How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn? Staying up to date on industry trends and insights is easy with LinkedIn, a valuable platform for professional networking.

It can be helpful to have a method to conveniently view recent posts of specific individuals, whether they are colleagues, industry influencers, or potential connections.

We will discuss how to view all of someone’s recent LinkedIn posts in this blog post. # How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

Our course will educate you on how to utilize LinkedIn to its full potential.

Get ready to maximize your LinkedIn experience and take advantage of the valuable insights shared by others by following our tips and tricks.

Can followers see my posts on LinkedIn?

The answer is yes, your followers on LinkedIn can view your posts.

When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your connections and followers can see it, based on how your visibility settings are set up. Here’s how it works:


Your LinkedIn connections, or people you’ve connected with and have accepted your connection invitation, can view your posts by default in their feeds. # Can followers see my posts on LinkedIn


When you publish a post on LinkedIn, your followers will be able to see it in their feeds. This allows them to engage with your posts.

If you have enabled the “Follow” feature on your LinkedIn profile, others not directly connected with you can follow your profile.

A person’s ability to see your posts depends on the privacy settings you have chosen for your account.

By changing these settings, you can control who can see your posts and other profile activity.

Furthermore, LinkedIn provides options to further customize the visibility of your posts.

During the creation of a post, you can choose whether to share it publicly, privately, or with selected individuals or groups.

Depending on your preferences and the intended audience, you can tailor the visibility of your posts. # Can followers see my posts on LinkedIn

How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

Using the following methods, you can view all the recent posts someone has made on LinkedIn:

Follow the Person: 

The simplest way to take advantage of LinkedIn is to follow the individuals whose posts you’d like to keep an eye on.

When you follow someone on LinkedIn, their posts will appear in your LinkedIn feed, making them easy for you to access and engage with.

Adjust Feed Preferences: 

With LinkedIn, you have options to customize your feed preferences. You can prioritize posts from specific connections, including those you are interested in seeing the most.

Choose the option that will ensure the person’s posts are prominently displayed in your feed by going to the person’s LinkedIn profile, clicking on “More” (represented by three dots), and selecting “Change my feed settings.”

Use LinkedIn Search: 

You can use LinkedIn to search for and find the person’s profile. # How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

Once you’re on their profile, click on the “Posts” tab, which will display all their recent posts chronologically, so you can read and engage with them as you wish.

Engage with Their Activity: 

If you visit the person’s LinkedIn profile and click on the “Activity” tab, you can see their recent activity, including posts, likes, comments, and shares.

By engaging with their recent posts, you will be able to learn more about them.

posts of someone on LinkedIn
posts of someone on LinkedIn

Enable Notifications: 

It is possible to enable notifications for the person’s activity if you would like to receive immediate updates whenever he or she publishes a new post.

From there, you can choose to receive notifications for their posts by clicking the “More” button (represented by three dots). # How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

This method helps you stay up to date with someone’s LinkedIn posts, engage with their posts, and build meaningful professional relationships by seeing all their recent posts.

Engage in a genuine and valuable manner while respecting LinkedIn’s community guidelines. # How can I see recent posts of someone on LinkedIn?

Can someone see I viewed their LinkedIn Post?

Users cannot view the names of people who have specifically viewed their posts on LinkedIn.

This is in contrast to LinkedIn’s “Who viewed your profile” feature, which reveals limited information about who has visited your profile.

Nevertheless, LinkedIn offers engagement metrics for posts, including views, likes, comments, and shares.

You can see aggregated statistics on these metrics as a post author in order to measure engagement and reach. However, you won’t be able to see a list of individual viewers.

With this design, users are allowed to engage with posts without having to worry about being tracked and monitored by authors.

It promotes an open and inclusive environment for sharing content.

It is also important to know that LinkedIn will not notify anyone that you have viewed their LinkedIn post, and they will not receive any indication that you have done so.

Your activity remains private, and your engagement with their post remains anonymous to them.

Can someone block you from seeing their activity on LinkedIn?

A LinkedIn user can block you from seeing their activity on LinkedIn. When they block another LinkedIn user, they restrict their access to certain information, including their activity.

A LinkedIn user who has blocked you will not be able to see your posts, likes, comments, or any other activity that they engage in on the platform if you have been blocked.

A person who blocks you on LinkedIn does so to restrict the interaction and privacy they have with you, for a number of reasons, such as managing connections, maintaining professional boundaries, or conforming to their personal preferences.

The best thing you can do if you suspect someone has blocked you on LinkedIn and you can’t see their activity is to respect their privacy and decision.

By blocking users’ information and content, LinkedIn ensures users have control over their online presence. # Can someone block you from seeing their activity on LinkedIn

Why can’t I see someone’s activity on linkedin

In some cases, you might not be able to see someone’s LinkedIn activity because of the following reasons:

Privacy Settings: 

You may be unable to view the activity of the person you are trying to view because their privacy settings have been adjusted.

Users can control who can see their posts, likes, comments, and other activity by setting up a variety of privacy options.

You may not be able to see the person’s activity if they have set their privacy settings to limit visibility.

Connection Status: 

According to your connections with other LinkedIn users, you have different levels of visibility.

You may not be able to see the person’s activity unless you send them a connection request and they accept it if you’re not connected with them or if their activity visibility is restricted to only their connections.

Network Visibility: 

Moreover, LinkedIn takes into account the visibility settings of your entire network when displaying activity, so if your activity visibility settings differ from the person you’re trying to view, you may not be able to see theirs.

Activity Frequency: 

It is possible that there is limited or no visible activity to view if the person is not active on LinkedIn or has not recently had any significant activity on the site.

Technical Issues: 

In some cases, the visibility of someone’s activity can be affected by technical glitches or temporary issues with LinkedIn’s platform.

It may be worth checking with others if you are experiencing persistent difficulties viewing someone’s activity or contacting LinkedIn’s support team for assistance if you’re experiencing persistent difficulties.

It’s important to respect other users’ privacy settings and remember that not every LinkedIn activity is public.

Regardless of their activity visibility settings, following someone’s profile ensures their posts appear in your feed if you’re specifically interested in their posts.


LinkedIn posts can provide valuable insight, industry knowledge, and networking opportunities if you keep track of them.

We covered a variety of techniques in this blog post to see all the recent LinkedIn posts of someone, so that you can keep up to date and engage with their content effectively.

In order to streamline your LinkedIn experience and make sure you don’t miss out on important connections’ updates, you can use the methods outlined above, such as following them, adjusting your feed preferences, using search filters, or viewing their profile activity.

Build meaningful relationships within your professional network by using these techniques responsibly, engaging meaningfully with the content, and leveraging them responsibly.

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