How To Stop Following Someone On Instagram? Right Now

How To Stop Following Someone On Instagram? Digital lives are intricately connected to our online connections in the dynamic world of social media.

In this landscape, Instagram is a leading platform for sharing moments, connecting with friends, and discovering new content.

However, we might want to curate our interactions and feed at some point. Learning how to unfollow someone on Instagram is an essential skill, whether you change your interests, worry about privacy, or simply want to simplify your online experience.

We’ll show you how to stop following someone gracefully and respectfully on Instagram while maintaining the essence of connection. # Stop Following Someone On Instagram

You can easily unfollow someone by going to their profile, clicking the “Following” button, and then clicking “Unfollow.” Another method is by tapping on the three dots and clicking “Unfollow.”

The following blog post will provide you with information on how to unfollow someone on Instagram so that their posts will no longer appear in your feed and we will also discuss how to prevent them from appearing in your feed if you do not wish to unfollow them yet.

How To Stop Following Someone On Instagram?

Instagram doesn’t notify the account about stopping following, and you can stop following someone silently from your phone. # Stop Following Someone On Instagram

Method 1: Unfollowing Someone On Instagram From Your Profile

If your profile has been inactive for a long time or if your account does not follow you back, you can use this method. # Unfollowing Someone On Instagram

This means you may not find any benefit in following this account. Additionally, you do not want to follow the account user’s old profile since they may have created another one. 

Followers can be unfollowed from your profile by following these steps:

  1. Simply click on the “Following” button on your profile.
  2. Account names should be typed in the box provided. 
  3. Click on the “Follow” button.
  4. The account can be unfollowed by selecting “Unfollow”.

In the case of a public account, the follower will be removed instantly. In the case of a private account, you’ll get a confirmation message to unfollow. 

Additionally, the app will ask you to remove the unfollowed account from your followers’ list.

By removing the account from your followers’ list, you will prevent them from seeing your content.  # Stop Following Someone On Instagram

Method 2: Unfollowing Someone On Instagram From Feed

This method is useful when you see a post that does not align with your interests or does not fit the mood you are in.

You won’t have to search through your following section for the accounts that you are interested in.  # Unfollowing Someone On Instagram

You can stop following someone on Instagram by following these steps:

  1. To view a post, click the three dots in the upper right corner.
  2. Among the options you can choose from are “Hide,” “Share,” “Add to favorites,” and “Unfollow.” 
  3. You can unfollow by tapping “Unfollow.”
  4. Additionally, your feed will be automatically cleared of the post.

Method 3: Unfollowing Someone On Instagram by Blocking the Account

When an account spams you with unnecessary information that does not follow the app’s community guidelines, you can block the account.

This removes the account from your list of followers and followers. 

The account will also lose any likes, comments, and messages. Follow the steps below to block the account: 

  1. From the following, you can search for the profile.
  2. Visit their profile to learn more about them.
  3. At the right corner of the profile, click the three dots. 
  4. The “Block” option should be selected and confirmed. 

In this case, you will be able to limit someone’s access to your profile, posts, and stories.

They will not be notified that you’ve blocked them. # Stop Following Someone On Instagram # Unfollowing Someone On Instagram

How do I stop following someone on Instagram without them knowing?

The process of unfollowing someone on Instagram is a private one, and Instagram does not send notifications to the person when you do.

Because of this, they won’t be notified if you unfollow them by default. Here’s how to do it:

Stop Following Someone On Instagram
Stop Following Someone On Instagram

Open the Instagram App: 

Make sure you are logged in to your Instagram account before you launch the Instagram app on your mobile device.

Find the Profile: 

Unfollowing someone is as simple as searching for their username in the search bar and finding their profile. # stop following someone on Instagram without them knowing

Access the Profile: 

You can open their profile page by tapping on their profile picture or username.

Unfollow the User: 

Tap the blue “Following” button on their profile page. When you unfollow them, the blue “Following” button will turn white.

Despite Instagram not notifying users when someone unfollows them, they might eventually notice the change if they actively check their follower list.

This, however, is not due to Instagram’s notification, but rather to their own observation. # stop following someone on Instagram without them knowing

Can you see who views your Instagram stories?

It is possible to see who views your Instagram stories.

Those who share more Instagram stories than posts will have a better chance of finding out who is viewing them. # Can you see who views your Instagram stories

The original poster can see users who viewed stories in a “viewers list” for 24 hours after the story went live.

You can use this to see who viewed your photos, videos and stories during the same period of time your post was active.

When the list disappears after 24 hours, you can still view the number of people who saw your stories (and who).

To view this information, you must be logged in. # Can you see who views your Instagram stories

If you have a lot of followers and you get too many notifications when you post a story—whether it’s likes or comments—you can always use Instagram quiet mode so that you can post in peace.

Does Instagram Have Profile Views?

Can you see who views your Instagram profile? The short answer is no. Instagram doesn’t let users see who views their profiles.

If you look through someone’s profile and don’t like or comment on a post, they won’t know who views it.

“Like Facebook, users can’t see who has viewed their profiles no matter what kind of profile they have: personal, business, or creator,”.

The same applies to both Instagram users and those browsing Instagram publicly via the web, whether they have an account or not.

Instagram’s business account shows how many people viewed your posts or visited your profile in the past seven days, according to an Instagram representative.

Those you have restricted on Instagram are included in this number.


In the vast realm of Instagram, cultivating a personalized and meaningful experience is key.

If you are able to gracefully unfollow someone, you are in control of your digital interactions, ensuring that your feed remains a place where you can reflect on the things that matter to you.

It is possible to successfully navigate the intricacies of social media connections by following the steps outlined in this guide.

Don’t let the online world create undue clutter or discomfort, but instead enrich it with inspiration and connection.

The tools you have at your disposal will help you curate an environment that reflects who you are and what you aspire to be as you travel through the digital landscape.

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