How to Save Videos From Instagram DM? Right Now

How to Save Videos From Instagram DM? A digital haven for connecting with others, Instagram’s Direct Message feature often leads to captivating exchanges and heartwarming conversations.

Sharing videos can be one of the most meaningful forms of communication, providing insight into someone’s world or preserving precious memories among the various forms of communication.

However, what if you find a video in your Direct Messages that you want to keep and cherish beyond the ephemeral nature of digital communication?

The purpose of this blog is to help you save Instagram videos from Direct Messages. # How to Save Videos From Instagram DM?

You can ensure those meaningful videos will find their way into your personal collection by mastering this simple yet valuable skill, celebrating the beauty of both digital and tangible memories at the same time.

How to Save Videos From Instagram DM?

Instagram’s direct messages are one of its best features. Direct messages include text messages, voice messages, photos, and short videos.

It was disappointing to not have the option of saving photos and videos shared in DMs in the past. Instagram decided to add this feature to save direct video messages.

It is possible to save Instagram DM videos in a number of ways today. Learn how to save Instagram DM videos below. # How to Save Videos From Instagram DM?

Use third-party apps

Using third-party apps might be the last way to save Instagram DM videos, but it might not be so useful, since Instagram already allows users to save video messages.

Honestly, sometimes it can be helpful because you cannot save direct video messages using your laptop.

Direct Saver, InstantSave, and others are some of the most popular third-party apps that can save direct video messages.

Keep in mind, however, that these apps may no longer work!

Save Instagram DM videos in-app

Unlike disappearing messages, Instagram users can now save Instagram DM videos. This feature does not work with disappearing messages though.

Direct video messages sent normally can be saved by simply tapping and holding the video message.

Once you do this, some options will appear above the video message allowing you to save them.  # Instagram DM videos

What about disappearing video messages? In fact, Instagram does not allow users to save disappearing video messages.

However, there might be some peculiar ways you can do this. To find out more, read on! # How to Save Videos From Instagram DM?

Screen Recording

You can save Instagram DM videos by screen recording. iPhone mobile phones have this feature from the moment they hit the market.

To start recording on your iPhone, swipe up the home page and tap record. 

Some of the best screen recording apps for Android are ScreenCam, RecMe, DU Recorder and etc.

If you’re using an Android or Windows phone, you can download some free screen recording apps. # How to Save Videos From Instagram DM?

If you want to save videos by using screen recorders, start the screen recorder first, then go to Instagram, choose the corresponding direct message, and then tap the video you want to save! 

Also, you can save disappearing messages this way. But you have to record them before they disappear.

Moreover, you can simply install screen recorders on your laptop or computer, and save the intended videos there.

How do you screenshot a DM video on Instagram?

Using Instagram, you can screenshot a DM video by following these steps:

  • Power and volume up buttons should be located on your device
  • Hold both for a few seconds
  • To find what you have screenshotted, go to your camera roll

Save Videos From Instagram DM
Save Videos From Instagram DM

When you screenshot a DM video, Instagram will notify the sender so that they know you did it.

You can avoid this by using another phone camera to capture the screenshot, but this may not be very clear or ethical.

Why screenshot a DM video? # screenshot a DM video on Instagram

How to save Instagram videos to your camera roll?

If you have recorded a perfect video with just your Instagram camera, but now realize you need to save it so you can use it later, you can do this in Settings.

  1. Select Settings (hamburger icon) from your Profile section.
  2. Click Settings at the top of the window.
  3. Tap Account in the Accounts section.
  4. Next, tap Original Posts.
  5. If you record videos quite often, Instagram says that it may consume a lot of your storage space if you toggle Save Posted Video on.

All the means, all the tricks are now at your disposal to save video from messenger to gallery. # save Instagram videos

How do you save a video directly from Instagram?

The Instagram app doesn’t allow users to directly save or download videos. Instagram’s content is meant to be viewed within the app, so downloading it without authorization could potentially infringe on copyright rights.

Following these steps will allow you to save any videos you’ve uploaded to Instagram:

Saving Your Own Videos:

  • Go to the Instagram app and open it.
  • You can access your profile by tapping the profile picture at the bottom right of the screen.
  • To save a video, find the video and tap it to open it in a larger window.
  • On the right side of the video, you should see likes, comments, and a bookmark (ribbon) icon.
  • You can access your “Saved” collection from your profile by clicking on the bookmark icon.

If you wish to save someone else’s video or content from Instagram, please respect their privacy and rights.

Make sure you get permission before using someone else’s content in a way they have not explicitly approved.

What is the app that download private Instagram videos?

InstaFollowUp, PasteDownload, Inflact, InsFollowUp, and InstaFollowers claim to be able to download private Instagram videos.

Nevertheless, these methods may not work for all private videos, and they could violate Instagram’s terms of service or violate the privacy of the video owner.

Do you have the consent of the video owner, or are you downloading videos that you have permission to do so? #Instagram videos

How to use PasteDownload?

You can use PasteDownload to download videos, audios, and images from different websites.

Here are the steps to using PasteDownload:

  • Chrome is a good example of a browser application
  • Copy the link to the video from the address bar of the website where you want to download it
  • To paste the link, go to and paste it in the blank area
  • Wait for the process to complete after clicking the Download button
  • Click the Download button again after selecting the video format and quality you want
  • Save the video to your device

However, as I mentioned before, you should only download videos that you have permission to do so, or that are publicly available. Downloading private videos may be illegal or unethical.


It is the ability to save videos from Instagram Direct Messages that bridges the ephemeral and the enduring in the vibrant tapestry of digital communication.

Knowing how to preserve these moments allows us to weave a seamless narrative that transcends the digital realm as we navigate the interconnected world of social media.

Saving videos gives you the opportunity to relive precious memories and treasure the emotions encapsulated within each frame by giving you the ability to relive them.

By mastering this skill, you can bridge the gap between the fleeting nature of digital interactions and the timeless essence of preserving memories.

So embrace this simple yet impactful skill, and let your digital journey be enriched by the beauty of shared moments that last a lifetime.

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