Best Cryptocurrency to Invest In Right Now: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin

When people think of cryptocurrency to invest in, mostly the first thing that comes to mind is Bitcoin. Even though there are hundreds of digital currencies out there, Bitcoin is the most well-known.  Whether it’s from the news or a friend, you’ve probably heard of cryptocurrency. But what exactly is it? If you don’t know

#4 Major Cryptocurrency Mining Methods: Important Things You should know

What Is Cryptocurrency Mining? How Can You Do It? To mine cryptocurrency, computers have to solve complex mathematical equations to earn a reward of a ‘block’ that represents a token. Are you interested in knowing what mining Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies entail, and how you can acquire some crypto tokens without purchasing them from an

Cryptocurrency 101: Important things you should know?

Unlike central banks and third parties, cryptocurrency does not rely on a central authority to verify transactions and create new currency units . In contrast, it uses cryptography to verify transactions on a publicly distributed ledger called the blockchain, which enables direct peer-to-peer payments. The word Cryptocurrency has become nearly ubiquitous by now, but most