Most people love to find specific content that they shared in a specific location. This is usually vital or wanted when the concerned party is trying to retrieve some very important photos that he or she took at a specific location.

This search option works perfectly especially for photos taken while locations were being updated. 

In this guide, I am going to share with you how to search tags on Instagram per location. Click on Search on the top of the Instagram screen. In the bottom right corner of your keyboard, tap the search button after typing the location name. You can see a list of nearby locations by tapping Places below the search bar.

How do I see photos that are taken at the same location on Instagram?

To see photos and images taken at the same location on Instagram, You need to follow the following steps.

  1. To search and explore, tap at the bottom.
  2. In the top search bar, tap Search.
  3. You can search for a location by typing its name into the box located in the bottom right corner of the keyboard.
  4. Under the search bar, tap Places to see a list of locations that match your search.
  5. To view photos for a particular place, select it.

#search tags on Instagram

tags on Instagram per location

How do I add a location before sharing my photo or video on Instagram?

Here is a simple complete guide on how to add location before sharing your photos and videos on Instagram. The reason for this is because this is an important part of the metric that Instagram uses to rank the content that you share.

You can add your location once you’ve uploaded or taken a photo or video and add any effects or filters you want. Here are the steps to do so in order to add location on your Instagram photos and videos:

  1. Tap Add Location.
  2. You can either browse the suggested locations or search for the address and select it.
  3. Tap Share.

A public Facebook event can also be used as a location. In the same way as a location page, you can tap on an event name to see all photos and videos shared publicly at that event or location.

A photo or video you’ve already posted can be edited or added to the location.

How do tags work on Instagram?

By tagging your post with a hashtag, you’ll see a page with all posts tagged with the hashtag. Tap the hashtag to see them all. People with private profiles who tag posts will not appear on hashtag pages when their posts are tagged. Hashtags are allowed to contain numbers.

Instagram mentions and tagging create links between people, places, and products. By interacting with customers and other businesses, businesses can gain exposure through tagging. Can you give me an example of an Instagram tag or a mention? 

The act of tagging consists of adding an account, location, and/or product link to your post. As outlined below, Instagram offers three different types of tagging: 

#User Tagging

Has a friend ever been tagged in a photo of yours? Adding a link to a user’s profile to a post is a common example of user tagging. Companies may use this tool for tagging customers (for reviews), influencers (for product promotions), and other businesses (for collaborations). However, how do you tag someone on Instagram? 

Here is the complete process of tagging somebody on Instagram.

During the final stages of publishing your Instagram Post either video or photo, press the “ Tag Users” button available under the caption

Afterward, tap where your tag is to be added to.

#Location Tag 

Now, in order for you to add the location tag on your post. Just follow the same procedure as tagging someone and during the process choose the tag location. Either they provide you with a specific location to tag or you enter the location that you want to be.

#tags on Instagram per location.

Typically location tags are mostly used for indicating where the photo or video was taken. It also helps indicate the location where the business operated or where the client claimed to be operating.

#Product tags

Products tags are created for the purpose of promoting numerous product and when the user presses the tags, more product description is shown i.e name, price, quality, quantity e.t.c and also link to a specific website.

#tags on Instagram per location.

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