From A Blogger’s Perspective

Ever wondered how blogging can be done in 2021?

It’s Simple Just Stop Imagining and Let’s Get Started:

First, blogging is simple, you just have to have something you want to share and a platform to share it. By ‘something’ mm I mean anything. ‘For instance if I am thinking of my favorite meal and feel I should share the recipe. Boom there we got something as simple as that.’

Now we got something, how do we package it so that it becomes readable and sharable? Again its simple just write the way it is! You don’t have to think of big words or phrases, just write your content. Probably one might ask, “how can someone blog if they are not too good in language?”

Again I say just write. It’ll make sense once you write it down. Just remember to give it a short and catchy title. If someone can read your content and make sense out of it, then you are good to go.

Blogging in essence is all about bringing out your content to your target audience. The way you package it primarily depends on you. You have all the freedom in blogging, worry not.

For instance if I am trying to raise a social issue which affects the society in general, then my audience may include the administration or the local people. If it is a sensitization campaign for instance urging parents to vaccinate their children against a deadly disease like Malaria, there I got my content and audience.

There are several channels to reach out to your audience. And since we are blogging in 2021 we got a wide range of options to choose from. For me I choose to post my blogs on my website. However, if you got no website worry -less you got several options to choose from. For instance you can use account which is quite easier to customize and is absolutely free. Further, you can share your content across all the social media platform, sharing drives your target audience to your content and gives them an option to leave a reply or comment.

Options like Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, Linkedin, Weebly among others can proof handy. Guest posting also is an option especially if you have content and want to reach out to an already existing audience. Choose the best option that matches your niche. If it’s a career advancing blog or posts on certain profiles then one can choose LinkedIn. But if you are dealing with website stuff like web development and hosting you can try Wix.

Your Reach is important and the reader’s feedback is what keeps you moving. Once you have written down your content share it first with your immediate friends and family members. Let them comment on your content as their views are instrumental in propelling your progress as a blogger. It is important that you produce original content as it resonates well with your audience and makes you unique.

Make Blogging a Habit. Don’t Stop Till blogging becomes part of your every day’s to do list. Remember you got an audience waiting for new content each and every day. Monetize your Blog – Easier said than done. Your content though scanty as it may look can be invaluable to your audience.

The whole beauty about blogging is that your content can work good for you and even pay you a dime! Keep on blogging, it is fun and doesn’t tire.

Blog and Blog … Again and Again

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