignore the others.

It would be better for you to join all of these and see how the programs fit your needs. For some programs, commissions may be lower, but conversion rates may be higher, so you may earn more overall because you generate more sales.

Target Affiliate program Products

At Target, you’ll find everything from food to pet supplies, clothing to electronics, home decor to apparel. In addition to national brands, they offer exclusive products as well.

There is usually a target affiliate payout associated with these products. Currently, there are more than a million products available. Certainly, every niche marketer will find products to appeal to their audiences at Target. Just focus on products that pay better.

Target Affiliate Program

There are several categories of affiliate products on Target’s website. Here are a few that are popular with customers:

Target Affiliate Program Commission Rates

Depending on what you are promoting and how many times you generated sales in a given period, you can earn a commission from 1% to 8%.

Target commission structures are based on categories. The categories of apparel and accessories, home and outdoor living, and home improvement have the largest commission rates, ranging from 5% to 8% once your sales exceed $10,000. 

Additionally, Baby gear and furniture rates could be as high as 5%. As a final note, you will earn only 1% commission from the beauty and health category.

As part of the Target affiliate program, high-volume affiliates are also eligible for accelerators and bonuses. Earnings are based on net sales, just like with most affiliate programs. Below are the commission rates for all programs.

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Target Affiliate Program, can you make $1000 per month?

You might be wondering how you can earn $1000 per month with this affiliate program since the target commission is not the highest.

You need to generate a significant number of sales to earn much of anything with any affiliate program with a lower commission. Traffic is essential for increasing sales.

In order to earn $1000 a month, how much traffic do you need? 

The better question is how much of my traffic will convert to sales?

Your conversion rate is affected by a number of factors including the price of the product you promote, the commission rate, and the commission rate of the product.

Target limits your affiliate marketing options heavily, so if you want to promote exclusively Target products (which I don’t recommend), you would be better served by creating a niche affiliate website rather than a general affiliate website.

To better understand the difference, please read my review of the Walmart affiliate program.

Nevertheless, for this affiliate program, making money from affiliate websites that focus on just one category will be easier.

An example could be to build an affiliate website centered around Dog food and Cat food.

How to Promote Target affiliate program products

Target Products can be promoted online in a variety of ways. The margins on retail products are slim to none. Therefore, the commission per item will be limited – you won’t be able to earn more than they do!

Target Affiliate Program

To earn a good return from Target, you will need to send a lot of traffic – just as you would with Amazon Associates.

Pay-per-click ads on Google and Facebook will not produce a positive return on investment. In other words, unless you are planning to use them for branding, you are better off using content and social media marketing rather than advertising.

Make sure you focus your affiliate marketing efforts on US traffic for the Target affiliate marketing program if you have a general affiliate website. Target does not ship internationally, so having more traffic will not necessarily mean more sales if the traffic is not coming from the US.

Content Marketing

Affiliate marketing is at the core of SEO. By doing keyword research, finding underserved searches, and creating quality content, you can boost your ranking. Write articles on your affiliation website related to your niche. Search engines may recommend this content, leading to organic traffic.

You need to be extremely specific in your keyword research for these more general products.

Affiliate marketers who use programs such as the Amazon Associates program will typically create a general website. Sometimes, they will have more than one website with an array of products on it. Sending cold traffic to Amazon results in impulse buying sales because Amazon is often the destination of cold traffic.

Learn How to Promote affiliate links

Target Social Media

It is a good idea to monitor what Target is promoting when promoting the affiliate program. Therefore, you can make sure that you are on the same page as their advertising budget and outreach. You can do that by following their social media channels.

What Target Alternative is the Best?

The commission rates at Amazon are better than those at Target, that is the fact.

Amazon affiliate program, on the other hand, has a cookie that is in effect for only 24 hours while Target has a cookie that is in effect for 7 days.

Walmart, which never made any progress in the comparing categories, has a 3-day referral period.

Affiliate program

Oftentimes people take their time to evaluate alternative products and don’t make a purchase immediately. Especially with pricey products, people do this. Amazon has the highest commission, but the shortest cookie period.

It is possible for Amazon to extend the short 24-hour cookie to 90 days if your visitor adds a product to their shopping cart. In most cases, however, this will not happen.

As neither Target nor Walmart offer international shipping, Amazon Associates remains your best choice if you don’t have the majority of your traffic coming from the USA.

If you intend to promote many products across many different categories on an affiliate website and want to test promoting many different products with Target, Amazon and Walmart are better options.

While Amazon has a short cookie period, the company is clearly the winner. 

With Target’s affiliate program, you can earn commissions on products for which you are able to earn a commission since it has a longer referral period. 

Target Affiliate Program Tools and Support

Impact (formerly Impact Radius) is responsible for Target affiliate program. You can choose from a variety of banners and swipes there.

In addition to weekly affiliate newsletters, Target offers special promotions, coupon codes, and other timely information.

Creating Target Affiliate Links 

Impact allows you to create deep links. Using it, you can get to any Target page using a custom link. 

The best conversion rates are often found in deep links. Text links are typically used as a Call to Action button or link within the body of a review.

Target Affiliate Program Support

Target affiliates can work with their own account manager as well as Impact’s account manager. They can be reached at affiliates@target.com. You will receive a response to your email within one or two days from the customer support team.

Target affiliate

Few facts about Target

  • As a merchandise retailer, Target operates in the United States and the District of Columbia 
  • Seventy-five percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Target store
  • There are more than 350,000 employees at Target
  • “Expect More, Pay Less” has been their tagline since 1994.
  • Target’s CEO since 2014 is Brian Cornell
  • Among Target’s brands are Shipt, Roundel, Grand Junction, and DermStore.
  • Twenty offices and 40 distributor centers are located around the world
  • Bullseye is Target’s unique mascot and one of 41 unique brands owned by the company.
  • The company ranked 39th in the 2018 Fortune 500 list of the largest United States companies by revenue
  • Target has three retail formats- Discount Store Target, Supermarket Target, and “flexible format” stores
  • Profits from the company go to the welfare community to the tune of 5%
  • A perfect score of 100 was achieved by Target on the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Corporate Equality Index
  • Target’s 1,800+ stores are run almost entirely by women.

 Conclusion: Target Affiliate Program Review 

If you join Target’s affiliate program, you will be able to earn income from a wide range of niches, including lifestyle baby products, sports, gadgets, and more.

Additionally, the affiliate program offers a decent commission structure. Above all else, the Target affiliate program will generate excellent revenue through affiliate commissions if you have US audiences. 

There is a high conversion rate with Target in the US market due to the company’s reputation. With the competitive commission, reasonable cookie duration, and appealing promotional creatives, you can easily reach the US market with your engaging content ideas.

My goal for this post is to help you decide whether or not to join the Target affiliate program. Do let us know in the comments section below if you have any questions about any other affiliate program. 

Is Target’s affiliate program something you’d be interested in?