Start a new company by exploring Small Scale manufacturing business in Nigeria. It is common for smaller companies to adjust products and services much faster than large corporations. Smaller firms may also require less funding prior to production due to their smaller size.

There is no easy way to start a business. Starting a business takes a lot of money, effort, and time, and staying afloat without help is impossible. We’ve compiled a list of Small scale manufacturing business in Nigeria for you to get your venture off to a flying start.

Any of these businesses can succeed in the long run if they have the right amount of dedication and determination.

Now that you have seen the Small scale manufacturing business in Nigeria list, please read it carefully so you are prepared to respond when the opportunity arises! Take the time to explore these options today and you might soon have a new company all set up and ready to go!

Small Scale manufacturing business in Nigeria

Small Scale Manufacturing Business In Nigeria

Small scale manufacturing business opportunities offer many different job options, including assemblers, fabricators, mechanics, electricians, and machinists.

The manufacturing industry offers many opportunities for entry. The following are some ideas for starting a small scale manufacturing business in Nigeria.

# Metalworking – Fabrication and Welding

Metalworking can be utilized to fabricate and weld metal parts used in many different products.

One can apply these techniques to a wide range of applications, but this type of work is commonly seen in the automotive and aerospace industries.

There is no special equipment needed to get started with this type of manufacturing. There are metalworking jobs available at various businesses throughout the country.

# Production and assembly of wood parts

Making things from wood is a very popular form of manufacturing since a variety of different products can be made with this skill.

As well as being used in the furniture industry, woodworking can be used in other fields such as construction and boatbuilding.

Woodworking tasks like this require some basic tools and skills, but if accomplished properly, it can be profitable.

# Assembling and fabricating sheet metal parts

Woodworking is very similar to sheet metalworking, but larger equipment is typically required.

Construction and automotive manufacturing are two industries in which this type of work is prevalent.

A welding shop needs welding and air compressor equipment, hand tools, plasma cutters, punches, shears, etc. If you have this sort of machinery in your shop, you can make a huge variety of products.

# Design and assemble product packaging

All manufacturers need product packaging, but it can also be a very profitable business in its own right.

The food industry is dominated by large companies that specialize in packaging and assembly.

You may want to consider starting your own packaging business if you have access to this type of manufacturing equipment.

This business requires special packaging for products to be sold. If you have the right materials, equipment, and other machinery, it should be easy to create custom packaging!

# Screen printing T-shirts

Another popular small-scale manufacturing method is screen printing on T-shirts, since it is so versatile.

Entertainment companies can use this type of work to print custom shirts, but businesses can also use it.

There is little equipment or special skills required for creating these products, so you should be able to begin with little investment.

When you work with the right screen printers for t-shirts, you can create shirts for nearly any occasion. This is a fun, simple business idea that allows you to show off your creativity.

# Printing and Graphic Design

A wide variety of uses can be achieved through print production and graphic design, which are very popular among entrepreneurs.

Posters and other artwork are usually created by graphic artists in the entertainment industry.

Businesses and educational facilities can also benefit from this type of work.

Computers and graphic design software are needed for this type of business. This type of business is very easy to run once you have the equipment.

It is imperative that before you begin your project that you have familiarity with graphic software such as Illustrator and Photoshop.

If you want to sell banners, logos, or promotional materials to different businesses, you can easily create these types of materials.

Small Scale manufacturing business in Nigeria

# Ceramic tile and concrete block manufacturing

Typically, ceramic tiles are used in the construction and renovation of buildings.

Although these products are made with advanced machinery, the process requires a great deal of skill.

The process of making ceramic tiles is simple as long as you have access to this equipment! For this business idea to be successful, you will need to pour concrete into large forms, then cure the concrete.

Creating them in bulk will require a molding machine and a kiln for drying the tiles. For someone without much experience, it is a physically demanding and long-hour job.

# Casting and molding.

Other basic manufacturing processes requiring advanced machinery knowledge include molding and casting. This type of work is usually conducted in factories that produce plastic parts on a large scale.

It is possible, however, to create molds for all kinds of products yourself if you have access to similar equipment! A small investment is required for this business idea, but it can be very profitable. The equipment to pour your molds and cure them is needed to start this business idea.

Almost any industry utilizes the manufacturing process of molding and casting!

# Custom Furniture Design

Have you ever wondered how pieces of furniture are made when you walk through a furniture store?

The equipment needed for this business idea is similar to that used in the production of commercial furniture. Your customers can then design their own furniture!

CAD software will be needed in order to create designs for furniture with this business idea.

To create quality products, you need an understanding of carpentry, joinery, and woodworking. Having the right equipment available should help you get started very quickly.

# Jewelry Manufacturing

People with artistic backgrounds are especially fond of this type of business.

When done correctly, it can be lucrative, but requires a large investment up front. This type of business is best suited to those who have access to metalworking machinery.

A CAD program is required to design your jewelry products as you start out in jewelry manufacturing. Furthermore, it is imperative to understand metallurgy, gemstones, and the way in which stones are set in jewelry.

This type of business is relatively simple to start once the equipment is available. This business idea would be best executed through online sales or local craft shows.

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