How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact?

How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages Without Adding Contact? Personal and business communications have become popular on WhatsApp.

Although WhatsApp is designed for one-on-one conversations and group chats, you may find it useful to send bulk messages without adding each contact individually at times.

Sending important announcements, promotions, or updates to a large number of recipients can be useful in this way.

We will discuss methods and tools that allow you to send bulk WhatsApp messages without having to manually add recipients.

By following these steps, your messaging process will be streamlined and you will be reaching a broader audience more efficiently.

It is possible to send bulk messages to a large number of numbers using WhatsApp marketing software such as WASender or WAPlus.

You can also send bulk messages to members of any WhatsApp group that does not restrict participation.

The WhatsApp API and third-party apps can also be used to send messages to people without saving their contact information.

By using the API, you can send bulk messages using the broadcast feature of WhatsApp.

Sending Bulk Messages on WhatsApp Without Saving Numbers to Contacts

Through the WhatsApp Business app and platform, businesses are able to automate customer communication.

WhatsApp is a great marketing and communications tool for small to large businesses.

Businesses can use APIs to integrate thousands of agents and bots to communicate with their customers more freely through the WhatsApp Business platform.

It is particularly beneficial for medium-sized and large businesses because it allows them to communicate with their customers at scale.

If you send bulk messages to your clients, you can share promotional materials, new launches, news, information, and other marketing materials at once, which is easier and more efficient than sending them individually.

How To Send Bulk WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Through the use of third-party tools or services, it is possible to send bulk WhatsApp messages without adding each contact individually.

It is important to note, however, that these methods should be used responsibly and in accordance with WhatsApp’s privacy and terms of service policies. # Send Bulk WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Here are the steps for sending bulk WhatsApp messages without adding contacts:

WhatsApp Business API: 

Using WhatsApp Business APIs, businesses may send messages at scale with ease. Integration with WhatsApp’s official API is required and compliance with WhatsApp’s guidelines is required.

The WhatsApp Business API allows for bulk messaging, automating customer interactions, and managing messaging campaigns.

Accessing and using this API, however, requires WhatsApp’s approval and verification. # Send Bulk WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Third-party Software: 

WhatsApp bulk messaging is facilitated by third-party applications and software.

A few popular examples of such tools include WhatsApp bulk senders or WhatsApp marketing software.

These tools often provide features such as importing contact lists, creating message templates, and scheduling messages.

Ensure that the tools you use are reputable, secure, and comply with WhatsApp’s policies when using them. # Send Bulk WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Online Services: 

Sending bulk WhatsApp messages without manually adding contacts is possible with some online services.

To protect the privacy and security of your contacts, be cautious and choose reputable services.

These services typically allow you to upload a list of contacts and send pre-configured messages to them. # Send Bulk WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Despite its limitations, WhatsApp is primarily intended for personal and business communication.

Sending unsolicited or spam messages may result in WhatsApp’s policies being violated and you could even be suspended from using the service.

Always obtain proper consent and ensure your messages adhere to applicable regulations.

How to send bulk messages at once in WhatsApp without adding contact?

Using the regular WhatsApp Messenger app or the basic business version of the app will not allow you to send 1000 WhatsApp messages at the same time.

It is possible, however, to send bulk messages to many of your contacts through both apps using the WhatsApp Broadcast feature. What is the WhatsApp Broadcast feature?

Using this feature, you can send messages to multiple contacts simultaneously without having to create a group chat.

This feature allows you to create a broadcast list and include up to 256 contacts in it.

Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages
Send Bulk WhatsApp Messages

The message will be sent as a normal WhatsApp message, rather than being included in a large group chat that may quickly become overwhelming.

You may be subject to your WhatsApp account being flagged or restricted if you are found to be sending a large number of messages at the same time without adding each contact individually to the conversation.

WhatsApp’s policies aim to protect user privacy and prevent unsolicited or automated bulk messaging.

It is important to respect WhatsApp’s terms of service and use the platform responsibly.

Consider using alternative methods for communication with a large group of people, including creating a broadcast list, establishing a group chat, or using WhatsApp Business APIs for business-related communication.

Please ensure that your messages comply with relevant laws and regulations and obtain proper consent from recipients.

In order to maintain the integrity of the platform and respect others’ privacy, bulk messaging should be handled thoughtfully and responsibly.

Use WhatsApp APIs To Send Messages

WhatsApp and WhatsApp business APIs are among the services that Facebook or Meta launched in 2018 to help businesses effectively communicate with customers.

  1. Using your computer or smartphone, open your browser.
  2. You can paste this link into your browser’s URL bar:
    • Be sure to replace all “Xs” with your contact number before copying this link.
    • Before the number, include the country code of the recipient. For example, if the country is the USA, type “1”.
  3. You will see the complete number on the screen after hitting “Enter.” The message “Continue to Chat” will appear.
  4. There will be a new screen asking whether you want to use WhatsApp web or WhatsApp app.
    • The chat window of that number will open in your WhatsApp or WhatsApp Business app if you select WhatsApp app.
    • Additionally, clicking the WhatsApp website will open the chat window of the number after you scan the QR code on your desktop screen.
  5. Send your message to the desired number by typing it in.

With this method, you can send messages to as many people as possible without having to save their phone numbers. # Use WhatsApp APIs To Send Messages

WhatsApp Official APIs

We’ll use DelightChat as an example to show how to send bulk WhatsApp messages.

First, you’ll need to register with DelightChat and apply for WhatsApp API access.

After that, follow these steps to send bulk WhatsApp messages:

  1. DelightChat is also available in your browser if you do not have the Android or iOS app.
  2. To view broadcasts, click “Broadcasts” on the left.
  3. From your devices, import a CSV file (numbers with area codes) to upload your contacts.
  4. Your campaign’s title and message should be entered in the “Message Templates” section.
  5. Go to “Message Schedule.” and select it.
  6. Finally, click the “Publish Broadcast” button to send your message in bulk to all the contacts in your CSV.

The reporting section also shows the delivery status of your campaigns and read receipts.

How to send bulk messages on WhatsApp without adding contact for free?

With WhatsDirect for Android or WA Messages for iOS, you can send bulk messages without saving the recipient’s phone number.

In these apps, type the receiver’s number with the code and message. You can also use WhatsApp’s ‘Click to Chat’ feature to send messages to unsaved numbers using a link.

With number containing the country code and message containing the text you wish to send, it is formatted as

These third-party tools, however, may violate WhatsApp’s terms of service, as well as result in your account being suspended if you send unsolicited messages or spam.


When you need to reach a large number of recipients, it can be helpful to send bulk WhatsApp messages without adding each contact individually.

In this blog post, we explored different methods and tools to make this possible. Depending on your needs and resources, there are a variety of options available, including using WhatsApp Business API, third-party software, and online services.

The terms of service and privacy policies of WhatsApp must be followed when sending bulk WhatsApp messages.

Avoid spamming or sending unsolicited messages to recipients who have not consented to receiving them.

Whenever you use bulk messaging, make sure that you have the appropriate authorization and permissions to contact recipients.

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