How To Get Rid of Sponsored Posts on Instagram?

How To Get Rid of Sponsored Posts on Instagram? Considering its large user base and engaging visual content, Instagram has become a popular platform for sponsored posts.

Sponsored content provides valuable information and opportunities, but it’s understandable that some users would prefer a more personalized and organic feed.

There are steps you can take if you want to stop seeing sponsored posts on Instagram and instead focus on the content you follow.

To help you curate an Instagram feed that aligns with your interests and preferences, we will explore effective methods for minimizing or eliminating sponsored posts.

In Instagram, there are no means to turn off all ads. To hide an ad, open Instagram and click the three dots next to the ad at the top when you see a sponsored post.

Choose your reason for hiding your ad, then click the “Hide ad” option. Additionally, you can report the sponsored post as inappropriate to get it removed.

What are Sponsored Instagram Ads?

In addition to direct messages, Instagram posts, and Instagram stories, Instagram is a social media platform through which people can connect and interact.

In addition to offering you these services, Instagram tracks your activities, such as your interests and topics you follow. These analytics help you find sponsored or tailored ads that might interest you.

Sponsored Instagram ads target users based on their interests and are offered by various brands and companies on Instagram.

Why Get Rid of Instagram Ads?

In addition to providing valuable information and opportunities, Instagram ads can also cause users to want to unfollow them for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few of the most common reasons why:


Some users may find Instagram ads distracting and prefer not to concentrate on the content from the accounts they follow.

While they can be visually appealing, Instagram ads can also disrupt the browsing experience.


A user’s Instagram feed is personalized based on their data and preferences, but ads may not always align with individual needs and interests.

Users who prefer to have a curated experience may choose to remove ads.


Users who are looking for an authentic and organic social media experience find sponsored content deceptively promotional and inauthentic.

By removing ads, users are able to focus on the content created by the accounts they follow, fostering a more authentic relationship.

User Experience: 

By removing ads on Instagram, users can improve their overall browsing experience and reduce frustration and disengagement.

Despite the fact that users can take steps to minimize or eliminate sponsored posts, Instagram’s revenue model relies heavily on ads, which help support the platform.

In order to provide free access to Instagram features and services worldwide, the company relies on advertising.

There are certain options and tools Instagram provides for managing ads, allowing users to customize their experience to a certain extent.

Ultimately, the decision to get rid of Instagram ads is subjective and based on personal preferences and priorities.

In order to find the right balance for your individual needs and interests, it is important to explore these options.

How To Get Rid of Sponsored Posts on Instagram

In the current version of Instagram, you are not able to get rid of sponsored posts entirely from your feed.

However, you can try the following strategies to minimize their frequency or customize what you see.

Provide Feedback: 

Instagram’s feature that allows you to hide sponsored posts from your feed is hidden by tapping the three dots located in the top right corner of the post and selecting “Hide Ad.”

This enables Instagram to understand your preferences and prevent future similar ads.

Sponsored Posts on Instagram
Sponsored Posts on Instagram

Ad Preferences: 

Your ad preferences can be customized to some extent on Instagram. To access this feature, go to your profile, tap on the three horizontal lines ( ) at the top right corner, and select “Settings.”

After that, click on “Ads” and then “Ad Topic Preferences.” Here, you can review and adjust your interests, which may affect the ads you see.

Report Inappropriate Ads: 

If you come across an ad that you find inappropriate, misleading, or irrelevant, you can report it to Instagram.

To report inappropriate ads, select “Report” from the three dots in the top right corner of the ad.

Reporting inappropriate ads helps Instagram keep its advertising ecosystem clean and safe.

Third-Party Tools: 

Using third-party browser extensions or ad-blocking apps, you may be able to filter or block certain types of Instagram ads in limited ways. Before using such tools, exercise caution and research thoroughly.

They may not be officially supported or guaranteed to work effectively, and they may potentially violate Instagram’s terms of service.

In order to provide users with a free platform, Instagram relies heavily on advertising as a source of revenue.

Although sponsored posts cannot be completely eliminated, utilizing the options available on Instagram can help you customize your experience and potentially reduce the frequency of advertisements that don’t reflect your interests to some extent.

How To Get Rid of Instagram Ads

Instagram ads cannot be removed directly as that’s how they make money. You can remove Instagram ads by hiding the ad, blocking the ad account, or reporting it.

Additionally, you may be able to get fewer ads if you use Instagram on your browser instead of the mobile app for Facebook.

Method 1: Hiding Sponsored Ads

In case you don’t like a particular ad, you can hide it. Instagram’s algorithm won’t show you the ad again and will display other tailored sponsored ads instead.

  1. Go to your Instagram timeline and scroll through it.
  2. Click on the three dots to the right of a sponsored post
  3. You can hide the ad by clicking the “Hide ad” button.
  4. To hide your ad, you must select a reason.

Afterward, you won’t see this ad on your Instagram timeline again.

Instagram’s algorithm tracks this activity, and it treats it as a case of something you don’t need.

Method 2: Reporting Sponsored Ads

The best time to hide an advertisement is when you do not want it displayed, or if it aligns with the topic that you are interested in.

Instagram will investigate misleading or inappropriate advertisements or posts that are reported.

If you would like to report an advertisement, follow these steps:

  1. Report the ad you found.
  2. To view the advertisement, click on the three dots.
  3. Go to the “Report ad” section.
  4. Select the violation or reason that makes you report the ad.

The ad will be taken down if the investigation reveals that it was false, and you won’t see it again if Instagram investigates your report and finds that it was true.

Why am I getting so many sponsored posts on Instagram?

It is possible that you are seeing a high number of sponsored posts on Instagram due to the following reasons:

Ad Targeting: 

In Instagram’s advertising system, you are shown ads based on your preferences and interests.

In addition to collecting data about your activity on the platform, the platform also collects information about what you follow, what you engage with, and how you interact.

In order to deliver ads more likely to align with your interests, this data is used.

Engagement with Sponsored Content: 

A frequent engagement and interaction with sponsored posts on Instagram could be interpreted by the platform as an indication that you value such content. Consequently, you may see a greater volume of sponsored posts in your feed.

Advertiser Budgets and Availability: 

Advertisers’ budget allocation and the number of ads they display can also influence the frequency of sponsored posts.

If there are many advertisers targeting users with similar interests, sponsored posts will be more prevalent.

Content Diversity: 

In order to provide users with a diverse range of content, Instagram provides both organic and sponsored posts in your feed.

This diversity ensures that the posts from accounts you follow and those sponsored by companies are mixed together.

Instagram offers limited control over the frequency of sponsored posts, but you can customize your ad preferences and offer feedback to Instagram to influence the types of ads you see.

You can help Instagram refine the content it shows you by adjusting your interests and reporting irrelevant or inappropriate ads.

The primary source of revenue for Instagram is advertising, so they can offer users the platform and its features for free. In order to support the platform’s operations and the content creators using it, sponsored posts play a critical role.


With a few strategic steps, you can control your Instagram feed and minimize sponsored posts.

Using these methods, you can create a more personalized and engaging Instagram experience by regain control over the content you see.

Use third-party tools if necessary, review and manage your settings regularly, and give feedback on posts using the available options.

There are ways for Instagram users to customize their feed to reflect their interests and preferences, despite the fact that sponsored posts form an integral part of Instagram’s revenue model.

So, take charge of your Instagram experience, create a feed that resonates with you, and enjoy the content that truly inspires and engages you.

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