How To See Old Discord Servers? Complete Guide

How To See Old Discord Servers? A Discord server is a virtual hub where individuals can discuss, collaborate, and make memories. These servers can, however, be altered over time, and members may move on and off, and cherished conversations can fade into history.

Can you revisit and relive those old Discord servers that once occupied a special place in your online life?

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and recapture that nostalgic feeling of the past as we examine methods and techniques for re-discovering those nostalgic old Discord servers.

Can You Search Discord Server History?

In accordance with Discord’s Privacy Policy, you can search for your Discord server history.

Discord keeps the history of servers you’ve joined for as long as your account is active.

Nonetheless, you might not have access to the chat history of a server once you leave or are removed from it.

If you do not care about the chat history, but only want to know about the servers you’ve joined and left in the past, you might be able to find it.

How To See Old Discord Servers

It would be great if Discord listed their old Discord servers! Many users have requested such a feature.

It is almost impossible to see old Discord servers because the feature has not yet been implemented.

Discord’s old servers can be viewed by following these steps:

Step 1: Locate Your Server List

  • Using your computer or mobile device, launch the Discord application.
  • For access to your Discord account, enter your credentials if you’re not already logged in.

Step 2: Access Server Settings

  • To access your user menu, click on your user icon in the bottom left corner of Discord.
  • Select “Servers” from the user menu. This will display a list of servers you are currently part of. # How To See Old Discord Servers

Step 3: Enable Developer Mode (Optional)

  • Click on the gear icon in the bottom left corner of the screen to open the User Settings.
  • Developer Mode: Tick the “Developer Mode” checkbox under the “Appearance” section.

Step 4: Locate Server ID

  • You can find the ID for a server by right-clicking on it in the server list and selecting properties.
  • To copy the unique ID of the server, select “Copy ID” in the context menu.

Step 5: Use the Server ID to Find Old Server (Two Methods) 

Method 1: Direct Link

  • You can use your favorite web browser to open a website.
  • Copy the server ID from and paste it in the address bar (replace the “server_id” with the actual server ID).
  • In your browser, hit Enter to navigate to the URL. If Discord is still accessible, it will open the server if you’re logged in.

Method 2: Developer Console (Advanced)

  • If you haven’t already logged in to Discord, open your web browser and log in to Discord.
  • Click on the “Console” tab in the developer console by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I (or Cmd + Option + I on Mac).
  • Put “server_id” in the console instead of the exact server ID you copied. Type window.location.href = “” in the console.
  • Once the command has been executed, press the Enter key to open the server.

Step 6: Explore Old Server Once you’ve navigated to the old server using either method, you should be able to explore the text and voice channels, view past messages, and relive the memories from the past.

If you’ve left the server or if it’s been deleted, you might not be able to access old content.

Also, please be respectful while exploring old content and follow the server’s rules and guidelines. # How To See Old Discord Servers

Old Discord Servers
Old Discord Servers

How To See How Old Your Discord Account Is?

You can check the age of your Discord account by following these steps:

Step 1: Open User Settings

  1. Using your computer or mobile device, launch the Discord application.
  2. In order to access your Discord account, enter your credentials if you are not already logged in.
  3. To access your user menu, click on your user icon in the bottom left corner of Discord.
  4. User Settings can be accessed by selecting “User Settings” from the user menu.

Step 2: View Account Creation Date

  1. You can access “My Account” by clicking on the “My Account” link in the User Settings window.
  2. Your Discord account’s “Account Info” section will show you the exact time and date that it was created.

Step 3: Note the Account Age

The “Account Created” field will provide you with information about how old your Discord account is. This information includes both the date and time you joined.

It is easy to determine the age of your Discord account and look at your journey within the platform by following these steps.

Where can I find old Discord servers?

The process of searching for old Discord servers can be challenging, since Discord doesn’t have a built-in feature that lets you easily find or access servers you’ve previously been a part of.

However, you could try the following methods:

1. Old Messages: 

In order to locate the old servers, you can search your message history for keywords, usernames, or specific conversations.

You may find old server invites and discussions that will help you locate them.

2. Invite Links: 

You can use any old invitation links you’ve previously received within the servers to rejoin the servers.

However, some invite links might have expiration dates or usage limits, so this method might not be as effective as it may seem. # Where can I find old Discord servers

3. Friends’ Servers: 

Your friends might still be part of those communities if they were connected with the old servers.

Reach out to your friends and ask if they have any information about the servers or if they can invite you back.

4. Server Listing Websites: 

Several websites and communities list Discord servers for various interests.,, for example, list servers for various topics.

You may be able to find older servers on these sites if they are still active.

5. Archived Messages and Screenshots: 

Search for archived messages, screenshots, or saved conversations that mention the old servers. These can provide valuable insight into how to find and rediscover them.

6. Social Media and Online Communities: 

You may find discussion or mentions related to the old Discord servers on Reddit, Twitter, or other relevant online spaces if the servers were associated with specific online communities or social media groups.

If you don’t have specific information to guide your search for old Discord servers, finding them can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

It may take persistence, creativity, and collaboration with friends to successfully reconnect with your old servers. # Where can I find old Discord servers


We are increasingly driven to revisit and reconnect with past online communities as our digital footprints continue to shape our online experiences.

The methods explored in this guide allow you to embark on a journey of discovery while Discord does not offer a direct feature for retrieving old servers.

The path to viewing old Discord servers is within reach for those who want to relive the excitement of gaming clans, reminisce about intellectual discussions, or rekindle connections with like-minded individuals.

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