SEMRush Review: How To Drive Traffic To Your Website With SEMRush

First, it is important to know that most big companies and corporations nowadays utilize and implement the competitive intelligence provided by analytics tools. This enables them to gain customers’ insight and know when, where, and how to run their businesses, how to optimize their digital performances, and how to accelerate their growth. 

SEMrush is an SEO tool that analyzes competitors, conducts keyword research, and optimizes Google Ad campaigns

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With SEMRush you get an analytic tool that offers you insights on the website’s desktop and mobile traffic behavior, users behavior stats, and analytics on the traffic sources. With this kind of data at your disposal, you are able to break down the digital marketing strategy that you wish to implement, get a full estimate on prospective partner’s capabilities, explore new and unexplored markets, and much more.

What is the source of SEMRush data? 

SEMRush gets its useful data from machine learning algorithms, and third-party providers that have been collecting and analyzing google data over more than 500 million most popular keywords and actual google search results pages. 

SEMRush collects different types of data through different methods, but they ensure that all the data collected are of high quality and correct.

As a result of using the most current data sources on the marketplace, SEMRush has always been able to provide the most trustworthy solution, and they do it via proprietary methods to ensure the data is clean and accurate.

SEMRush offers you the following top features that change your marketing strategies and change your general overview of the different markets.

  • Keyword Research Tools
  • On-Page SEO Tools
  • Local SEO Tools
  • Rank Tracking Tools
  • Link Building Tools
  • Competitor SEO Analysis 

SEMRush tools for curating the best online content include:

  • 7 Content Marketing Tools 
  • 3 Content Creation and Distribution Tools 
  • 2 Content Optimization Tools
  • 2 Content Marketing Analytics Tools

SEMRush best market research tools include:

  • Competitor Analysis Tools
  • Marketing Analysis tools
  • Paid Advertising tools
  • Competitor PR Monitoring Tools

SEMRUsh offers online advertising services for small businesses

  • Website Monetization Tools 
  • PPC Keyword Research Tools


For sure this platform is packed with numerous powerful tools that will improve and change your marketing strategy. Even though in the beginning SEMRush might look challenging and complicated, but for sure, after you sign up and start navigating a few times, you will find it easy and simple.

How to drive traffic with SEMRush to your site

Here, I will share ways to help you get traffic to your blog or website with the help of SEMRush. This can be implemented by anybody with the software regardless of the type of business venture one undertakes.

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Domain Analytics

Would you like to climb higher in search engine results than your competitors? To begin with, search engine results pages need to be analyzed. Calculate how many different domains compete for any given keyword. Look at how powerful each of those domains is. 

Identifying your organic competition is as follows:

  • SEMRush has a feature called ‘Domain Analytics’
  • Go to ‘Organic Research’ to learn more
  • Then enter the domain name


If you want to dive deeper into your own domain or an online domain that you see floating around, the Domain Analytics report will let you do that. Depending on your need, you can also drill down to the URL level and subdomain level. 

SEMRush Domain Analytics, based on their proprietary methodology, will allow you to see where you stand among your competitors, regardless of whether you use Google Analytics, Google Ads, or Google Search Console for internal reporting. 

From an agency (or external) analyst perspective, it allows us to review potential clients’ data without access to their internal accounts, too. 

(Get Traffic With SEMRush) Discover which pages your competitors are ranking for

By knowing what your competitors are doing, you also do the same thing. That’s why it’s important to analyze what your competitors are doing. In addition, to help in your marketing strategy, competitive insight is also beneficial. 

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In SEMRush, you can get a lot of information about your competition. As an example, if you want to know the highest-performing pages of your competitor, you can do the following: 

  • On the SEMRush dashboard, go to Domain Overview
  • Enter the URL of your competitor’s website
  • Select ‘Organic Research’ 
  • Go to ‘Pages.’ 

This page will give you details about your competitors’ top-performing pages. This tool allows you to identify traffic, keywords, backlinks, and other metrics for the pages. In addition to using keywords for content creation, you can make use of them to create your page. 

In due course, your site will attract more backlinks, naturally. SEMRush can help you get traffic in this way.

In addition to getting an in-depth look into your competitor’s website analytics, SEMRush offers a multitude of other reports like Keyword Gap Analysis and Backlink Gap Analysis, as well as Paid Search and Display Ads.

It is really an excellent tool for identifying your competitive advantage and getting to know your potential customers. When determining which keywords to prioritize when competing against your competition, you can rely on these reports. You may also learn about links that your competitors are gaining from sources you hadn’t expected. 

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Backlink Reclaiming

There are many valuable backlinks pointing to the website that you have collected. That’s amazing! However, you lose some backlinks over time. Consequently, your search ranking may suffer. In this case, the SEMRush software comes into play. 

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By using SEMRush, you learn how to identify your lost links in order to get them back. The steps are as follows:

  • Visit the SEMRush dashboard
  • Click on ‘Domain Analytics’ 
  • Enter your domain under ‘Backlinks’

This is where you’ll find a listing of all your site’s backlinks. You can now see the lost links by clicking on the ‘Lost’ button. Get them back by analyzing them. Identify all the domain owners and contact them.

Performance Tracking, Fixing SEO Errors & Reporting

With the SEMRush Pro version, the user is able to collect data and track it over a specific period. You can analyze competitors’ data and use it to your advantage.

Site Audits provided by SEMRush allow you to identify every SEO issue on your site. As well as learning the steps to fix all the problems, you also discover what steps you need to take. Isn’t that great!

When you access your SEMRush account to conduct the site audit, you will need to:

  • Click on Projects
  • Go to ‘Add New Project’
  • Enter the URL of your site
  • Then click on ‘Set up’
  • Enter the relevant information

You can begin the site audit as soon as you click the button. The SEMRush crawler analyzes your site and creates a detailed report. Your screen will now show all the errors that occurred on-site. The steps provided here will assist you in fixing them. 

Optimize Your Content with SEMRush

Without a doubt, SEMRush offers an underrated tool called SEO Content Template. By incorporating the best SEO practices into your content, you help your website rank better. Based on your primary keyword, the tool provides a template of recommendations. 


The use of data-based audience research and optimization tools will help you design content for the purpose of providing the highest value to readers, based on the expertise of the author.

As part of a content audit, you should always review your content as often as necessary to detect ongoing optimization opportunities, as well as any parts of the content that are out of date or not aligned with how your audience searches for your content. 

To optimize your content right from the start, use SEMrush’s SEO Content Template to make sure that every on-page tweek is done correctly.

Whenever you write content, keep the user intent and search behaviors in mind so that you create content that is natural and friendly to search engines.

With SEMRush, you can generate an SEO template based on an analysis of SERPs. You should follow its recommendations

  • Keywords with semantic connections
  • Creating backlinks
  • Easy-to-read
  • A text’s length is also important

Structure your content so that it outranks your competitors using these suggestions. With SEMrush, it will bring in tons of traffic. It’s an excellent tool because it goes beyond on-page optimization to discuss off-page practices as well. 

Update, rewrite, or remove any outdated content

SEMRush content audit allows users to identify contents that are outdated and need polishing. SEMRush content audit breaks this into four categories:

  • Delete or rewrite. The most urgently needed pages need to be rewritten or deleted entirely.
  • Update needed. Pages that do not need a complete rewrite but could use some updating.
  • Quick review. Pages which need minor tweaks or updates.
  • Poor content. Content that is too brief and needs to be expanded.

These can be found in your Content Audit under the “Content Sets” section. Depending on your needs and preference, each set can be customized. There are filters based on terms such as the date of the most recent update, traffic data, word count, and more. 

The following are a few metrics you might use when reviewing content, and how you might use them:

  • In some cases, websites with inadequate social shares and backlinks may need better marketing strategies.
  • Identify old research, or update your pages that need an update by sorting your pages by newest content updates.
  • Pages with the lowest word count should be sorted by word count to identify those needing more substantial content.
  • If your organic traffic is decreasing, you probably need stronger search engine optimization.

Your next step will be to assign a writer and describe in detail what you need them to do after you identify which pages need to be updated.

Conclusion: How To Drive Traffic To Your Website In 2021 with SEMRush

The SEMRush tool enables you to discover which pages are at the top of your competitors’ search engine results, and reclaim lost backlinks. As well as fixing critical errors in SEO, this software enables you to analyze the organic competition in just seconds.

With SEMRush, you can enhance your marketing efforts at any time. Furthermore, you can also use SEMRush to find long-tail keywords and link-building opportunities. 

The only thing you need to do is explore its features.

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