Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers Alternatives. These are Free Games Like Subway Surfers. There is no doubt that Subway Surfers is an excellent runner game available on Android, iOS, or Windows phone. It has a stunning feature where a teenager runs on a channel to escape the policeman and his dog. During his journey, he receives some boosts and earns many coins as a result of his fear of being caught.

Although subway surfers features a great visual style combined with entertaining gameplay, there are some players who complain about the monotonous setting and unresponsive controls in the game. Despite the fact that subway surfers may be one of the games you enjoy during your leisure time or adventure spree, it can often get quite boring to earn only subway surfers’ skins every week.

There is no doubt that if you have heard of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), you know that people are often addicted to the game. The truth is that even PUBG has a lot of alternatives that you can find on our website, as it is a shooting game compared to none other.

In fact, there are many games just like subway surfers, but only a few people are aware of them. Here are 10 games that are similar to subway surfers in terms of how they compare, if you’re looking for something new to play if you are looking for something similar to subway surfers. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

1. Crossy Road

The following platforms are supported: Windows Phone, Android, iOS, and Apple TV.

As with any pixel-based game, Crossy Road uses players’ unique characters to cross a busy street of traffic, in the midst of a world composed of equally unique pixel blocks. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

It has proven to be a winning concept to combine Frogger’s classic gameplay with an unending element in the form of an ongoing storyline. 

Further, the basic structure and gameplay of Crossy Road appeal to gamers of all ages and backgrounds, as can be seen from the tens of millions of downloads the game has received across all platforms, regardless of their age or background. 

It’s also important to note that in Crossy Road, as with other game titles in the endless running genre, your primary goal is to make it as far as possible without dying due to the frenetic traffic and other hazards that may occur.

There are also roads, rivers, grasses, and even train tracks that are part of this distance, all of which have their own unique challenges, such as rapid moving trains, autos, a floating log in the river, and trains on the move. 

As a result, each of these challenges is well adapted to the environment, yielding a natural flow for the game flow along with a wide variety of challenges.

2. Sonic Dash

The game can be played on iOS, Windows Phone, Android, Microsoft Windows: Arcade, and Linux.

Like Subway Surfers, Sonic Dash is an endless running game that is also lighthearted and entertaining. Hardlight created a game that resembles Subway Surfers in terms of gameplay and it is quite similar to Subway Surfers in terms of imagery. It is also necessary for Sonic to traverse the stages while collecting rings and avoiding obstacles and enemies along the way. 

In order to give you the best view of your surroundings, the camera angle varies most of the time when you jump and slide. This provides you with a good view of your surroundings in 3D, which looks great. 

However, the graphics of the game are pleasing to the eye, and the songs that are included provide enough variation for the gameplay to be enjoyable.

3. Temple Run 2

It is available on iOS, Android, Tizen, and Windows Phone platforms.

A game like Temple Run 2 is one of the endless running games like subway surfers. Temple Run 2 is a game similar to Subway Surfers that is very popular among players as well as gamers. Temple Run 2 on the other hand, on the other hand offers a very serious game for serious players as well as a vibrant interface and enticing awards for subway surfers. 

While rushing to catch up with the Guerilla, there are several obstacles in the way. Subway surfers can use hoverboard-like devices, but they can also use carts and zip lines as well. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

This game, however, is far more sophisticated than its competitors because the user must jump and slide to stay away from obstacles. The user must push the device in the direction in which he would like the character to walk in order to keep the character safe from obstacles.

4. Zombie Highway 2

The following platforms are supported: PC, Android, and iOS

In this game, you have to drive down a road while dodging zombies indefinitely to complete your mission. Another endless runner game like subway surfers, zombie highway 2 is another game that will test your driving skills. 

In this game, you are allowed to control automobiles instead of a human avatar, and zombies on the other side of the road will try to overturn any automobile that gets in the way of you. Furthermore, the harder it is for the zombies to overturn the vehicle that has been updated, the more it encourages the player to keep playing and earning more money, since the vehicle is hard to overturn when it has been updated. 

There are also different weapons available to you, including sidearms, explosives, bio-weapons, and sidearms. In order not to run out of ammo, you must use these weapons beforehand.

5. Rayman Jungle Run

It is available on iOS, Android, PCs, and Windows Phones. In Rayman Jungle Run, the legendary protagonist traverses 20 new levels as he encounters the hazards of an endless runner with a side-scrolling gameplay. 

As well as that, in the new Pirate Ship part, you will have to jump over falling rocks to avoid cannon balls, escape the giant flower monster, and take on two new stages in the Land of the Livid Dead, requiring you to avoid cannon balls and jump over falling rocks. 

As an added bonus, the game is a lot of fun, with dozens of new worlds to explore and powers to unlock, excellent controls, and an engaging soundtrack all making it a very enjoyable experience.

6. One Epic Knight

This application is available on the following platforms: iOS and Android.

Similarly, this is another game that is similar to subway surfers. But here, the character is a knight, and he’s going to face off against anyone who stands in his way. 

There is a sword assigned to the character as well, which can be used to slaughter his foes. A user is also able to switch sides to avoid enemies in the game. There is, however, also a shield provided to the knight in order to protect himself from the lethal attacks of his adversaries. 

As for the prizes, the person is given coin chests and coins. Coin collection is a major concern since the prize does in fact disappear after a given amount of time or when adversaries strike it. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

In addition to that, these coins can also be used as a means of upgrading the accessories that a user has. Moreover, the game is characterized by its flowery tracks, large falls, and hard barriers.

7. Agent Dash

The application is available for Android, iOS, and Windows phones.

With Agent Dash you will be able to play as the bold Agent Dash in this intense and explosive running game, which will allow you to compete against his sinister arch-nemesis, Dr. Quantumfinger, and beat him. In addition to this, you will also have to make your way through Quantumfinger’s hidden island stronghold while avoiding various hazards and traps including perilous traps, pitfalls, falling structures, lasers, and lava. 

Among the gadgets you will be obtaining along the way are jetpacks, magnets, cloaks, and the ability to slow down time throughout the course of the game. At the base, you will be improving your gadgets and acquiring all the equipment that you will need to thwart a nefarious scheme.

8. Rail Rush

Currently, Android is the only platform supported. There are two types of games in this category: running games, like subway surfers, and puzzle games, like this game, which is based on the concept of Temple Run 2. 

The adventure is a thrilling journey that begins once the player steps into Bob Molenchaser’s shoes and enters the mines, where he or she will face difficult challenges like lethal things emerging from the mines and volcanic hot water sprinkling him or her. 

Furthermore, while jumping around and collecting gold and gems, the player must also stay safe while weaving and tilting around in order to protect themselves from falling into danger.

9. Angry Gran Run

The application is available on Android and PC platforms.

There are many things that can go wrong while you are navigating the enraged grandmother through the streets. Once you master your ability to jump, dashing, and sliding over and around all sorts of bizarre obstacles, you will successfully escape. 

Moreover, you’ll be required to slam punks out of your way and rob them of their money, whilst clearing the streets of aliens, dinosaurs, and various other terrifying creatures while doing your best to avoid slapping punks out of the way and pilfering their cash. 

You are also able to change the style of the grandmother with new outfits, such as a hippy grandmother in the 70s, a wonder grandmother in the 80s, a zombie grandmother in the 90s, and one that looks like a penguin! It is also possible to purchase and upgrade various power-ups, such as bullet-time, invisible shielding, and bullet-time.

10. Jetpack Joyride

A wide range of platforms are supported, including iOS, Android, Windows 8, and Adobe Flash.

Although it is a different game from Subway Surfers in terms of its gameplay, it is a very entertaining game, even though it is a side scrolling game, which makes it very different from Subway Surfers. 

Despite that, this action-adventure was developed by Halfbrick Studios and the protagonist, Barry Steakfries, steals a stealth jetpack from an underground military laboratory in order to escape from his captors. 

As a result of Barry’s journey to the end of his run, he will encounter zappers, laser beams, and missiles on his way to the end of the run. The gameplay is incredibly addictive and the controls are simple. 

I would highly recommend you to give Jetpack joyrider a try if you are looking for a good time. There are many endless running games like subway surfers that you can play.

11. Despicable Me: Minion Rush

It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Microsoft Windows operating systems.

To win the title of “Minion of the Year,” the player must control one of the three Minions, Dave, Carl, or Jerry, and complete fun challenges while collecting bananas as a prize along the way in order to win the title. 

Minions should avoid barriers and boss assaults unless they have certain power-ups, since they can overcome these obstacles if they have these power-ups. However, if they do not have these power-ups, then they should avoid them. 

In addition, there are several modes within the game that will keep you entertained for a long time, including global events, special missions, and limited-time races. 

It should be noted that Gameloft designed this game as a response to the comedy animated movie Despicable Me and is ideal for anyone who enjoys Minions as well as running games.

12. Panda Run HD

There are three platforms available: Windows Phone, iOS, and Android

Unlike subway surfers, Panda run HD is also one of the closest games to subway surfers you’ve ever seen. A brave panda goes inside an obscure shrine in order to collect its fragments so that he can obtain the mythical stone of enlightenment. 

Moreover, the game is controlled with simple swing and tilt controls, so it requires both dexterity and agility to handle all the twists, turns, jumps, and slides that the game has to offer. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

Furthermore, there are several features that add variety to the gameplay, such as freeze time, floating islands, and landslides that will keep you entertained for hours. There are also leaderboards and achievements which allow you to compete against your friends.

13. Canabalt

Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita are some of the platforms supported by this game. You may not be ready to jump and run if all you’re used to is the grind of currency, power-ups, and quests. CanabaLt, however, is the game for you if you’re not ready for that. 

In spite of the lack of visual spectacles in this game, it has almost as much charm as other endless running games with a fast-paced side-scrolling design that requires you to dodge various obstacles along the way. 

The game also has an intriguing background view, which is one of its most intriguing aspects. If you come across an obstacle, it will slow you down and prevent you from performing certain jumps.

Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

14. Into The Dead

Android, iOS, and Windows phones are among the platforms supported

Although there isn’t quite as much of a similarity between Subway Surfers and this game, it still is a lot of fun, even if it isn’t quite the same. 

In this free-to-play game, you will need to escape a never-ending swarm of zombies who will stop at nothing to save your life. There are in-app purchases available in this game, so you can keep playing. 

Additionally, the frightening graphics are a great way to keep you entertained. In addition, you can also pick up weapons from the sides of the room to help you in your survival attempt. 

This game was created by Pikpok and is considered to be one of the best mobile games available today. Although it includes a simple game play, the game is jam-packed with engaging action that will keep you interested throughout. 

It seems that there is a problem with players being able to aim their guns only at zombies in front of them, leaving zombies on the sides totally vulnerable to attack.

15. Ski Safari 2

There is an Android version and a PC version of the app

Like subway surfers, Ski Safari 2 is an endless running game in the style of subway surfers, in which you have to run away from enemies that will kill you, and the games that go along with them. Like subway surfers, Ski Safari 2 is an action-adventure game in the style of subway surfers. 

In terms of sound, it is similar to that of subway surfers, with its soundtrack that sounds similar to those of the video game. However, this game features a variety of snowy animals, including sea lions, penguins, and flippable birds. A game like subway surfers has never been better than Ski Safari 2.

16. Hunger Crunch

It is available on Android and iOS platforms

With Hunger Crunch, your goal is to control Beasty, a character in the game, by touching on the screen in order to control him. As you progress in the game, you will see the hunger concerns being addressed one level at a time. 

Also, you will have to avoid the game’s complex traps and hungry minions while keeping an eye out for enemies along the way along with candy in order to survive. In spite of this, when you progress further along your run, you will find that the game becomes increasingly challenging. 

There is a possibility that you will have to repeat a level a few times, which can become tedious after a while, but if you are able to progress to a new level, the game becomes more enjoyable. #Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

17. Looney Tunes Dash

IOS and Android are the two platforms that we support

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Bugs Bunny and his friends from the Looney Tunes cartoon series? Who doesn’t like Bugs Bunny? 

There are many endless running games on the market for kids these days, and Looney Tunes Dash is one of them. It is similar to subway surfers in the sense that you play as Bugs Bunny as Elmer Fudd chases after you. 

You will be able to achieve an endless stream of objectives and goals in this game.

Spend coins and star ratings in order to upgrade your powerups and to increase your favorite character as you slide, leap, and bash your way through stages. 

The game also contains a long-term goal, which is the addition of a Looney Tunes bin. However, the complete collection of Looney Tunes characters must also be unlocked through the completion of special cards found along the way. 

18. Monster Dash

I would like to invite you to the Arabian peninsula, where you will be able to run on the housetops of the people. In this amazing game from Halfbrick Studios, you will be able to jump high to avoid falling or spiky obstacles, and you will be able to kill the opponents before they hit you multiple times during transit.

Besides picking up hearts to upgrade your weapons and to get more upgrades, you can also shoot the boxes full of boosts to get different types of weapons to take down hordes of beasts that are spread across many areas of the game.

#Subway Surfers Alternatives: 20 Free Games Like Subway Surfers

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