How to Send Money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money?

How to Send Money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money? It is paramount to be able to send money quickly and securely in the modern age of digital transactions. In order to meet the needs of a fast-paced world, mobile money services provide convenient solutions that cater to the needs of individuals and families alike.

This type of transaction is facilitated by a number of platforms, including M-Pesa and Airtel Money, which have gained widespread popularity across various parts of the world. # Send Money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money

By using M-Pesa to send money to Airtel Money, users can access a whole new world of possibilities, offering seamless cross-network transactions that bridge the gap between different mobile money ecosystems.

The ability to navigate this process efficiently can make your financial transactions easier and enhance your overall experience with mobile money, whether you are sending money to family members, paying bills, or conducting business transactions.

This guide will show you all the steps involved in sending money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money, providing you with a comprehensive overview of how the process works and empowering you with all the information you need to make transactions in an easy manner.

Requirements for sending money from Mpesa to Airtel money

The mobile money transfer service offered by these two telecommunication companies is what you need to use to send money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money.

As a mobile phone-based money transfer service, M-Pesa, which was created in 2007 by Vodafone for Safaricom and Vodacom, the two largest mobile networks in Kenya and Tanzania, was introduced to the country in 2007.

In contrast, Airtel Money is a mobile commerce service provided by Airtel, a telecommunications company operating in a number of countries across Africa and Asia. # Requirements for sending money from Mpesa to Airtel money

According to the instructions provided by the respective companies, users are required to follow specific steps and procedures to transfer funds from M-Pesa to Airtel Money. # Requirements for sending money from Mpesa to Airtel money

Follow these steps to send money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money without having to use a bank account:

  1. Dial *334# from your M-Pesa registered line.
  2. Click Send Money.
  3. You can choose to send to another network.
  4. Please enter the Airtel mobile number (or the number of another network user) to which you’d like to transfer money.
  5. Please indicate the amount you would like to send.
  6. Please enter your M-Pesa PIN.
  7. Complete the transaction by confirming the details and sending.

M-Pesa transfers to other mobile operators will be charged according to current M-Pesa charges. The minimum amount you can send to Airtel Money users is Ksh. 101 up to a maximum limit of Ksh. 300,000.

You will be able to withdraw the money through the Airtel Money STK menu at Airtel Money Agents once it has been deposited into the recipient’s Airtel Money wallet. # Requirements for sending money from Mpesa to Airtel money

You can do the same for other mobile money networks like Telkom and Equitel. If you accidentally send money to the wrong number, call Safaricom Customer Care immediately at 100 to reverse it. # Requirements for sending money from Mpesa to Airtel money

If you wish to request that M-Pesa reverse the transaction, you can also follow the steps in how to Request for M-Pesa transaction reversal.

Prior to initiating the transfer, be sure you have an active M-Pesa account with sufficient funds and an Airtel Money account registered to your name.

How to transfer money from Airtel Money to Mpesa?

With the advent of Internet interoperability in today’s world, it is now possible to transfer money between mobile money platforms that have been integrated with each other.

To transfer money from Airtel money to M-PESA, the following steps will have to be followed to make the transfer possible:

  1. To call 222, dial *222#
  2. To send money, select the option
  3. Select M-PESA, then click Send
  4. Safaricom number of recipient
  5. Calculate the amount
  6. Ensure that all transaction details are accurate before proceeding
  7. Put your pin in
  8. Once you have clicked okay,
  9. A confirmation email will be sent to you once this has been confirmed.

Sending money to other countries is the best feature of Airtel Money.

For example, if you are a Kenyan with an Airtel Money account, you can send money to Rwanda. # transfer money from Airtel Money to Mpesa

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. You can reach us at *222#
  2. When you click on send money, choose international money transfers
  3. Input the counterpart in Rwanda’s mobile number after choosing Rwanda
  4. Send the other person the amount you wish to send
  5. Once all the details have been confirmed, enter your pin.
  6. Choose the reason for transfer and then click Send

Send Money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money

What is the exchange rate between M-Pesa and Airtel Money?

In addition, it is important to understand that the exchange rate when it comes to M-Pesa vs Airtel Money is not fixed like it is with traditional currency exchange rates, but is rather determined by the specific transaction fees and charges that the mobile money provider sets.

In the event that you decide to transfer money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money (or vice versa) you will be charged a fee for the transfer.

This fee varies based on the amount being transferred as well as the terms of the transfer. For accurate and up-to-date information, it is important to check the current rates directly from the M-Pesa or Airtel Money platforms or to reach out to their customer service representatives.

It is important to remember that these fees can change over the course of time, so it is best to verify the rates before transferring money.

It is also important to consider other factors when deciding between using M-Pesa or Airtel Money, such as convenience, network coverage, and additional services each provider provides.

How to Send Money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money?

Following are the steps you will need to follow to send money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money:

  1. Please dial *334# from your Safaricom line.
  2. Click on “Send Money”.
  3. Select “Send to other networks.”
  4. Please enter the Airtel number of the recipient.
  5. If you would like to send a certain amount, enter it there.
  6. Confirm your M-Pesa PIN and transaction details.

If the transaction is processed, you and the recipient will receive SMS confirmation messages that confirm the transaction has been processed.

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Because the main answer to the question is highly likely to be correct since this procedure is based on the latest guidelines provided by Safaricom and Airtel, both of which are renowned telecommunications providers in Kenya, as well as the fact that their information is usually reliable, one can be confident that the main answer is correct.


The ability to transfer money from M-Pesa to Airtel Money represents a significant advance in mobile financial services, as it allows users to transfer money between different mobile money platforms with ease and convenience.

If users follow the steps outlined in this guide, they will be able to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of cross-network transactions, allowing them to transfer funds between multiple mobile money platforms with ease.

Knowing how to navigate mobile money systems effectively becomes increasingly important as technology advances and mobile money services become more prevalent.

A quick and secure way of moving funds across different platforms can enhance your financial capabilities and simplify your day-to-day transactions regardless of whether you are sending money to family members, paying bills, or conducting business transactions.