Amazon Affiliate Program: 10 Killer Ways To Promote Amazon links

You can easily earn income from your blog by joining the Amazon Associates affiliate program. Take your affiliate game to the highest level with these 10 strategies to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings in just a few steps. Your readers will benefit from your recommendations of tested products, and you will be able to earn a commission on any purchases they make on Amazon. Nice!

Taking the time to plan and refine it takes some finesse, but if you put your heart and soul into it, it can really pay off – literally! Let’s talk about how you can increase your affiliate earnings in this article, in which we discuss answers to some of the most common questions about Amazon Associates.

In the days before Amazon Associates, budding Internet entrepreneurs didn’t have many ways to earn money online. Amazon changed that dramatically with its affiliate program. A major problem with being an Amazon affiliate was that it required selling a lot of books to make any significant income. Thanks to Amazon’s expanding product line, it has become easier for entrepreneurs to earn money from Amazon.

With a vast product selection, huge customer base, and credibility, Amazon’s affiliate program has a relatively low payout compared to other affiliate programs. However, there’s a good chance you can sell something and earn money.

# Amazon Affiliate Program: 10 Killer Ways To Promote Amazon links

As with all home-based money-making schemes, Amazon offers opportunities for research, marketing, and work. We’ll explore some Strategies to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings

First, let us compare Amazon’s pros and cons.

Why you should become an Amazon Affiliate

Among the many benefits of joining the Amazon Associates program are:

  • People use and trust Amazon every day since it is a highly visited and well-known name.
  • You can join for free. 
  • For program acceptance, you do not need to meet any traffic thresholds. 
  • You can promote a huge variety of products.
  • Amazon offers many tools for selling specific items or categories of items.
  • You can see what gets clicks and what sells through a good reporting system.
  • If you have a bank account, you can receive payments directly into it.
  • If your visitors have a problem with the product, Amazon offers good customer service, so you reduce the risk of having them complain to you. 

Amazon Associates Program’s Cons

There is no such thing as a perfect affiliate program, not even Amazon’s. Here are a few disadvantages:

  • According to the affiliate program’s terms, it offers commission rates between 1% and 10%, depending on the item. You may qualify for a flat-rate bounty program, such as $15 for signups for business accounts, $3 for Prime referrals, and $5 for Audible referrals.
  • Cookie expiration is 24 hours. You will not be credited if your referral doesn’t make a purchase within 24 hours. 
  • Emails containing Amazon affiliate links are not allowed. A blog post that is sent as an email cannot contain affiliate links. It is especially disappointing that this rule prevents you from sending your readers great offers via email.
  • When promoting products in the Amazon U.S. store from your U.S. site, you won’t get credit for referrals that end up purchasing from outside the country (i.e. Amazon UK).
  • There are only three payment options: direct deposit, check, and Amazon gift cards. Unfortunately, PayPal isn’t an option.

Strategies to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings

Now it’s time to learn tips and strategies to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings. These strategies will help you earn more eventually if you follow and stick to the instructions offered here. To be successful in affiliate marketing requires patience and hard work, but eventually when it takes off, it is worthwhile.

#1. Have a fully functional website

Ensure your site is eligible for Amazon Associates before attempting to use the program. Your site should have an established and strong audience, as well as a good traffic flow. Most importantly, your audience should trust you.

 Your recommendations for specific products are unlikely to be well-received if the audience does not trust you. Affiliate links will be ignored if the audience does not respect your recommendations.

#2. Optimize your earnings by posting links regularly

In order to do this, you must find creative ways to include product recommendations in your blog posts, while still giving the impression that you are offering expertise on the topic.

After a potential buyer clicks on one of Amazon’s affiliate program links, it is active for 24 hours, meaning that the link expires after 24 hours with fresh links providing the opportunity to earn money.

Amazon Affiliate Program: 10 Killer Ways To Promote Amazon links
Amazon Affiliate Program: 10 Killer Ways To Promote Amazon links

#3. Stand out from the competition

It is not a secret anymore that the competition out there is stiff. Only those people who are smart and dedicated usually succeed. With thousands of blogs and posts every day promoting Amazon affiliate links, only a few of them make a decent amount from them. This is because, promoting is one thing, and actually making decent earnings is another thing.

You don’t want to be another face in the crowd; instead, select an offering that makes your website stand out. Making that unique offering is not easy, and it might be more challenging than all the other fourteen points on the list. An example would be an honest assessment of electrical goods or a guarantee of the best deal.

#4. Make the Products Relevant

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you should also make sure that the products you promote fit within the content on your website. Bloggers have often accused of marketing products their audience is not interested in purchasing—after all, why would someone choose to learn more about social media for the sake of purchasing cheese graters? If your audience becomes suspicious and loses trust due to this type of irrelevant marketing, we recommend tip number two.

#5. Build links to various products 

By advertising with Amazon, you get paid a fee for the entire transaction, not just for the advertised product. As a result, you need to make sure people use your links on Amazon in order to be able to complete the full purchase they intended to make using your link.

#6. Promote your products via emails and do not forget to follow up emails

Promote via emails

Using your referral link within 24 hours will earn you commission on anyone else’s purchase, except your own. One tip here is to exchange referral links with family members and friends so that you can make purchases using their links and share the profits with them.

 Using this method isn’t likely to be the most profitable way to make money with the affiliate program that  Amazon runs, but it can help your commission structure.

Follow-up emails

Your website was viewed by someone who browsed a few items before leaving. And that’s not where the cycle ends. A follow-up email listing similar items to the ones he browsed would be helpful. If the price of any of those items drops drastically, inform him immediately.

Tell him also which products are currently popular in those categories. Ask him why he did not make that purchase, or why he did not like something on your website. Real-time feedback from customers is the key to digital marketing success.

#7. Compile a buyer’s guide that includes comparisons and metrics

Having amazing charts makes the data appear so much easier if you’ve ever been hooked to a website? Let’s be honest, nobody likes reading black text with lines of white space.

Moreover, graphs are becoming more and more realistic as time passes. In this new kind of animated graph, the values change as you play. As opposed to having five charts looking at five years of sales, you could have an animated graph that starts with the first year and keeps moving forward so that you can see the bigger picture in just one screen.

If your website is used by users looking for guidance, you can do a lot to assist them. Depending on the category, you might list factors that customers evaluate before purchasing a product. You can also create graphs to demonstrate the change in prices of some of the products overtime over the last year. Rather than creating a comparison table, you could use graphs to make your comparison stand out, making it easier for users to digest the information.

#8. Target buying keywords and long-tail keywords

If you are writing affiliate marketing content, target sets of keywords that have the word “buy”. For example, “Buy the best phone on the market.” or “Buy your own lane mower now.”. These texts are more likely to entice users to click and make an impulse purchase.

If you align your Amazon affiliate links with the thinking of your audience, your content will be more effective. Choose long-tail keyword phrases that are representative of the demographic you aim to serve.

#9. Create bestseller lists

Online, we seek out top-rated items whenever we want to purchase something. Consider the scenario of a person who wants to purchase a laptop but has a $900 budget. If they are in the market for a laptop under $900, they would like to see the best five or ten.

As such, when building an affiliate marketing website, you need to construct bestseller lists for high-volume categories where users have a lot of doubts while purchasing. Additionally, consumers need to be updated on these lists every day since new products are introduced every day.

#10. Personalize your recommendations

Content, images, charts, and links are all on any affiliate marketing site. However, many user visits do not result in conversions, and users are still unsatisfied. These reasons remain unknown to the owners of the companies.

The solution is to create a chatbot that seeks recommendations from customers. Let them know what features they would like to see on your site, or which ones definitely need to be upgraded.  # Amazon Affiliate Program: 10 Killer Ways To Promote Amazon links

Furthermore, you may want to conduct customer surveys in order to determine when customers visit affiliate marketing websites as well as which features they find most useful.


Although some of the points outlined above in the Strategies to maximize Amazon affiliate earnings may be easier to implement than others, what you should be aware of is the fact that increasing the usability of your website will directly affect your conversion numbers. With the rise of affiliate marketing websites, it will come down to who is more committed to creating quality content and who takes the customers more seriously.

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