How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights?

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights? One of the most engaging platforms in the world is Instagram, which offers a visual feast to millions of users.

By using features like Highlights and Stories, you can capture and share moments from your life that are meaningful to you.

But have you ever wondered who has been watching your Instagram Highlights? Perhaps you’re curious about who has been sharing your cherished memories or showing interest in your journey with you.

It is possible to uncover the mystery behind your Instagram Highlights viewers in this blog.

In spite of the fact that Instagram does not offer a built-in feature that will reveal who viewed your Highlights directly, we will explore some insights, third-party apps, and tips that may shed some light on this intriguing issue.

In this blog, we’ll decode your Instagram Highlights’ audience and demystify it. # How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights?

Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Instagram Highlight?

Instagram highlights that are more than 48 hours old are not visible to anyone. However, if the story was posted before 48 hours (e.g. 12 hours ago), they will be able to see that you viewed it.

People will be able to see everyone who viewed their Instagram story if they posted it an hour ago and added it to their highlights right away. # Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Instagram Highlight

Within 48 hours, the person will be able to see who viewed their story. The top left corner of the story will indicate the age of the story (for example, 20 days old, 10 days old, 3 days old).

In this case, most people add old stories to their highlights, so you won’t be able to tell them you viewed their highlights.

As Instagram will stop updating viewers after 48 hours, people will not be able to see who viewed an old story that was added to their highlight.

Because they can tap on their highlights to see a list of viewers, the list will disappear. # Can Someone See That I Viewed Their Instagram Highlight

Can I see who viewed my Instagram story after 24 hours?

After 24 hours, you cannot see who viewed your Instagram story. Instagram Stories are meant to be ephemeral, so the list of viewers only remains available for 24 hours after you post them.

This list of viewers becomes inaccessible once the time period has expired, and there is no way to retrieve this information built into Instagram.

Instagram is all about privacy and encouraging users to share content without being afraid of long-term visibility.

Therefore, your stories are visible for a short period of time, and then they are automatically deleted.

Despite the fact that many third-party apps and services claim to show who viewed your stories after the 24-hour window, they are not officially supported by Instagram and may violate its terms of service as well.

As these apps could compromise your account’s security and violate Instagram’s policies, it’s important to exercise caution when using them.

Once the 24-hour period expires, Instagram’s official features no longer allow you to view a list of readers for your story.

How to see who viewed Instagram Highlights on iPhone?

  1. You can open Instagram by clicking here. 
  2. You can access your profile photo at the bottom of the page.
  3. Make a selection of highlights.
  4. The activity will be displayed.  
  5. Your IG Story Highlight viewer list will show the total number of views.

There is an interesting feature that appears on profiles that have reacted to your Highlight: there will be a small heart icon on their profile picture if they have reacted.

By tapping the messenger icon next to their profile, you can send them messages. # How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights?

Click the three-dot icon next to their name and select Block or Hide Your Story if you wish to view their profile.

Check who viewed your Instagram Highlights after 48 hours?

As soon as your Instagram highlight has exceeded the 48-hour limit after being uploaded, Instagram automatically removes the list of viewers.

See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights
See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights

There is, however, another way to get Instagram highlights analytics. To do this, you need to turn your profile into a professional one. # viewed your Instagram Highlights

  1. You can access your profile by opening Instagram.
  2. Select Settings and privacy from the hamburger icon.
  3. To access the tools and account type, scroll down.
  4. Select the Switch to professional account option.
  5. Click the Continue button.
  6. Select a category for your account and tap Done.
  7. The conversion can be approved by selecting OK.
  8. Make sure your Instagram profile is set up before posting.
  9. To choose a creator, tap Next → OK.
  10. You will need to follow the instructions on screen.
  11. You will now see Story Insights when you open any Highlight.

View lists and view counts are not provided in insights, but you can check reach, which indicates how many accounts have seen your story at least once.

Insights also show who liked your story and who engaged with it. You can get more detailed analytics if you boost your story. # viewed your Instagram Highlights

How to See the Number of Views on Instagram Highlights?

If you’re curious about how many views an Instagram Highlight has received, or if you’re doing business, you might want to check it out periodically.

View counts are useful because they tell you when to change or delete them based on their performance.

There is a 48-hour limit on Instagram Highlight count and who viewed it.

After that period, the stats will disappear forever. Here’s how to check Highlight counts.

  1. Click the profile photo in the lower right-hand corner of your Instagram account.
  2. An open link will appear when you click on a highlight.
  3. A view count is displayed next to Seen by in the bottom-left corner.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Highlights?

Highlights are basically part of the story since your Instagram stories will be automatically deleted after 24 hours, but you can still see your old stories with Highlights.

The archive settings are required to use this awesome feature.

Once you enable the archive settings, you can save your story in highlights like a folder, and it will automatically display on your profile.

It can also help you boost your old popular stories or stories that are not receiving as much attention as they should.

Viewers of your Instagram highlights can be found here:

  1. Log into your Instagram account after opening the app.
  2. On the right side of your screen, click your small profile photo.
  3. Select any highlight whose viewers history you would like to see.
  4. You can see how many people have viewed your Instagram highlights in the bottom left corner.
  5. If you tap on the profiles icon, you will be able to see all the profiles.

Who can see Instagram highlights?

Your Instagram profile can be customized with Highlights, which are collections of Stories you have previously shared. 

In order to make Instagram Highlights visible, follow these steps:

  1. A public profile allows anyone to see your Highlights. They appear below your bio and above your regular feed posts.
  2. Only your followers who have been approved can see your Highlights if your Instagram account is set to private.
  3. When you create a Highlight, you can choose which Stories to include and who to make it visible. You can make a Highlight visible to:
    • Whether or not they follow you, it is visible to everyone on Instagram.
    • Your Highlights are only visible to your approved followers if your profile is private.
    • A Highlight can be made visible to only your Close Friends if you have one.

It’s important to remember that Instagram Highlights are a way to highlight and curate your most important Stories, so you can choose to share them with your audience in a public or private way, depending on what your Instagram privacy settings are and how you prefer to share them.


The Highlights feature on Instagram allows us to share our most precious moments with a larger audience, which has revolutionized the way we share our lives.

We have explored some third-party apps and insights that may offer partial answers to the question of who viewed your Highlights despite the platform not offering a direct method.

The goal of this blog is to emphasize the importance of online privacy and the limitations set forth by platforms such as Instagram.

It’s natural to be curious about your viewers, but you should always respect their privacy and share memories with them.

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