How To See All Your Comments on Instagram? Right Now

How To See All Your Comments on Instagram? With each post we share with the digital community, we often receive a stream of comments that reflect our content’s thoughts, reactions, and conversations.

However, what happens if you want to relive those interactions or manage your engagement?

Here we’ll look at how to navigate Instagram’s interface so that you can see your comments and organize them, revealing how to do so.

Your Instagram experience can be enhanced when you learn how to see all your comments, whether you’re reminiscing about the past or keeping in touch with your followers.

By viewing your interactions, clicking on comments, and changing the settings to sort them from oldest to newest, you can see your old comments. You’ll also find your old likes and replies to your stories there.

We will show you how to view your oldest comments, but be warned that we will show you your younger self in the process. # How To See All Your Comments on Instagram?

How To See All Your Comments on Instagram?

Seeing your comments on Instagram is as easy as scrolling through at the bottom of your posts.

As they grow in popularity, it’s only natural that you would want to go back and revisit them. Here’s how to see all your comments:

Method 1: Through Your Profile:

Step 1: Open Instagram:

 Be sure you’re logged into your Instagram account before you launch the Instagram app.

Step 2: Access Your Profile: 

You can access your profile page by tapping the picture of your profile or the username at the very bottom of the screen.

Step 3: View Posts: 

You can view the comments on any post in your profile by scrolling through it.

Step 4: Tap on Post: 

To view the comments for a post, tap on it. The post will open and the comments will be displayed underneath. # How To See All Your Comments on Instagram?

Step 5: Scroll Through Comments: 

You can tap “View all” to see more comments if there are many. You can scroll down to read all comments left on the post.

Method 2: Through Notifications:

Step 1: Open Notifications: 

Open your notifications by tapping the heart-shaped “Activity” icon at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Access Comments:

 You can see a list of comments on your posts by tapping on the “Comments” tab at the top of the screen.

Step 3: Scroll Through Comments: 

To see how your posts have been interacted with, scroll through the comments.


  • Tap the comment you wish to respond to and type your response.
  • You can like comments that you find valuable by clicking on the heart icon.

You can cherish the conversations that arise from your posts when you are able to see all your comments on Instagram. # How To See All Your Comments on Instagram?

You can access and navigate your comments on your posts easily with these methods, whether you want to interact with your followers, reply to comments, or simply relive moments.

How to View Your Past Instagram Comments?

There are three methods to see your past comments on someone else’s Instagram post.

1. Using Your Activity

Here are some examples of how you can remove old comments you have made using the Your activity feature:

  1. Choose Your activity from your Instagram profile by tapping on the three horizontal lines.
  2. Then go to Interactions and scroll down to Comments. If you would like to unlike a past like, click on Likes instead.
  3. Select Oldest to newest under Sort by to view old comments first. You may also set start or end dates to filter your comments. Click Apply.
  4. To delete multiple comments, tap Select and choose the comments to be deleted. Then tap Delete.

How to see your oldest comments on Instagram?

  1. Go to Instagram and open it
  2. You can access your profile by clicking on your name
  3. You will see three lines in the upper right corner when you tap them
  4. In the “Your activity” section, tap “Your activities”
  5. Choose “Interactions” from the menu.
  6. Choose “Comments” from the menu.
  7. Select “Sort & Filter”
  8. You can also select “Oldest to newest” by tapping it.
  9. Click “Apply” at the bottom

How can I see my Instagram comment history?

Instagram does not allow you to view an exhaustive history of all comments you have left on various posts.

You can access some of your recent comments by following these steps if you would like to access some of your recent comments.

Instagram’s primary focus is on sharing and creating content, as well as engaging with other people’s content. # Instagram comment history

Method 1: Activity Tab:

  1. Make sure your Instagram account is logged in before you open the Instagram app.
  2. You can access the Activity tab by tapping the heart-shaped icon.
  3. When you follow accounts, the “Following” tab displays their activity in real time.
  4. You will see your recent interactions on the “You” tab, including likes, comments, and mentions.

However, it doesn’t provide a comprehensive history of all of your comments, just a limited look at your recent interactions. # Instagram comment history

Comments on Instagram
Comments on Instagram

Method 2: Explore Account Data:

  1. To access your Instagram profile, open the Instagram app.
  2. To access the menu, tap the three horizontal lines at the top-right corner.
  3. To access the security settings, go to “Settings” > “Security.”
  4. Select “Access Data” from the “Data and History” section.
  5. Your data can be downloaded if you request it.

You’ll receive a link from Instagram to download your data, including information about your posts, activity, and more.

It may include a history of your comments, but that depends on Instagram’s data.

Since my last update, Instagram’s features and functionalities may have changed. # Instagram comment history

For the most up-to-date information about Instagram’s features, such as viewing your comment history, I recommend checking out their official help resources, community forums, or contacting their support department.

Why can’t I see all my comments on my Instagram post?

Several factors may contribute to your inability to see all your Instagram comments.

Here are a few examples:

1. Pagination: 

In most cases, Instagram displays comments in a paginated format, meaning you need to scroll or tap to display more.

If your post has many comments, you may need to scroll to see them all.

2. Comment Filtering: 

If Instagram considers a comment spam, abusive, or in violation of community guidelines, it will automatically filter it out.

These filtered comments may not be visible by default. Comment filters can be managed in your settings.

3. Privacy Settings: 

You might not see someone’s comment on your post if they aren’t following you if you have set your account to private.

If they comment on your post, you will first have to approve their follow request. # see all my comments on my Instagram post

4. Comment Deletion: 

Deleted comments will no longer be visible if you or someone else deleted them.

5. Temporary Glitches: 

Technical issues on social media platforms can sometimes affect content visibility, including comments.

The platform’s technical team usually resolves these issues.

6. App Version: 

Check that you have the latest version of the Instagram app. Outdated versions might not display content correctly.

7. Network Connection: 

It is possible for your app not to load all comments if you are experiencing connectivity problems. # see all my comments on my Instagram post

To see if the issue persists, try accessing your account from a different device or network, checking your privacy settings, ensuring you’re using the latest app version, and checking your privacy settings if you believe you should be able to see specific comments that you shouldn’t.

In the event that the problem persists, you may want to contact Instagram’s support team.


Seeing all your comments on Instagram emerges as a valuable tool for preserving memories and fostering connections as you explore the ever-evolving Instagram world.

With its intuitive interface and thoughtful features, you can explore the conversations sparked by your posts, reliving the interactions that make the digital world a vibrant one.

Your Instagram experience will be enhanced if you master the art of navigating comments, ensuring you have access to every thought shared, reaction received, and conversation ignited.

If you’re reminiscing about the past or fostering current connections, embrace Instagram’s ability to curate your digital narrative, fostering a sense of unity despite the virtual reality around you.

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